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Apparently Black Sails is on now from Starz. I highly recommend it as a complex drama with lots of politics and backstabbing all with pirates! Really great acting and lots of fun twists.

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Apple TV+ has renewed "For All Mankind" for a fifth season, and will expand that storytelling universe with the spin-off series "Star City", a paranoid thriller set when the Soviets put the first man on the Moon.

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Voy a estar jugando unos fornachos mamarrachos con compitas pa no escuchar mi cerebro:

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About to do a bit more work on the Wayback checker for Tinboard on stream:

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Tarde de café y . Farmeo y lo que surja en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

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Zwei nützliche Medienhelfer:
TV-Browser als TV-Zeitschrift und MediathekVew für Online-Mediatheken verschiedener Sender

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It’s stream day! :blob_cat_dance:

I’ll be continuing my “Can You Beat Crash Bandicoot Without Breaking Boxes?” challenge. Only got to level 3 last time out. Let’s see if we can get any further!

Streaming on Twitch at 8pm (UTC +1)!


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"YouTube says it will intentionally cripple the playback of its videos in third-party apps that block its ads.

A Monday post in YouTube's help forum notes netizens using applications that strip out adverts while streaming YouTube videos may encounter playback issues due to buffering or error messages indicating that the content is not available.

"We want to emphasize that our terms don’t allow third-party apps to turn off ads because that prevents the creator from being rewarded for viewership, and Ads on YouTube help support creators and let billions of people around the world use the streaming service," said a YouTube team member identified as Rob. "We also understand that some people prefer an entirely ad-free experience, which is why we offer YouTube Premium."

This crackdown is coming at the API level, as these outside apps use this interface to access the Google-owned giant's videos."

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Seguimos la saga de los final fantasy con el #FinalFantasyX en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!
#streaming #gaming #twitch

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Where do you listen to music? Where do you buy music? #music #musodon #streaming

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Indiana Jones isn't going to beat the Nazis by himself, so I'm going continue my playthrough of Fate of Atlantis in about 30 minutes.

Come hang out if you like!

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Me estaba costando la vida ponerme a hacer stream y tenía el runrún del libro, así que hoy toca ASMR de teclado mientras lo escribo/corrijo con el juego #SpiritCity #LofiSessions, musicote de tranquis para mientras hacemos cosas y charlamos mientras no me concentro (casi todo el rato xD)

#streaming #ranstream #twitch

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Tarde de café y.... #DragonsDogmadarkarisen en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!
#streaming #gaming #twitch

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As you may know, I’ve launched a website for my cat …

If you can, check it out on a desktop or laptop computer … it works on a phone or tablet, but not as well.

I’m planning on adding another feature – the LolaCam®!

It arrived yesterday, and this morning I got it working via WiFi … the next challenge will be getting it to stream on her site.

(Harder than it sounds, as I don’t want to pay anyone for the privilege.)

#cat #CatsOfMastodon #LolaCam #streaming

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#Roku #SmartTV #AdTech #Streaming: "Last week, Janko Roettgers, a technology and entertainment reporter, uncovered a dystopian patent filed last August by Roku, the television- and streaming-device manufacturer whose platform is used by tens of millions of people worldwide. The filing details plans for an “HDMI customized ad insertion,” which would allow TVs made by Roku to monitor video signals through the HDMI port—where users might connect a game console, a Blu-ray player, a cable box, or even another streaming device—and then inject targeted advertisements when content is paused. This would be a drastic extension of Roku’s surveillance potential: The company currently has no ability to see what users might be doing when they switch away from its proprietary streaming platform. This is apparently a problem, in that Roku is missing monetization opportunities!

Although the patent may never come to fruition (a spokesperson for Roku told me that the company had no plans to put HDMI ad insertion into any products at this time), it speaks to a dispiriting recent trend in consumer hardware. Internet-connected products can transform after the point of purchase in ways that can feel intrusive or even hostile to users. Another example from Roku: Just last month, the company presented users with an update to its terms of service, asking them to enter a pre-arbitration process that would make it harder to sue the company. On one hand, this isn’t so unusual—apps frequently force users to accept terms-of-service updates before proceeding. But on the other, it feels galling to be locked out of using your television altogether over a legal agreement: “Until I press ‘Agree’ my tv is essentially being held hostage and rendered useless,” one Roku customer posted on Reddit. “I can’t even change the HDMI input.”"

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Fallout od Amazona.

Targają mną tutaj sprzeczne uczucia.

Z jednej strony to bardzo fajny serial oparty o współczesne gr, chyba głównie F4 i F76, który miłośnikom tych tytułów na pewno przypadnie do gustu. Nawet bez tego można powiedzieć, że na tle seriali fantastycznych z ostatnich kilku lat - wypada zaskakująco dobrze. Oglądało mi się go naprawdę miło. Nie miałem ochotę wyłączyć go z nudów, albo porażony głupotą, jak w wielu innych przypadkach.

Fajnie też się oglądało poszerzanie lore i historii świata, szczególnie tego przedwojennego...

Mam tylko jedno małe "ale". Wiem, że to pewnie nie prawda i moja teoria spiskowa, ale mam wrażenie, że Bethesda specjalnie kazała scenarzystom zaorać historię z gier F1 i F2 oraz to co, my jako gracze w nich osiągnęliśmy. To irracjonalne, ale mi się zrobiło smutno w pewnym momencie. Nie aż tak, żeby się na serial obrazić, ale lednak...

Jestem irracjonalny, czy po prostu stary?

#fallout #amazon #seriale #tv #streaming #retrogaming

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Netflix is still trying to nail movies
David Crowther April 15, 2024

"Netflix’s new movie chief is already shaking things up. Just two weeks into his tenure, Dan Lin has laid off 15 employees in the film department (~10% of its staff) and reorganized the division by genre instead of budget level, as the streaming giant looks to produce a wider spectrum of films..."

Sad to see Netflix succumb to enshittification. I'm pretty sure part of the problem is with their algorithms - they only show you the same shows over and over again on your selection screen.

Newsflash Netflix, if I haven't watched something by now that came out months ago, I'm not going to.

#Netflix #Streaming #CancelledShows

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Continuamos la historia de tidus y compañía con el en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

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Tonight we play 7 Days to Die - Let's go from survive to thrive!

Join at 20:00 CET/GMT+1 at

Twitch chat integration is ON, so you can join and throw stuff (and even Zombies) at me and my little buildings!


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Tarde de café y Genshin! Farmeo y lo que surja en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee !
#streaming #gaming #genshinimpact #twitch

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OK by episode 8, "Death and Other Details" has gotten a bit over complicated and the motives are getting a bit suspect. Still enjoying it, but I don't expect it to stick the landing not that things are so convoluted.

We in the territory were the silliest twist is what we're expecting next.

#Mystery #Streaming #Hulu

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After publishing my latest article, I forwarded it to #tidal and let them know regarding the issues I found during my research.

Got an answer and it turns out that they're slowly open-sourcing their codebase and I can start a discussion in their #GitHub repository:

First time I ever did that, looking forward to see if sticks and they care about it. 🤞

#accessibility #a11y #WebDev #frontend #disability #music #streaming

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