jimmyb, to OnPatrolLive
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I just watched On Patrol: Live - - Detained Suspect Pursuit (S02E76)!

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br00t4c, to journalism
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RabBrucesSpider1, to politics

I see the first leader’s debate in the UK is to feature only Sunak & Starmer. No other Party leaders allowed. I know the UK electoral system is designed to keep 1 of the 2 major parties in power, but voters are sadly short-changed by the media pushing this idea so blatantly.
Voters in Scotland, NI & Wales deserve better than this.

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jimmyb, to OnPatrolLive
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I just watched On Patrol: Live - - Vehicle Attack (S02E75)!

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chris, to Sports
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Hey Canadian Sports Mastodon'ers. Convince me to keep my Sportsnet+ subscription now that my hockey team is out of the playoffs and the Bluejays are generally not great.

Currently leaning towards: Dump it until at least the fall.

(We don't have any other TV subscriptions)

convince me season 4 GIF by Black Sails

GottaLaff, to random
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Via Greg Sargent:

Plainly worse than "deplorables," but to my knowledge, not one major news organization has taken note of it: https://newrepublic.com/article/181973/trump-media-attacks-media-dangerous-turn

Via Patriot Takes:

Posts Unhinged Video Promising to “Get Rid of All You F*cking Liberals”

Trump amplifies a vulgar, verbal attack on Joe Scarborough

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"There is a mini cottage industry of punditry that is forever on the lookout for the merest hint of disrespect toward voters, particularly & working-class ones. But the fact that the nominee for president approvingly posted a video that declares a large ideological subgroup of “done” & “gone” if he is elected... appears to have garnered almost no headlines."

jakubzelenka, to journalism Czech
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Today, after a year of preparation, we launched our own medium, Page Not Found ( https://pagenotfound.cz/ ), focused on slow journalism. We did it on nights and free weekends as an alternative to the big media houses. We want to focus on slow journalism and it's in our DNA to fight for a free internet without unnecessary barriers. That's why the important stories won't be behind a paywall! We are also working with innovative design. I will be glad for feedback pagenotfound.cz

aram, to DC
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Hey #DC #academic #media #communication folks, I've got a #job to fill at American University:

Looking for and adjunct for Fall 2024 to teach our basic intro to comm studies class. DM or email me aram at american dot edu

br00t4c, to journalism
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Media Bias Fact Check's In-Depth Review of New Discourses: An Extreme Right Website with Low Credibility



wdlindsy, to journalism
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"I’d strongly disagree that the right and left are in comparable positions. Moreover, the idea that they are roughly equivalent seems to be a deliberate smokescreen by partisans to hide the real story, which is one of the unprecedented radicalization of the right in service of a minoritarian political project.

I can’t think of any precedent to this moment, at least not in American history."

~ Kevin Kruse

#BothSidesism #FalseEquivalence #media #democracy


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Help make Meduza better. Complete this short survey to share your thoughts about our work

#media #survey


WarnerCrocker, to politics
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No shit.

The media’s Supreme Court coverage is a long-running scandal


remixtures, to ai Portuguese
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#AI #GenerativeAI #ChatGPT #Media #News #Journalism: "ChatGPT is by far the most widely recognised generative AI product – around 50% of the online population in the six countries surveyed have heard of it. It is also by far the most widely used generative AI tool in the six countries surveyed. That being said, frequent use of ChatGPT is rare, with just 1% using it on a daily basis in Japan, rising to 2% in France and the UK, and 7% in the USA. Many of those who say they have used generative AI have used it just once or twice, and it is yet to become part of people’s routine internet use.
In more detail, we find:

  • While there is widespread awareness of generative AI overall, a sizable minority of the public – between 20% and 30% of the online population in the six countries surveyed – have not heard of any of the most popular AI tools.
  • In terms of use, ChatGPT is by far the most widely used generative AI tool in the six countries surveyed, two or three times more widespread than the next most widely used products, Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot.
  • Younger people are much more likely to use generative AI products on a regular basis. Averaging across all six countries, 56% of 18–24s say they have used ChatGPT at least once, compared to 16% of those aged 55 and over.
  • Roughly equal proportions across six countries say that they have used generative AI for getting information (24%) as creating various kinds of media, including text but also audio, code, images, and video (28%).
  • Just 5% across the six countries covered say that they have used generative AI to get the latest news."


br00t4c, to journalism
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br00t4c, to journalism
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jimmyb, to plex
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I just watched Atlas!

#Atlas #Plex #media #movie #FilterToHide

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dansup, to Pixelfed
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While refactoring Pixelfed Groups, I wrote a new media processing pipeline that supports libvips and more formats, as well as the logic that handles optimizations, it no longer strips exif data and preserves color profiles and HDR support

It also uploads to S3 and deletes the local copy during the request lifecycle!

I plan on using this in the main app too ✨

metin, to twitter
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This article nicely sums up my suspicion about the state of 'Xwitter'…

"Twitter is now a siloed attention roulette machine just like TikTok. That was the plan when Elon took over and they succeeded. There's no going back."


br00t4c, to journalism
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The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 05/27/2024 (Holiday Edition)


faab64, to BBC

"The #Hamas run health ministry says 35 people have been killed in an explosion at a refugee camp near Rafah"

This is how the #BBC covered the deadly Israeli massacre targeting displaced families in #Rafah last night.

Video available on telegram: t.me/newsvideofa/2341
#Media #Gaza #SaveGaza #StopIsrael #SaveTheChildren
#palestine #Israel #Politics #PeaceNow #StopTheWar #CeasefireNow
@palestine @israel

remixtures, to uk Portuguese
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: "It is essential to say that, although some 1,600 cases have been settled with the payment of damages, much of this new evidence consists of unproven allegations. The news organisations contest many of the alleged facts as well as the inferences on which the claimants are resting their cases. It will fall to the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to check the reality of the new evidence, to decide whether any of it is strong enough to warrant opening an investigation and, if so, whether it would be right to bring any charges against any of those alleged to be involved in unlawful behaviour.

What follows is the story of the evidence that is waiting to be examined, in addition to what was already known 10 years ago. Ultimately, it is a tale not only about the behaviour of the press, but also about the behaviour of power."


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