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Coffee enthusiast. Nature lover. Gamer and Twitch Affiliate. Expect games, food and maybe some painting! Cat dad, dog dad, husband, gamer and gardener. www.twitch.tv/serfinchalot “Be more like Bob Ross” "Protect yourself, protect your mates, don't be a dick." #Stream #Streamer #Twitch #Gamer #Gardener #CoffeeEnthusiast #NatureLover

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SirTapTap, to Youtube
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Who knows more about ad stuff than me?

If I set a livestream to "manual" ad insertions and never insert ads manually, will the VOD still have ads?

Basically, I want to run ZERO, not "conservative" ads while live, but I don't want to have to manually put ads in the VOD after. "conservative" auto ads is still more than I'd like.

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@SirTapTap would also like to know the answer to this!

Same with Twitch. How does one run the minimum amount of ads?

SerFinchalot, to Hololive
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Ive not been streaming recently because ive had a rotten cough for a few weeks :(

May be until the new year.

mattblaze, to random
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Ad networks are at least flirting with technologies that monitor microphones in devices to target ads, according to this story: https://www.404media.co/cmg-cox-media-actually-listening-to-phones-smartspeakers-for-ads-marketing/

It's unclear whether this is currently going on, but it's very clear it could.

What are the legalities here? In particular, is it wiretapping? Can the government get access to data collected this way? My colleagues @SteveBellovin, Susan Landau, Stephanie Pell, and I explored this and more a few years ago: https://jolt.law.harvard.edu/assets/articlePDFs/v30/30HarvJLTech1.pdf

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@mattblaze @SteveBellovin this is 100% already happening imo. Even without smart speakers. Google ads are definitely listening…

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@noodlejetski @mattblaze @SteveBellovin totally get the anecdotalness of what I said. I appreciate that. In my experience, its guarenteed. Just having a conversation about… I dunno a holiday to greece and suddenly ADS! Airline tickets to Corfu! Last minute deals etc.

SerFinchalot, to Twitch
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Proud to have managed more than one stream a week in a crazy year with lots going on.

The fact that 400 hours of real-life 4th dimensional time were spent watching them blows my mind.

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@Imperor thank you! Its been a very silly year. Lets get you affiliated!

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@Imperor Twitch is having a funny and wont let me follow right now. I thought I already was!

If you need any help with anything let me know! I’m no expert but I enjoy playing with all the settings and junk :)

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It shouldn’t be limited! My understanding is that !commands whispers the chatter (for Nightbot) a link to a list of your commands.

If individual commands aren’t working, it aounds like either the ‘connection’ between Nightbot and Twitch, the cooldown period, the user type (everyone vs mod etc.) or some other setting in that command.

Beyond that it may be something more technical i’d struggle to pinpoint without looking!

SerFinchalot, to music
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This morning’s earworm(s):

I woke up with ‘The Let Go’ by Elle King in my head, and this has morphed into ‘The Heart Asks’ performed by Michael Nyman.

Today is going to be a good day ☺️

SecurityWriter, to random
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  • SerFinchalot,
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    @SecurityWriter with every governmental conspiracy theory, you have to consider that every government official is intelligent enough to keep it a secret 🙃

    THAT’s the bit of all of these I find hardest to believe 🤣

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    @SecurityWriter every time

    dnc, to gardening
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    @dnc all of our beans got waterlogged cause we planted them in innappropriate pots 😅

    Think we’ve had two beans in total so far 😅

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