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When you add a small detail to a project because you a completist .

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Any Qt + Python devs out there with any experience on calling deleteLater() from the Python side?

I have some costly dialogs I want cleared on close, and so far I've been running deleteLater() in the closeEvent, which is clearly a little risky. I do get the very rare segfault especially if I close one particular dialog which has a QTimer singleShot call. If the deleteLater() is called when it is running, I get a RunTImeError.

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🤖: Guten morgen! AutoTrick here with your daily . Yesterday, Trick made 3 posts on his . Including posts about: , & .

Here's the day's archive for you to read: https://trickjarrett.com/2024-05-27.html

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📊 Enhance Your Excel Skills with R! 📊 I wrote an R function using RDCOMClient to count sheets in an Excel workbook.

This tool automates Excel tasks, boosting productivity. Learn more techniques like this in my new book co-authored with David Kun: "Extending Excel with Python and R." Discover practical tips to enhance your data analysis skills. Get your copy here: https://packt.link/oTyZJ

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🚀 New in healthyR.data: get_cms_meta_data()!

Easily retrieve and analyze CMS metadata with customizable searches using .title, .keyword, and .modified_date. Choose data versions ("current", "archive", "all") and filter by media type ("all", "csv", "API", "other"). It returns a tidy tibble with essential metadata.

Post: https://www.spsanderson.com/steveondata/posts/2024-05-28/



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Moving our games programming videos - currently Runtime Compiled C++ - to the new dedicated enkisoftware Youtube channel. Consider giving it a subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@enkisoftware

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Rapid Development with Runtime Compiled C++ Talk & transcript:

This is a decent introduction to the RCC+ tech I developed with Matthew Jack, and have continued to develop and use in Avoyd. It's an old talk (Develop conf 2012) but still relevant.

Many thanks to @juulcat for videoing the talk and writing up the transcript.


#Cpp #GameDev #Programming

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> Dataclasses JSON provides a simple API for encoding and decoding dataclasses to and from JSON and lists/dicts. https://lidatong.github.io/dataclasses-json/

Includes some schema validation as well.

ETA: Schemas require Marshmallow.

> https://marshmallow.readthedocs.io/en/stable/api_reference.html#schema

And Marshmallow looks like what I was searching for in the first place…

> https://marshmallow.readthedocs.io/en/stable/index.html

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Ok, this is an extremely niche question, but I'm trying to work with a list of files in a Windows batch script, and one of the files contains two single quotes in the name, so the batch script is interpreting that as a command. Does anyone know of any way I can escape those single quotes programmatically? I can't simply add slashes to them because I don't have access to the filename. Should I pipe them to a text file and then munge the text file? I'm happy to give more information if necessary; this isn't a secret or anything.

P.S. If your suggestion is not to use a batch script to do this, believe me, I've considered it, but at the moment batch is what I've got. I'm not going to install an entirely new shell to do this fairly simple task and I don't like PowerShell enough to go to the trouble of scripting in that. If I were to write a non-shell program, I would probably write it in Python as that seems like the most reasonable option, but I remain convinced that there's a way to do this in a batch script.

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Ich mag eine machen, möglichst reines 4, möglichst ohne . CSS 3 wenns sein muss, sonst eher 2.

Die Website soll möglichst auf Chrome genauso laufen wie auf Netscape (die Älteren werden sich erinnern...) und auch in Text-Browsern wie Lynx oder w3m.

tl;dr: Die Seite soll auch noch funktionieren, wenn javascript und css ausfallen.

Wie würde ich da denn "Tabs" machen? Oder was wären Alternativen zu tabs?

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Just looked up how to do callbacks in C++ and YOU CAN'T (unless you write a bunch of templates and wrappers yourself).

When you pass a pointer to non-static member function, yopu need to handle the class pointer yourself. This is like the simplest thing, why can't C++ have that?

Love how the ISO standard website just tells you "Don't". What a joke.

#cpp #programming

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I probably get flooded by asking this but welp, here I go:

I'm looking for a good, visual (!) for that focuses on Codium, Firefox and other Open-Source tools. My specific interests are to learn , , and . Perhaps some minor , however I'd like to primarily work without it.

I'm a visual learner, extended theory in text won't help me at all. As language is visual to me, so is .

Anyone knows something that checks these boxes?

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⏳ Am I too old to create a popular programming language?

"Is it too late to create a popular programming language after age 40? Let's find out!"


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Somehow the following pseudocode:

if not condition:  

feels much more intuitive to me than

if condition:  

Anyone else feel that way?

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10 years ago: Our monorepo is a pain to deal with. Changing one tiny thing here breaks something there!

5 years ago: We’re migrating to microservices. That way everything is decoupled and you can do what you need to.

3 years ago: Microservice maintenance keeps falling behind. We need some way to enforce service contracts between services but now our stack is too complicated to do full integration testing.

1 year ago: We’re proud to announce we’re migrating to a new concept: a monorepo!

Everything old is new again.

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Just posted an update for my little project that downloads videos from sites like YouTube. You can check it out here:


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Is there an established term/neologism for the whole tech-bro attitude/belief/common-response of

"there is no UI issue, this is a good tool, anyone who's bothered to learn it understands this ... you just have a skill issue"

vimism? (genuine suggestion for a genuine question ... it's the term my brain uses)

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#C compiler on error: Line 45: segfault 0x00000634634
compiler on error: There is an issue with your code in the line 45, see here: [you code]. To fix it you simply have to do this and this, like that [fixed code]. Please have a nice day!

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Hurl is a language based on exception handling. It’s a real shame that it isn’t tail recursive though.


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ThreadSanitizer seems to have improved a lot since I last used it seriously. Incredibly useful tool for working with memory barriers / atomics.

I think I'll integrate it it into our test suite for


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Note that this function uses an "if" statement that returns, and an "else" that also returns.

Read more 👉 https://trey.io/FlSco3

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