Ubuntu Azure AD Authentication

I recently found: AAD Auth from Canonical/Ubuntu for native AzureAD auth for Ubutnu systems. For the past bit we've mostly been Windows/macOS, and never really entertained linux for business use - mostly because we've never had the tooling for it. We exclusively use Azure AD (no on-prem AD), so in the past when looking the solution has been Azure AD Domain Services with SSSD.

Whilst this is likely very 'Googleable' and something I could spin up and test myself (which I likely still will), in the interest of trying to start some discussion on this magazine - I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences (positive/negative) with using native AAD auth with Ubuntu?

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Cool - I was actually just thinking about whether this was possible recently. I'm setting up Active Directory on my home network to make a few things easier and I wondered about how to mesh that with my Linux systems.


If you’re running pure AD without the Azure AD part - you might want to take a look at SSSD on it’s own - as it can handle that (and on most distros too - and possibly a little bit easier to setup) :)

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