DanHakimi, to goodyearwelt
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I love loafers. And I especially love horsebit loafers. So I put together a detailed guide to buying some.

This is not a simple list of brands; in this article, I will explore why
you might pick one type of horsebit loafer or another, explain each
recommendation in a fair bit of depth, and explain what types of loafers
to avoid.

This is The Horsebit Loafer Buying Guide:


KarenDorman, (edited ) to Fashion
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Hey friends, does anyone know what either of these objects are?
(They were found in a deceased relative's jewelry box.)
Please boost for added eyes, thanks! 😊

The lettering on the object on the left says:
Hadley Made in USA
Both ends open up to 90⁰ and the main body expands and contracts about a centimetre.

A clever person has said that the object in the right is a Writescope telescoping mechanical pencil. Thanks!


DanHakimi, to random
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Today, I share my interview with a living legend, and a personal idol of mine. He's been around for ages, and while he's been showing up on camera for longer than I've been alive, he's never given an interview before. This is my interview with the Polo Bear.


#menswear #ralphlauren #polo #teddybears #aprilfools

oceaniceternity, to Fashion
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I'm currently really really enjoying windowshopping Carmina, Grant Stone, Loake, and Church's.

It's really nice because I have the money saved where I could pull the trigger if I wanted to. But I'm not. Those savings are earmarked for other things.

But it's really nice to be able to just look at the beautiful things people are making and enjoying. And then check ebay occasionally.

...but really I want the Grant Stone Coral Loafers.

#Fashion #Shoes #Menswear

DanHakimi, to random
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Interesting perspective on Professional attire from Nikhil of posh_heat


#menswear #businesscasual

Adrenochrome, to italy German
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DanHakimi, to random
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I am still having fun with this sweater. And this scarf. And these chinos. And, of course, the polo coat.

Man, I'm having a lot of fun with clothes. If you don't find clothes fun, you are missing out, clothes are fun.



DanHakimi, to Fashion
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S.S. Daley's Fall/Winter 2024 menswear collection is wonderful. "Elliot's Room," Daley's playful collection, showed at Pitti Uomo this year, evoking needlepoint tapestries; rugby shirts; and upscale rest, relaxation, and play. This is my #menswear / #fashion highlight for #FW24.


esko, to random
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Hey #menswear peeps what mind

DanHakimi, to bapcsalescanada
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I've put together a small selection of the Black Friday sales I think are actually worth looking at.


#menswear #mensfashion #sales #blackfriday #sneakers #fashion #deals

edwilk, to random
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....... I would have to kick my own ass if I wore that.

#ChunderRoad #Menswear

DanHakimi, to random
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Precise fit can be important, but sometimes, in the face of a clear overall effect and deep meaning in an outfit, considering an outfit in motion, a body in flux... worrying too much about fit can become counterproductive. Let's not lose the forest for the trees.


DanHakimi, to Sneakers
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I've been a fan of casual tailoring for a long time. Sometimes, if I'm going out all day, I have to wear sneakers.

There's no such thing as a dress sneaker. The people who try to sell you on minimal leather sneakers as being more dressy are making things up.

Here's my perspective.


#sneakers #menswear #tailoring #casualtailoring

DanHakimi, to nyc
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Alfargo's Marketplace 15 is happening July 22 and 23 in #nyc. There will be great #menswear as always, plus a #jpress sample sale. I'll be there!

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