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#WaitWait Stats Person, Release Manager, Background in IT/DevOps, #TBTL Ten, and sometimes a photographer. Pronouns: he/him/they/them

#WaitWaitDontTellMe #WWDTM #Python #DoctorWho #Whovian #StarTrek #BAONPDX #RCTID #COYS #Oregon #BSD #Linux #Photography #fedi22

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Header image: #xkcd 353 by Randall Munroe. Source: https://xkcd.com/353/ (CC BY-NC 2.5)

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Behind the Scenes: Bringing Virtual Production to Doctor Who


#DoctorWho #BBC #VFX

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Can I just say that the Sun Gallant Demi font just hits all of the right nostalgia spots?

Because, oof... I think I'm in love again.

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@chessert Indeed. I found a copy of the TTF font a while back, but only started testing it tonight. It's a bit rough, but given that someone converted the bitmap font to TTF, it's the best I can do.

I think there a bitmap font file called sun12x22.psf or sun12x22.psfu that can be used on the local text framebuffer, but I don't know if it can be used with older X terminal programs (I'm a bit iffy on the whole psf and psfu font files).

qlp, to random
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If there is one thing that really, really, really gets on my nerve is when someone comments, "people still use $product?" in an post about a commonly used product (especially one that has become the new IE6).

How deep in your insular bubble are you? Really.

The mentality of, "Well, I don't use $product, therefore there is no reason for $product to be used or exists!" is extremely frustrating. It doesn't only exist in the tech world (looking at you car enthusiasts!).

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If you don't like $product, then fine. Don't be an a-hole that forces your opinions and thoughts down other people's throats.

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@smellsofbikes Yes! That drives me up the wall as well.

Also, "I don't use that feature, that means no one else uses it. I don't know anyone else who uses that feature. Get rid of it!"

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@smellsofbikes I know I'm guilty of that, but so long as I can change from the default setting (and, even better, export or sync the settings between systems), then it's not so bad.

Now, if it cannot be changed in any way and/or it's a royal pain to change it, then it'll start to grind my gears a bit.

qlp, to random
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Something that has been eating at me since seeing the trend of PCIe riser cables and adapters that allow GPUs to be mounted separately from the motherboard. Almost all of them look like rigid and ungainly things with a PCB edge connector on one end and a PCIe slot on the other.

Rackmount servers have been using cables like Mini-SAS, OCuLink, and more recently, MCIO cables to carry 4-8 PCIe lanes in a single, easy to route loom. There are boards that convert that to a PCIe slot. Why isn't that more common in gaming systems?

Is it due to cost of OCuLink or MCIO cables? I could potentially see timing issues of splitting 16 lanes across 2 or 4 cables, but re-timers are available and are becoming a necessity with longer runs of PCIe 4.0 or short/medium runs of PCIe 5.0.

PCIe 6.0 is so sensitive to timing and signal integrity that PCBs are no longer a viable option for anything more than CPU socket to MCIO connector.

I know that you would still need a PCB that slots into the PCIe slot on the motherboard.

Just something that's been making me scratch my head.

PCB with a PCI Express x16 slot, an OCuLink connector that is used with an OCuLink cable to provide PCIe x4 connectivity back to the system board, and a SATA power connector on a short end of the board to provide supplemental power.

geerlingguy, to random
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Psst... soft relaunch of my merch store today: https://www.redshirtjeff.com โ€” I'll announce it on YouTube later, but if you like classics like "It was DNS" or "Cosplaying as a Sysadmin", get them now before the wider YT audience makes 'em go out of stock!

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@geerlingguy Ooh, nice! I noticed that 4X is mentioned in the sizing guide, but not available as a size for shirts. I don't like tight fitting stuff and would prefer larger. Any chance 4X will be available later?

Been really wanting to get a "It was DNS" shirt for a while. Thanks!

qlp, (edited )
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@geerlingguy If the shirts tend to run smaller than usual, then 5X might be a sweeter spot, but definitely would love to see larger sizes, as a Bibendum-esque person. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

qlp, to random
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I keep forgetting that my Prometheus and Grafana server at home is running on a Raspberry Pi and not on a Proxmox VM.

I almost always end up downloading the amd64 version instead of the arm64 version. It also doesn't help that amd64 and arm64 look a little too similar when not looking at things carefully.


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@vwbusguy That said, I'm pretty sure it irks at least one person at Intel every day that x86_64 is referred to as "amd64" across so many operating systems and applications ๐Ÿ˜…

x64 is a decent compromise between amd64 and x86_64.

aarch64 is definitely preferrable, though it may not be 100% obvious that they are referring to ARM when they first see it.

I'm glad Fedora took the less ambiguous and confusing route.

qlp, to WaitWait
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Last Friday marked 10 years since the last Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! show where Carl Kasell was the official judge and scorekeeper before retiring.

This Friday marks 10 years since Bill Kurtis became the official judge and scorekeeper.

Show Notes for 2014-05-17: https://stats.wwdt.me/shows/2014/5/17

Show Notes for 2014-05-24: https://stats.wwdt.me/shows/2014/5/24

#WaitWaitDontTellMe #WaitWait

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I was honored to be invited to Washington, DC to be at the taping of the former. The folks at Wait Wait gave me essentially a front row seat in front of Carl Kasell and Peter Sagal.

A couple more photos at: https://flickr.com/photos/questionlp/14223179933/in/album-72157644308765929/

#WaitWaitDontTellMe #WaitWait

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@petes_bread_eqn_xls @severud Yeah, I remember that. I try to avoid Hertz whenever possible for personal travel.

Hertz is sometimes the only available option for work travel. Thankfully, I haven't had to travel for work in a long time.

chartier, to apple
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I wish I didnโ€™t feel like Apple was one of the very few, sometimes only, major tech companies trying to build with privacy in mind. Yes, I get there are arguably places it may or can erode that design. Theyโ€™re besides the point for now.

And granted, I generally like Appleโ€™s products. But in some ways I also feel like Iโ€™m stuck here; I truly wish more of its peers valued our privacy.

Look at this. Look at it. What on earth. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2024/05/microsofts-new-recall-feature-will-record-everything-you-do-on-your-pc/

#Apple #Microsoft #privacy

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@chartier At this point, I'm only using macOS or Linux on my personal laptops and I'm only using Windows as a primary OS on my work-provided laptop.

I wish there were more accessible (in more ways than one) alternatives as well.

qlp, to Amd
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Socket AM5-based AMD EPYC is now a thing. This is similar to the playbook that Intel uses for their entry level Xeon processors; except, AMD doesn't have hybrid cores that need disabling while Intel shuts off E cores.

AnandTech: One More EPYC: AMD Launches Entry-Level Zen 4-based EPYC 4004 Series


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VAR should have a review time limit. If itโ€™s for clear and obvious errors, a review shouldnโ€™t take 2-4 minutes. #MastodonFC

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@0bm I think Attacking Third mentioned that the average stoppage time for NWSL games this season, up through last week, was around 15 minutes per game. A good chunk of that is due to VAR.

That's a boatload of stoppage time and added playing time on players.

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When is the last time you ate at a Red Lobster?

Iโ€™ll go: at least 13+ years ago in a suburb outside Chicago.

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@paninid I don't remember I ever went to one as a kid, but I know I haven't been to one since.

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@paninid As far as reasons, my mom and I rarely ate out as she was a working single mom and would rather cook Vietnamese seafood dishes.

After that, I don't think I've really considered going to one considering that I prefer sushi or other forms of Asian seafood dishes than what Red Lobster had.

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What could possibly go wrong?

"To make it work, Recall records everything users do on their PC, including activities in apps, communications in live meetings, and websites visited for research. Despite encryption and local storage, the new feature raises privacy concerns for certain Windows users."

Ars Technica: New Windows AI feature records everything youโ€™ve done on your PC


#Microsoft #Windows #Copilot

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@chessert Outside of my work laptop, I also only have a Windows 10 VM that I use for certain media file processing that I haven't found an easier workflow yet. It's also running on one of the last Intel generation Mac minis.

I even yeeted Windows 10 from my Surface Pro 3 to run Linux on it ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Tell me that your city is dependent on cars while tellling me that your city is dependent on cars...

SF Gate: Berkeley to charge restaurants thousands of dollars a year to keep parklets


qlp, to python
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This joke has probably been made a bunch of times, but...

Python 3.14, not to be confused with PyPI.

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@osma Recursive Python 3.14? ๐Ÿค”

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