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Open Thoughts, Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming, Music & Oldskool Technology.

I design audio gear, compose music and build experimental musical instruments.
Software Engineer by day, Electrical Engineer by night, Musician on weekends.

Everything I post is original content unless otherwise noted.

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eccentricstylist, to mastodon
@eccentricstylist@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar

Haven't done this in a while here, but it is !! :D

Wanted to give some shoutouts to some awesome people here!


Also, what projects are you all working on? :))

To start off the chain, I just finished the trailer for my 2D winter haunted ! :D


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@eccentricstylist @angelus_04 @musicvsartstuff @merrak Thanks for the shout out! your game looks amazing. : ] I like the art style!

microtones, to AmbientMusic
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Welcome to it's only Saturday...two new pieces for you: variation of a variation, a soft pedal piano in Werckmeister III temperament and griffith observatory, an improvisation in five limit just intonation.


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@microtones Beautiful piano music. : }

AceArsenault, to music
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I took the [Bell Piano] out into the snow.
Stay warm everyone!


etherdiver, to random
@etherdiver@ravenation.club avatar

Ouch! Sent out a message thru Bandcamp and had TWO people unfollow me instantly...

(I send messages maybe four or five times a year, I promise I'm not a spammer!)

My poor, poor ego 😭

So anyway, if you were thinking of following me over there, you could stop these tears by doing it today...

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@etherdiver It's just that people don't like getting notifications in their email inbox.

The whole Spam thing ruined it for everyone.

mxtthxw, to random
@mxtthxw@mxtthxw.art avatar

Maybe politicians think they can solve climate change by blowing up the world in a massive war first?

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@mxtthxw I mean that's one way to solve all the world's problems. : P
Although not recommended.

AceArsenault, to music
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Nail Harp - Halloween 2023

Recently played for a Halloween themed event and footage was captured.

Stay spooky my friends and enjoy the Nail Harp solo. : }


cyph, to guitar

A question for the guitarists out there on Fediverse.
I suffered a pretty nasty shoulder injury and haven't been able to play for a while (1,5 years). Now I'd like to start playing again, but I'm kind of missing the right way of how to get back into guitar. I was on a good beginner level and was able to play my first songs and slowly learned some music theory ;) Now I'm back to zero and try to work out a training plan. Do you have any other ideas or tips?

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@cyph Really just comes down to practicing. : ]

Just try to find a playing position that is comfortable and get those fingers moving!

Best of luck and wishes buddy. : ]

djlink, to random
@djlink@mastodon.gamedev.place avatar
@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@djlink Head on mario is a bit scarey

sayomgwtf, to random
@sayomgwtf@mstdn.party avatar

When the fancy microphone comes out, it means it's livestream day ~☆

I get to have some Zak McKracken shenanigans with @danielalbu and @DavidBFox today!

Going live in a few hours ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ☆

YT: https://youtube.com/live/cuQoMGcixb8?si=g7IZRD77fI0xwmnW
Twitch: https://twitch.com/Curtis_Craig_Talks

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@sayomgwtf @danielalbu @DavidBFox Cool LED microphone. : ]

jeffowski, to random
@jeffowski@mastodon.world avatar
@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@jeffowski The idea of a grooving area seems really cool. : ]

Totally worth it.

AceArsenault, to music
@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

Lately I've been practicing on my 6-string Fretless Lute.

I built this instrument many years ago, but I still play it from time to time. : }

mxtthxw, to random
@mxtthxw@mxtthxw.art avatar

Every night I go on X to tell people how terribly complicated the Fediverse is and that it’s far beyond anyone’s skill set to sign up.

That’s what keeps this place good. :pg:

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@mxtthxw lol I see what you are doing Mr. Hogweed.

I'm not sure if I agree with your ways though. : } Because I want more people to use the Fediverse and Free Software.

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@schizanon @mxtthxw
That's the kind of person I welcome the most. : ]

AceArsenault, to photography
@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

August Super Moon

It was a 'super moon' the other night.
So I went out and got this photo. : }

quazarsamcoupe, to zxspectrum

Okay, following my quick "I'll try coding for CP/M" lark today, I've come up a couple of routines to quickly learn some asm coding for CP/M and to play with my #RC2014 Bus Interfaces for connecting RC2014 modules to the SAM Coupe and ZX Spectrum.

It's really just proof of concept stuff which I'll look at in this thread...

🌐 https://www.samcoupe.com
🌐 https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/quazar-sam-coupe-sales

#SAMCoupe #ZXSpectrum #ZXSpectrumNext #CPM #Z80

ZX Spectrum - RC2014 Bus Interface. 2 slots for RC cards, available with or without a ZX Spectrum edge connector.

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@quazarsamcoupe Bytes of data! : }

AceArsenault, to music
@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

Tribal Cross

Jamming around on some tribal grooves and a conch shell.
Light a bonfire, dance into battle and enjoy the music. : ]


@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@frigginglorious Thanks. : ]

I bought that shell on the side of the road many years ago.

I turned it into a shell-horn by carving a mouth piece into it.

Took a while to learn how to play it well. But I can get a good half octave range out of it.

Pitch is controlled with the placement of the hand on the bell.

F (with full hand in) up to about a C (no hand).

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar


Glad you like the sound. : }
I play trumpet and other horns too, So I can get an alright tone out of it.

I've been playing that one shell for about 12 years now.

I tuned it so completely open it sounds a C note and fully closed it drops down to about an F.

It's just a matter of moving your hand in and out of it to slide into the correct notes. : ]

And yes there is mic reverb on it. : }

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@frigginglorious lol Playing a cat as a bag pipe would be good entertainment. : ]

Yeah. I do my stuff live.
I do a few practice runs before recording.

Mostly to get everything tight.
I also will move the instruments around to positions where they are easier to switch to on the fly.

AceArsenault, to music
@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

Happy 4th of July!
It's the day to use the patriotic Guitar case. : }

#music #guitar #4thofjuly

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@nocto @3goodthings Awesome with the sewing machine! : D

AceArsenault, to music
@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

Do not leave me unsupervised in the garden department.
I will tune the flower pots and play dance music for gnomes.

Music played on flower pots

AceArsenault, to art
@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

I went outside every night for a week straight to capture pictures of the moon rising and setting.

684 pictures later and this is what you get. : }
Background music recorded by me. Enjoy!


@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@ianRobinson Thanks. : ] Glad you like it!

craigmaloney, to random

The masses: The Fediverse is too complicated.

Me, an old:

@AceArsenault@fosstodon.org avatar

@craigmaloney Looks like a pretty easy to understand markup language. : ]

Gives instant preview at the top too!

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