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BlackBerry's Dmitry Bestuzhev has published a technical breakdown of a new XAgent sample.

XAgent is a piece of iOS spyware used by the ATP28 group.

The recent sample appears to have been used in attacks targeting iOS devices in Western Europe.

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One might hope that one's sleeping mats or tavern booth provide a modicum of privacy. But 'tis so only when one takes great care.

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This merchant vessel once carried secrets for those who listened in on hostile realms. Here are tales of life on board.

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The land of Khitai has formidable warriors, threats to many realms.

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Passwords and secret signs are crucial defenses. Craft good ones, and use them well.

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Opinion by the director of the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law.

A provision was added to Section 702 that "dramatically expands the universe of entities that can be compelled to assist the government in conducting Section 702 surveillance."

The FISA expansion turning cable installers into spies cannot stand @thehill

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US House Financial Services subcommittee told #AI making ransomware easier, more prevalent #cybersecurity #infosec @thehill

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: Russian disinformation efforts around U.S. elections ‘kicked into gear over the last 45 days’ @therecord_media @jgreig

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From yesterday. Are these "tracking pixels" or just one tracking Pixel?

This company, which used "insecure single sign-on" procedure, was breached last month, affecting a mere 3.2 million people. It said data was "exposed due to using tracking pixels on its platform" that send health data to third-parties.

Remote telehealth firm Cerebral to pay $7 million settlement in pixel data leak case @BleepingComputer

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#AI Forensics: Pro-Russian propaganda network exploiting #Meta's Failure to Moderate Political Ads is targeting EU voters #cybersecurity #Infosec

AI Forensics' report: No Embargo in Sight: Meta Lets Pro-Russia Propaganda Ads Flood the EU @aiforensics_org

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PSA: T-Mobile and Verizon workers offered $300 bribes for SIM swaps #cybersecurity #infosec @9to5mac @benlovejoy

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This is being done across servers, in the interest of feeding your friendly data monster.

A Spy Site Is Scraping and Selling Users’ Messages @404mediaco @josephcox

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Yeah, that's all we need now.

Researchers say LLMs "can autonomously exploit vulnerabilities in real-world systems if given a CVE advisory describing the flaw."

OpenAI's GPT-4 can exploit real vulnerabilities by reading security advisories @theregister @thomasclaburn

Cornell University's research:

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Mandiant: Threat actor linked to the Russian government suspected of carrying out cyberattack on Texas water facility @CNN

Madiant's report: Unearthing : Russia’s Notorious Cyber Sabotage Unit Sandworm

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Während ich in Dubai in den Fluten festgesteckt bin, ist mein neuester Artikel online gegangen:
(und ja, auch in bin ich nicht privat, sondern als Cyber Journalistin ;))

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