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"Moeran: The Complete Solo Piano Music" by Una Hunt, Ernest John Moeran

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Nabil Benabdeljalil - Nocturne 6 | Rebeca Omordia

"Rebeca Omordia performs Nocturne no. 6 "La Montagne d'Imsfrane" by Nabil Benabdeljalil, part of her African Pianism recital at The Phillips Collection, Washington, 26 November 2023."

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Je ne comprendrai jamais pourquoi il n'a pas plus d'abonnés ou de vues sur ses vidéos. Les algorithmes qui passent leur temps à privilégier le sensationnel et le putaclic au lieu de mettre en avant de la qualité sont épuisants.

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Carl Maria von Weber - 7 Variations sur un thème original, Op. 9

Michael Endres, piano

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Chopin - Ballades Nos.1,2,3,4

Piano: Arthur Rubinstein
Recorded in 1959

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Osterfestival in Aix-en-Provence 2024

Franz Schubert –
Klaviersonate in D-Dur, „Gasteiner“, D. 850
Klaviersonate in B-Dur, D. 960

Elisabeth Leonskaja

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Since starting playing piano again (after a long enough break the break could have kids in high school), I’ve mostly re-learned Moonlight Sonata (first two movements), Debussy’s Reverie, and learned 1st Gymnopaedie and Linus and Lucy (minus the jazz parts which elude me). What should I try next at this level? I’ve though about Claire de Lune, but I think that may be beyond me.

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Wagner: Complete Piano Music

Pier Paolo Vincenzi

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Mit viel Musikalität beschäftigt sich der Pianist Andrey Denisenko auf seinem neuen Album mit der Verarbeitung von persönlichem Leid in klangvolle Harmonie.

#klavier #piano #pianist #brahms #bach #schumann #klassik #klassischemusik #classical #classicalmusic #cd #album @classicalmusic @classicalmusicgroup

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(Re)découvrez aujourd'hui ma pour seul du 1er mvt du trio avec piano n° 3 d'Antonín . Disponible sur Amazon, The Book Edition ou Planète Partitions ➡️ Merci d'avance pour vos partages ! 😍🎶🎹🙏

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A great practice day, even got a chance to sneak in some Elvis, which is never a bad thing.

Practice Journal: Bonus Elvis

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Arnold Bax - Piano Sonata No. 2

Michael Endres, piano

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D'Indy: Piano Sonata &
Magnard: Promenades

Artist: Sofia Andreoli (piano)

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Carl Maria von Weber - Piano Sonata No. 4, Op. 70

Michael Endres, piano

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Imagine being able to just sit down and play #NieR scores on your piano! 🎹

A lack of talent and a misspent youth keep this dream far out of reach for me, but I love that these books get published ♥️

Maybe one day…

#NieRAutomata #NieRReplicant #SquareEnix #Piano #VGM #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #VideoGame #VideoGames #Gamer #Games

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"The 36-year-old musician helped introduce the prepared piano to fresh audiences. Amid personal upheaval, she abandoned it and found a new voice."

The Encounter That Put the Pianist Kelly Moran on an Unexpected Path: (gift link)

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Arnold Bax - Piano Sonata No. 1 (1921)

Michael Endres, piano

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Je n'aurais pas pensé il y a quelques années me retrouver à composer la bande originale d'un roman. C'est une aventure d'immersion, de silence, mais aussi un assaut d'images à mettre en musique.

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