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Tales from the Terrordrome

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+/- | amour l'espérance (he/they)

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Owner of - , & - Both Modern &

Writing hundreds of articles, including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, whilst also interviewing well-known industry figures for popular online publications.

Find me on Mastodon:

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She/her || Local 23yo quirky ace poly trans lesbian from the Netherlands || Nerd that writes music for games and sometimes also music not for games

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snow leopard | Indie Game Dev | Unreal Engine | Ex-Houdini VFX TD | synthesizers | lvl45 introvert | :asexual_flag:​ (grey ace? Help) | Instax Photog | single | very random | FFS3a A C++ D H++ M P+ R+ T++ W++ RLMC a++ c++ d++ e++ h i+ j++ p-- sm

Occasionally boosts posts that can be considered NSFW.

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Open Thoughts, Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming, Music & Oldskool Technology.

I design audio gear, compose music and build experimental musical instruments.
Software Engineer by day, Electrical Engineer by night, Musician on weekends.

Everything I post is original content unless otherwise noted. avatar


Video and board game collector, occasional player. Amateur film buff. Dabbler in guitars and synths. :verified_trans: avatar


Electronic Experimental Artist in SF
Modular Synths Guitar Bass
Current: Alphastare
Flesh Eaters (Guitar)
Andalusia Rose (Bass/Baritone Gtr)
Turn Me On Dead Man (Bass)
Originally from Buffalo
LA from 96-03
SF 03-Now
Vinyl collector since mid-80's most genres,
CDS and tapes too
primarily punk/60's Garage psych/Electronic-Experimental (vintage and modern synth) Spoken word/weird records, Deathrock/OG Goth, Industrial
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Musician, #Vinyl Collector, #NintendoSwitch and #RetroGaming fan, #Synthesizer enthusiast. Aspiring game dev of #Playdate. I work in IT Application Support. Proud owner of a Dog named, Bear.

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All about DIY synthesizers and electronics, operator of peertube site

Support my DIY synth projects:

#synthdiy #synthesizers #electronics #maker #peertube #makertube #beekeeping #berlin #kreuzberg avatar


A little razzle-dazzle across your time-line • #WNBA League Pass Massiv • soy curl champ • he/him

An aging #punk living in #Portland

Absolutely ruining my 27+ year old hardcore band ( with #MIDI and other #musictech

Haven't electrocuted myself yet with my #solar panel tinkerings

I ride #bikes, especially comfortable, sensible, #3speed bikes for transportation and fun at a #PartyPace. avatar


#Systems #engineer, #risk assessment, #MBSE, and such professional doing the #academic thing but I mostly post about #DinkeyCreek, the #Sierra, #Monterey, #beavers, #forests, and #meadows. Quite fond of #motorcycles, #scuba diving, #nudibranchs, #hiking, 4x4ing/rock crawling, seeing new places, #AmateurRadio, retro technology, #trains, and cats.

Temporarily embarrassed Oregonian.

All opinions are my own. avatar


check out my website for my art project “Pajaro Iterations”

otherwise, I like #eurorack #synths and drawing #catsabstractsandspaceships. I'm in a cool band, haptic synapses. I like building things.

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