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Developer, feminist, bi/pan, ace, on the spectrum, cis, white, Raumzeitlaborantin, gesichtsblind, Piratin.

Black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, strive for accessibility.

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GreenSkyOverMe, to random German
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„FDP in BW kann sich Rückkehr zu Kernkraft vorstellen“ fickt euch doch

kondziu, to random
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Ok, so the word "pistol" has a fascinating etymology.

In English it comes from French "pistole", which comes from German "pistole," which originates from Czech "pišt'ala" meaning "whistle" (like a tin whistle or flute).

But in Czech the word for "pistol" is not "pišt'ala." It is, in fact, "pistole." This is a borrow word from either French of Italian "pistole," which comes from German, which comes from Czech "pišt'ala." In effect, the Czech word for "pistol" is a borrow-word-twice-removed from Czech.

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@kondziu Vaguely similar: the two German words „die Bank“ (bench/bank)

Die Bank meaning bench (plural Bänke)
-> Italian (il banco for bench, la banca for bank 🏦)
-> returned to German: die Bank meaning bank (plural Banken) 🏦

Garwboy, to random
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"If you're under 25 your brain isn't fully developed, so you can't be trusted to make informed decisions"

I'm seeing this a LOT lately, especially today with the Cass Review fallout. And it's utter guff, based on hearsay, misunderstandings of neuroscience, or wilful ignorance.

Why? I'll tell you why


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@Garwboy If it were so that people under 25 were incapable of rational decision making then surely they should be banned from the army? :-P

GreenSkyOverMe, to random German
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Pig cartoon by "NakedPastor" David Hayward

GreenSkyOverMe, to random German
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Heid_innen und Atheist_innen müssen jetzt tapfer sein, für Göttin Ostara gibt es nicht genügend Belege (nämlich nur einen) und Hasen (Dreieinigkeit) und Eier (Auferstehung) sind tatsächlich christliche Symbole.

Ja, meine atheistischen Eltern haben mir da auch was anderes erzählt. Und Jesus ist nicht real.

putin, to Ukraine
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@putin Image description:
Political caricature connecting Putin and the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”:
Putin walks naked, a big crown on his head, golden objects normally carried by kings during coronation in his hands.
Behind him walk a clergy man and a male politician, they hold sticks to which a cloth roof with the text 89.9% is attached, it hovers over Putin’s head.
In the background a cheering crowd.

GreenSkyOverMe, to random German
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Kind: „Wie spielt man Phase 10?“
Ich: „Weiß nicht, musst du die Anleitung lesen“
Kind: „Lies du sie, ich bin zu faul“

Immerhin ehrlich :-P

GreenSkyOverMe, to random German
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Verrücktes Labyrinth Junior. Die Geister können nicht durch Wände gehen.

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@Omega Die haben wir auch. Und ne Babyvariante, wo man nur eine Strecke rechts-links schieben kann. Und das Labyrinth der Meister, das haben wir früher in der Familie oft gespielt.

grrrr_shark, to random
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Staples gone. I had no idea how much pain they were causing me!!!!

@GreenSkyOverMe@ohai.social avatar

@grrrr_shark Oh no! I hope you get pain meds

GreenSkyOverMe, to random
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Oh, @futurebird has a cameo in Dark Moon: The Blood Altar :D

(A cameo as a friendly blond Korean high school vampire boy)

ErikUden, to random
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But then i had a very good idea. I used F5. See, using F5 gave me a whole new perspective and i was able to see a- :minecraft_grass_jump:

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@ErikUden Hä?

bronsen, to Cat
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It's March, let's have a bit of consensual fun & game: reply with #cat photos or drawings, my timeline wants it!

Here are some rules:

  • Your cat, or your photo of a cat
  • Your or your friend's #drawing, #carving, #scribble, #WIP, #sketch, etc
  • No meme-fied images, just cat
  • I fav every image and enjoy its "Behaglichkeit"
  • For every such genuine image I will #donate 1 EUR to @Testoceratops (up to sensible & non-trivial amount of course)

#fedicats #CatsOfMastodon

:BoostOK: :ReplyOK:

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@bronsen @Testoceratops My kitty really liked to drink water from the tap

Emily, to random German
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Meine Damen und Herren und alle dazwischen und außerhalb, es ist mir eine große Freude, Ihnen mitteilen zu dürfen, dass ich heute meine theoretische Führerscheinprüfung bestanden habe.

Bald heize ich mit einem richtig fetten SUV durch die Gegend! (/s)

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@Emily herzlichen Glückwunsch!

pamelafox, to random
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We realized we need to get a new car, as our 2001 car is on its last legs. I realize I've never actually bought a car, always just got hand-me-downs, so I don't know how to reason about such a large purchase. We're thinking PHEV (plugin hybrid), and we're a family that mostly takes very short trips. Any rec's?

@GreenSkyOverMe@ohai.social avatar

@pamelafox plugins are kinda expensive because you lug around two heavy engines. The cheaper option for a family with mostly short trips is a battery electric vehicle and, if the charging infrastructure in your country does not support going long distances with electricity, borrowing a traditional car for the one or two long trips per year (or going by train if available).

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@pamelafox I‘m mostly happy with my Nissan Leaf, except the plug type is CHAdeMO, and only 10% of the fast charging stations in my country are CHAdeMO, so that is a bit of a pain in the ass.

mentallyalex, to random
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I JUST woke up.

Checks clock

Apparently I needed sleep... G'morning everyone!

@GreenSkyOverMe@ohai.social avatar

@mentallyalex Good morning. What time is it your place?

@GreenSkyOverMe@ohai.social avatar

@mentallyalex 5 hours does sound a bit short

kfh, to random
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Video description: a lynx lies on the snow on the hood of a car. A woman whose right hand we can see approaches the lynx and starts giving it head scritches. The lynx likes it. There is a house with colorful lights behind them, maybe decorated for Christmas.

Audio description: The woman is talking Russian (probably). I can only understand “koshka” = “kitty”, “mashina” = “car” and “ya yublyu tebya” = “I love you” (I might be mishearing). In the middle of the video the lynx starts purring.

GreenSkyOverMe, to random
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I am not opposed to overweight people taking Ozempic (or Xigduo) for losing weight. Because it's literally the only way. Each and every study that follows the participants for more than one year shows that "eating better and doing sports" does not work. Only 1% can keep their weight down. The remaining 99% are split between regaining the weight and gaining more. All diets are risky.

At the same time I would like there not to be a shortage of my life-saving meds.

I hope they ramp up production.

feliz1984, to random
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Como una imagen vale más que mil palabras, así arrancó mi dia.

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⬆️ "Da ein Bild mehr sagt als 1000 Worte - so hat mein Tag begonnen"

Ein Küken mit einem Messer als Bild auf einer Tasse mit dem Text:
"Ich habe wenig geschlafen.
Ich habe schlecht geschlafen.
Ich bin gestresst.
Heute wähle ich den Weg der Gewalt."

GreenSkyOverMe, to random
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Watching Lilo and Stitch, the series with the dehydrated other 261 experiments.

Me: “Time for bed!”
Kiddo: “No.”
Husband: “Then we will dehydrate you and put you into a capsule.”
Kiddo: “But I’m not an experiment!”
Me: “Well, you were created in a lab.”

GreenSkyOverMe, to random German
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"Zu dem Einbau von Filteranlagen in den Gebäuden wegen Corona und Krankheiten ist die Antwort unserer Betriebsärzte wie folgt: Filteranlagen verteilen zum Teil die Viren zusätzlich und fördern u.U. die Bildung und Verteilung von Schimmelpilz."

Na da hätte ich ja mal gern nen Faktencheck zu

talon, to random
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Hey <3

@GreenSkyOverMe@ohai.social avatar

@talon nice :)

Wraithe, (edited ) to random
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Just found out via BlueSky that https://twitter.com/sassycrass passed away last night.

Ffffffffuck. GDI.
She was literally one of the last couple people who I would still jump on Twitter because of. I’m just some rando who occasionally had a chat with her, but she Will Be Missed.

@GreenSkyOverMe@ohai.social avatar

@Wraithe Oh no :-(

We were mutuals on Twitter (anong 2000 others), I haven’t logged in often, I see requests for financial help to get to a doctor earlier this month now :-(

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