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A web based audio/video streaming application and file manager allowing you to access your music & videos from anywhere, using almost any internet enabled device.

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ampache, to php
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#Ampache 6.5.0 is a big update that updates the Browse&Query classes into smaller pieces.

This work helped find and close a lot of issues which you can easily miss in 5k line classes.

Work moves on to Ampache7!

#php #freesoftware #dev


wjmaggos, to random
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Could we collectively create a database of all songs somewhere?

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@dogmazic @wjmaggos @errhead

If the music musicbrainz API let's you upload data we can extend the plugin.

Right now you can download and update info MB->Ampache

But it should be possible to go the other way if their API let's us.

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@metabrainz @dogmazic @wjmaggos @errhead

The bandcamp userscript would cover me personally, but I like the idea of being able to seed from Ampache directly.

I might be able to make a userscript for it without extending the plugin. I'll put it on my list as I hate my releases not having mbid's

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@wjmaggos @metabrainz @dogmazic @errhead

Just had a look at the seed details and for license I would use a url relationship. Ampache has URLs for the licenses so that's how I would seed it.


ampache, to php
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6.4.0 out now!

This is a great release to move to. Numerous fixes and weird bugs squashed.

The 6 branches are winding up development but API6 will continue to be extended when development has moved to Ampache 7.


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@usox The commits must flow

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@usox you should live in a constant burned out state.

Makes the ups and downs easier

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@dogmazic that's great. We're starting to diverge between 6 and 7 now so really only api extension and bug fixes from now on

ampache, to kodi
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FYI the demo servers are moving house today.

Expect a few hours down time while they're physically moved over and I update the DNS to the new IP.

and the Ampache demo sites use these demo's.

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Depending on your dns TTL sites are active again now!

simounet, to firefox

Am I the only person having an issue with @ampache not playing the next song on Firefox? I'm stuck at the end of the first song. Same issue on the demo instance.

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It's probably this change that will fix you.

I had my server trying to find one more second to play after the song had finished.

Now the server will give you a 416 error that the range doesn't exist and go to the next song


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You can also try develop.ampache.dev as well to see if it's fixed there.

If you get any more logs or information about it send me the details in a bug and I'll check it out.

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@simounet develop is going to be 6.4.0 so you can stay on develop until I release the next one.

When thats out you can use a zip or convert your branch to release6

ampache, to random
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I've updated the api docs to try and explain how the media playback processes and helper methods work.

This should help flesh out some of the details about how Ampache handles things for you.


ampache, to random
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The first builds for 7 have been built!

Check out ampache/ampache:preview to see what's going on.

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@usox good idea, the docker repo needs a bit of time. It's been a little left behind

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@usox nosql-preview has built as of 2mins ago!

ampache, to random
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users who use transcoding!

You should update your config files to remove the K from the encode_args strings.

I'll make a note of this in the docs for our next release, but this is a possible cause of stream time-outs and other issues playing transcoded files!

I think this closes out all the streaming issues I've had and should make the processes faster if you were affected

ampache, to php
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6.3.1 is out now.


Just some things we've picked up over the last 2 weeks.

ampache, to random
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6.3.0 is out now!

Over 60 pulls were merged this release which is definitely a record.

Work on the with lots of new methods and updates with testing on a blank database starting all the way back on Ampache 3.9.0!


ampache, to python
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6.3.0 is on its way soon.

I need to document and test all the new api methods, but it's structurally completed now.

The library has really been helping with my lack of time and really helps find missed bugs.

After docs it's test, build and release time. Follow the pull for details about the incoming changes.


adamsdesk, to fediverse
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Make someone smile today on Follow Friday in showing gratitude towards these open source highlights with some boosts and follows.


  • Ampache @ampache
    A web app for audio/video streaming.
  • VeraCrypt @veracrypt
    A disk encryption with strong security.
  • UnrealIRCd @unrealircd
    IRC Server, serving thousands of networks since 1999.
  • CalyxOS @calyxos
    Reclaim mobile privacy and security.

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@adamsdesk @veracrypt @unrealircd @calyxos hey thanks for sharing us. With my new job the us is really important!

ampache, to random
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7 has been forked into the patch7 branch



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I'll document it more in the future, but the branch is going to become Ampache 7.

Breaking changes in the release (so far) is that the minimum php version will be raised to 8.2 and npm is being used for js packages.

This branch will become release7 and replace the current develop and master branches after it goes stable.

I'm not expecting a lot of major changes and the api will remain as version 6 so only extension there.

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@Okanogen it's gotten a lot better than when I started and I have less time to add new features and break things these days. :)

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