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I discovered when I graduated from Computer Science I prefer people to programming. I toot about Privacy and about how RFC1984 relates to that. I'm concerned by the threat of mass data collection and surveillance. I like to raise awareness of this RFC: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1984

#PHPledge. #CovidIsStillHere #LongCovid

Pronouns : she/her
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Been on the Fediverse since 2017

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onepict, to random
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One last spam attempt for "professional persistence"? You actually put that in a professional email?

Trying to find out who does VOIP at my work?

Spamming me several times?

Fuck off, fuck off some more.

Blocks entire domain

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@grrrr_shark exactly!

I really hate spammers.

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@grrrr_shark That's a new fun term.

"Professional Persistence"

It really is like when you're out, trying to ignore the persistent barflies who feel entitled to your attention.

Flips table

Then people wonder why some of us like blocklists.

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@grrrr_shark I wonder if it's possible to write a specific spam filter based on that specific phrasing?

Just to filter out others who went to the same marketing training.

It's like the marketing "consensual kiss" stuff all over again.


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@grrrr_shark yes, I want one.

Tattooed_mummy, to random
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'Most disturbing website on Internet' can find every single picture that exists of you


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@Tattooed_mummy argh! It's even got cutesty illustrations to make you think it's a cool fun thing.

Like no this isn't cool, not should you just upload your picture to them.


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@Tattooed_mummy I think the issue is either a stalker did come up with this , Or the person who had that idea has never had to consider their safety from the stalkers.

I'm kinda fed up with tech bros commodifing our data and the access to that data.

I really don't like them acting as an agent on your behalf to get stuff taken down, especially as they need ID .


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@Tattooed_mummy much consent 🐶

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@Tattooed_mummy people who have no problems showing ID clearly have never come up against hostile border agents or the cops.

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@Tattooed_mummy wise, it's always a bit of a trade off really.

antiall3s, to KindActions
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Our lifestyle has increasingly pushed us into social isolation. Which has resulted in a siege mentality of sorts, where it's the two of us against the rest of the world. Family and friends were lost to us due to the push towards the normalization of the ongoing pandemic by a neoliberal order under late stage capitalism. It individualized responsibility, which not only forced us deeper under siege, but also made us increasingly lonely.

We tried to reach out to other people in similar situations, but no one seemed interested to engage with us in a committed way. , , , , it all sounded good in theory. But they were not happening for us.

What can we do?
We would be really grateful for some leads.

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Perhaps a chat with @radicalcommunalcare

onepict, to random
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I know some people like to talk about sheeple and wolves. Which is a dreadful way think about folks and communities.

But I do think about the weird sheep robot simulation. Whenever someone spouts that attitude.

Some folks lead, some folks like to have someone to get behind. Some folks end up the scout.

I think the scout role is cooler, you explore, are curious. I mean sometimes you end up a very rocky crag like that fugitive merino sheep.

But imagine the weird spots you see.

onepict, to random
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I remember seeing a cool robotics demonstration on British TV in the late 80s early 90s.

It was a group of small wheeled robots I think doing a weird sheep simulation. What would happen was out of a group of say 7, one robot would be leader, one would be a scout and wander and explore, the rest of the group would follow the leader.

I think it was the University of Sheffield?

Does anyone remember it?


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@CloudyMrs could be or ITV, I remember it being on children's ITV, there was a computer game show.

Thinking about it they could have been Kephra robots, they were small round and wheeled.

I think they used Infrared to communicate.

Could have been closer to the mid 90s.

onepict, to random
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Sometimes I do wonder why I speak up about certain things like the Fedipact and about the Public Health Pledge.

I can't ignore that . None of us can when our systems impact our human rights. We can't when our wish to let stuff slide impacts community safety.

Why am I unable to ignore the issues. Why do I risk alienating my family, friends and professional folk around me.

I can't you see. It's the legacy of those before me. Any less, I'd spit on their memory.


onepict, (edited )
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As a community or an event organiser you have a duty of care to your community, to your attendees.

Even if you are a volunteer. I've no time for the argument of "well it's too much to expect of a volunteer. " I've helped to run fencing competitions, unpaid as a volunteer. I had a duty of care then. You have it now if you are organising a community space.

If you can't acknowledge that responsibility you have no business running an event.

onepict, (edited )
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If you're a speaker at an event. Please consider asking for these policies.

The duty of care is as much on you.

If you aren't sure how or what to ask for take a look at @phpledge .

Point the organisers at it.

We aren't bullying you or badgering you. All that we ask is some consideration of the more vulnerable members of your community.

I don't think asking organisers, even volunteer organisers to consider that duty of care is too much to ask.

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If you've the organisational chops to get sponsors.

Surely you can also ask them and your attendees to .

It's the responsible thing to do.

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@sb thank you.

We see each other. We keep us safe.

onepict, to random
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Michael Spicer talking about social networks. Well written.

Talking about the harms. Bravo.

Favourite Quote about the enshititification with no context or spoilers.

"And it's always a man"

Mentions Bluesky, Mastodon, threads.


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@holsta I love the fact he resurrected one of his skits.

Like I wish he'd do it for more than one.

Daojoan, to random
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Startup culture runs on bullshit.

It's the only renewable energy source the tech luminaries have reliably solved.


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@Daojoan That was a good post.

Reading it felt weirdly cathartic. Because the bullshit infects everywhere.

onepict, to random
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Like in all honesty.

Why don't you want full and enthusiastic consent?

Everyone cheers for you then.

Make your apps and communications opt in and ask for a yes please, I want this!

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@JackTheCat Frankly I want my community to do that sort of thing.

I want the projects I'm part of to be all about consensual networking.

I want to ask nicely and have my folks cheer me on.

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@JackTheCat Thank you :)

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@Kzad_Bhat @holsta I think it's a reflection of the culture.

I think folks should also remember the Internet isn't just the web. We can build other ways of accessing information.

Because in terms of community safety and diversity, the web has issues. Even if the W3C are working hard to improve on that.

Consent and Human Rights need to be the bed rock of our Online Communities and communications.

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