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Today's Potatostrike progress report:

  1. The game has been fully translated to Spanish! Additionally, Mission 3's background song has also been added.
  2. The next patch for Potatostrike is nearly ready. Aiming to release it either on Wednesday or Thursday.

A fun clip of the Potatostrike dancing to the beat of Mission 3's background song.

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Spent all of my time today trying to get SIMD working to speed up sprite painting and I just get a black screen

I can't tell if that's because I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to vectorization (and there's a total lack of documentation or examples) or because the vectorization in C# doesn't get translated to WASM

It's also really hard to debug because either you get raw WASM or what VS brings across from the browser which I don't fully trust

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It really feels that the GameDev community is either closed source or people using one of the big 4 engines out there. I know there's some other projects but where is all the good stuff? There's a lot of people talking about game dev progress but not so much about engine development. Shouldn't we also understand the basics?

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Some people code in python, I shit post.

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"I reeeeally wish I had an electric car, or roads, or an EMP right now. On the plus side, I don't need a gym membership, and the war-haze makes for pretty sunsets!" (Neofeud 2 work in progress) Neofeud 1:
#indiegame #gamedev #adventuregame #retrogaming

Giant robot chasing a green haired girl through a dystopian wreckage scene

maxim, to gamedev
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I'm not feeling well today, but I have a rule, every day I learn something new in Unreal Engine, so I played with the materials, this is a forest for me, in which I get lost very quickly, but the topic is interesting. My goal is to make energy weapon like in the series Beacon 23


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Just found a book with some scribbly Lucy Dreaming dev notes.


indesprimes, to ethelcain French
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🏛️ Après les légendes Nordiques ou les années 80, la licence Kingdom présente son prochain contenu additionnel, centré cette fois sur la mythologie Grecque !


supernovafiles, to godot
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chrisbiscardi, to rust
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Bevy 0.14's release cycle is just getting started with the creation of the 0.14 release crew working group.

In the meantime, we've got new rendering features (God Rays and Depth of Field), cone meshing, rounded box gizmos, and more!


indesprimes, to ethelcain French
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🤔 On ne sait pas trop quoi en penser mais bon ...

👴 "Un Grand-Père reçoit le coup d'un fil d'une maitresse, lui demandant de nettoyer le quartier, à grand refort de chevrotines. Et évidemment accompagné de son petit-fils."

📢 Annonce
📅 Novembre 2024
🎮 Steam
🇺🇸 @AshnellGames

#indie #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #videogames


SirLich, to godot
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Trying to nail down an art style for my game.

My biggest worry with this style is extra pain associated with backwards facing animations. What do you think?


scopelmatt, to blender
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The other day where I live I noticed a building made of tabby concrete, a type of concrete with broken oyster shells inside. Its surface was breaking, revealing the oysters incorporated in the matrix of the concrete. I've recreated it in Substance Designer and rendered it with Eevee Next. More details: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/6Nm9NN

A closeup of the concrete showed earlier.
Another angle on the same concrete.

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New gamedev Humble Bundle!

The Low Poly Bundle is a large collection of low-poly 3D assets from Eldamar Studios and Animpic Studio. Usable in , , and more.
Low Poly Game Dev Humble Bundle – GameFromScratch.com

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Interesting fact, getting new followers here on Mastodon is harder then in all of the other social medias combined😅

SirLich, (edited ) to godot
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EDIT: This exists -check replies! :godot:

I wish Godot had inline scripts.

I find this most relevant with UI. For example a label that displays the name of the current level. I don't WANT to create and organize a separate .gd file for this. I want the script to just be owned by the node as part of the tscn file.

Cluttering the file system with one-off files that won't be reused doesn't feel the cleanest to me.

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Simultaneous play in Billabong is just too frantic. A game can be over in seconds. I'm thinking to slow it down by limiting each player to only one flow in progress at any one time, and slowing down the flows so that players have more opportunity to block flows that can capture a large amount of the maze.

On the plus side, the game creates some really pretty patterns.

One player and four bots fill the screen with colour. The game is over very quickly, with the human winning with almost their first move, which floods their colour across the screen.

maxim, to gamedev
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Unreal Engine level design 🔥
The concept (idea) can be like this - use Chaos destruction for the wall to go into the room in which the ceiling is on fire, and then, while in the room, trigger the chaos event to collapse the ceiling


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We're two weeks into the Limitations Kajam. Embrace those limitations, and create something weird!

#gamejam #gamedev #alakajam

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New browser puzzler - Canvasmount: https://hempuli.itch.io/canvasmount

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Yesterday I was surprised to find that the Liikennematto devlog that I posted last week had made it to the front-page of Hacker News. It's still there!

Some results from the exposure:

  • 7.8k unique visitors / 8.7k page views
  • 500+ browser plays on itch.io
  • about 30 new stars on GitHub
  • many followers here

Also: 4x traffic vs. Firebase free quota. Had to create a billing account to keep the website live.


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After a long break from conferencing, working on our next piece of tech, I am back this week - attending .

@nulldiver & I will be at the venue and surrounding events all week.

We are open for consulting in the immediate term, as well as talking longer term game/interactive tech & -services soon ready to roll out of the bunker.

Do reach out if either sounds interesting to you or you just want to catch up :)

premartinpatrick, to Twitch French
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Aujourd'hui je tente du 9h-13h puis 15h-20h en développement #Delphi sur le jeu vidéo #Sporgloo en live sur #Twitch.

https://www.twitch.tv/patrickpremartin #GameDev #IndieGame #IndieDev

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