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Time for this again. 🧀 🟧 🚫

#ThrowbackThursday #CancelCube #b3d

in 2021 the CPAC stage resembled an Odal Rune - often associated with Nazis. At that time this seemed outlandish and insane. With the benefit of hindsight, of course it was. In this video the stage is reproduced virtually and cheerfully dismantled by an orange cube wearing headphones. So - Nazis are still fucking canceled, forever. The end. Made in Blender #b3d

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Departed Humour: User Friendly Defeated

Come along as I travel back in time to 1997 to feature a web comic I call ‘defeated’, that is focused around an Internet service provider company.


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Is it an apple? Is it a potato?
No, it’s an earth apple! 🌏


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Thomas Campion: Never weather-beaten sail/Maquam Nahawend
In concert with Ensemble Mogador Chant et Musique Soufie in 2011


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Greets 🐾🤞 When Mr Newb was dumped here it took 3 vets and €2500 to find out he suffers from chronic we-don't-know 🙇‍♂️😬🙀😹 🐾 😹🙀 http://tribeofma.carrd.co 🐾 🖖


tencenttakes, to generationx
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1985 Madballs ad. Who else remembers these toys?

zipochan, to art
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Today’s is this simple animated NiGHTs chao that I did sometime in mid-2009. All of the frames were drawn in MS Paint, and I used a website to animate it, don’t remember the name of it right now. My chao anatomy went through a weird phase during that time.

An animated NiGHTs chao. Their eyes blink, and then they smile.

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📷 to Jack The Second in 2003, San Francisco.

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Departed Humour: GLitcH! Snail Speed

It was the year 2000 and a computer mouse cursor was creeping along like a snail in this showcase of a departed comic strip called GLitcH!


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This set of icons never fails to put a smile on my face

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Happy Throwback Thursday!

Let's go back to fall of 2011 to maybe give us some of that cool weather vibes. Here's me at a park as a scarecrow standee where my kid (it was 2011, the youngest weren't born yet and my middle one was a newborn still) put on a lovely jacket and hat to just make me look amazing.

Have a great Thursday!

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Runnin' https://youtube.com/watch?v=tKRxiVrP9J4&si=96nqEIRaKJ6JN9XC
#ThrowbackThursday 🎶
may 30, 2024
Coco 🐾 & walker 😏🕶️
sharin' the love
good mornin' fediverse 🐘💫
smile 🌝
#leftcoast 🌊🐬 #jazzmusic
#blueshighway 🗝️

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📷 Riccardo, San Francisco, 1999.

adamsdesk, (edited ) to martialartsmemes
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Departed Humour: GLitcH! Printer Issues

Travel back in time to the year 2000 as I showcase a departed comic strip called GLitcH! about the frustrations of a computer printer.


#humour #humor #funny #WeblogPoMo2024 #tech #ThrowbackThursday

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Just kidding!! I appreciate the pace of this acquisition.

Atari Acquires Intellivision Brand – Atari® https://atari.com/blogs/newsroom/atari-acquires-intellivision-brand

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