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#introdution Heya! I'm Ash (they/them) I play with:


on a personal note:


I wanna cultivate a space outside of meta and google so let's be friends if you're interested in any of the above! ♡

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@hissquiet Welcome and turn up the bass ?

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If I wanted to get into what would a good budget option be to start experimenting and having some fun?

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@douglasvb Yes, I love it. I point kids to it whenever someone finishes my elektromusik-workshop and does not have an instrument yet.

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Fred's Lab Töörö Polyphonic Hybrid Desktop Synthesizer


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Fred's Lab
ZeKit Paraphonic Hybrid Desktop Synthesizer


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Fred's Lab
Manatee Multitimbral Spectral Synthesizer


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Happy New Year!

Merry !

Here's a short and gentle one I put together today.

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It’s been a doomy week so here's a several minutes of improvised synth doom played on a Hyve Touch Synthesizer.

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Fucking hell. I always imagined Moog would never be the same after the acquisition, but not like that :(

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@sequentialsnep it’s now just another name on a made in China cheap product 😢

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@evi :blobfoxdead:​ Yeah I think you're probably right. Blargh. What is it with these kinda things happening lately >.>


Suppose that there was a #synth module(as in modular #synthesizers) which took a signal in, applied it to a quantum tunnel junction, then amplified the microwave noise from that junction, filtered it, integrated the noise power and turned that back into an audio sound.

Because of the structure of quantum noise, the response would all be at double the frequency as the incoming signal, but with a different shape because the quantum nature of the noise. The shape of the response sound would have information in it both about the temperature of the electrons tunneling through the barrier and about the photon energy relative to that temperature.

If I put in a certain kind of chirpped signal, I can use this for temperature and noise metrology. But that's not why I'm posting about this here. What I need is a modular synth enthusiast who's weird enough to actually want to play this instrument, to bring their synth modules into a lab with a dilution fridge and plug it all together, actually record a performance, stream it to the web, all that kind of stuff.

I'm writing a white paper right now to try to get funding to build this for metrology purposes. But if it were a thing that had some cultural significance where people are actually listening to music from the machine, I think it will help with getting the funding people's attention as well.

If I can find the right collaborator, this will turn into a paper we can publish in some applied physics journal, maybe something like Applied Physics Letters. Also, if we make a film about it, I have a finite Erdos-Bacon number and then any collaborator would as well.

#Anarchists only. #Musicians must be anti-intellectual property and anti capitalist in principle, although we can definitely try to get funding to support the work and pay people. I really just mean anti-copyright and anti-patent. We're not going to put this stuff behind a paywall, we're going to try to get funding from government and non-profit grants and donations. And then we can stay off the commercial platforms and just put up self-hosted videos. It's quantum noise #metrology as social media. I have a bunch of domains we can use for this, both in regards to metrology and #quantum noise.


@mcc yes, sure! I'm in the Denver metro area in Colorado in the US, but probably any fridge we would use would probably be in Boulder.


@mcc ok, I'll look into that! Yeah, I'm rethinking the political part[and I just edited the post], I don't need people to say "I'm an anarchist" I just need them to be ok with their art not being paywalled, and with getting paid in some other way by grants and donations rather than copyright.

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The Arturia Minifreak is finally here! I also got the Bestl Bestie mixer too! I’m finally scratching that polysynth itch I had forever. #synthesizers

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@Klumpmeister I have a friend who's pretty happy with their Reface CP, and the YC looks pretty great as well. That said, he had a MicroFreak, and I still have no clue why he got rid of it. It's one very neat device. I imagine the Mini is even better!

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@Klumpmeister Now we're getting into real crazy talk: performing in front of others. I'm more than happy to keep my constant noodling and mistakes to myself, thank you. 🤣

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I got a new toy over the weekend: the Pittsburgh Modular Taiga! It's a bit like if you took the Cre8audio East Beast and West Pest and combined them, then threw in a bunch of extra things, like a preamp, a delay, and a third oscillator. I wasn't really planning on buying this, but I couldn't resist at the price I got it, so I guess I'm going to sell off the East Beast and West Pest.

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@LadyMarth01 😂 😂 😂

I felt proud for skipping the wood cheeks on my new calculator sequencer. Like I was overcoming my generational need to spend more $$.

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@michaelmathy Thanks for the kind words! :cat_thx:

I don't see myself uploading anything to Bandcamp any time soon. Just doesn't feel like anything I've done so far is "polished" enough for some sort of "official" release. It's all demo quality: a couple takes at most, minimal editing afterwards. Feel free to download it from here if you'd like, though!

Thoughts on upgrading to the Squarp Hermod+? Any good alternatives you'd recommend? (

I'm currently using a first gen Hermod on my rack, its been a great little sequencer but I've been thinking of upgrading it. I just noticed they came out with a new version and while it looks cool I don't want to get brand tunnel-vision. Is there any other sequencer on the horizon that you'd recommend instead? One of the things...

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Bernie Krause of "Beaver and Krause" responsible for the Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music (1968), set up a booth at worked with everyone, released a ton of stuff. I have a bunch of these records. I had no idea the Nonesuch collection spent 26 weeks on the classical charts. I believe he lost all of his master tapes in one of those massive Cal fires a few years back.

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So I've been building a 100% analog polyphonic synthesizer with an unique twist. To use only vacuum tube era technology from the 1930s.

Over 300 neon gas diodes create the sound you hear. Pretty awesome for technology from 100 years ago.

Still a work-in-progress, but I wanted to post a video of it with the innards spread out across the workbench. : }

I call it the "Neon String Machine"

Inner workings of a vacuum tube synthesizer with audio.

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Oh, there is progress regarding the polysynth. This is the control board with 16 rotary encoders and switches for it. On the top is some space for a 16x2 LCD display. The best part is that it can also be used as CC MIDI controller when adding some microcontroller. @synthdiy

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