Symfony integration tests custom header is missing (

I am writing an integration test in Symfony with a request that includes custom headers. However, the request fails because the custom header is apparently missing. What happened was I forgot to add an HTTP prefix to the custom header. This is a common pitfall when writing integration tests in Symfony and using custom HTTP

2 Tricks to get your Symfony configs lines to minimum (

I believe that every Symfony app can fit service config under 5 lines. Configs are among the most underestimated parts of Symfony projects and deserve to be done right. Like a healthy tree trunk, which brings power to the branches and leaves, clear configs keep the design architecture clear and easy to grow.

How to Customize Serialization Groups in Symfony API Platform (

Are you looking to customize serialization groups in Symfony API Platform? If so, you're in the right place. Serialization groups allow you to control which properties of your API resources are included or excluded when they are serialized into JSON or XML responses. This feature is invaluable for tailoring your API responses to...

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Planning a workcation? ;) Explore our calendar page for upcoming PHP development events.

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Planning a workcation? 😉 Explore our calendar page for upcoming PHP development events.

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Première partie d’une série d’articles : découvrez comment créer une application multi-tenant à partir de , @ApiPlatform et l’ORM Doctrine ➡️

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🖥 A Week of Symfony (3-9 June 2024)

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Integrating Dataverse into Symfony App: A Quick Guide.

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Explore today's @SymfonyStation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news. 🇺🇦

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I wrote something about making the choice between upgrading or upgrading:

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Today's edition of The Payload is out. Peruse the latest news in the Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Cybersec, and Fediverse communities.

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Replace parameters in Symfony.

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Schedule Symfony Commands via Admin with this plugin

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Let your users define application parameters in your backoffice with this bundle

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