Smootasaurus, to firefox avatar

What screen reader extensions do people use?

Been using the Read Aloud extension but the permissions are weird.

SirTapTap, to firefox avatar

Is there a fix to not actually copying when you try to copy some times, I genuinely might have to switch it is driving me insane

dada, to ubuntu French avatar

Bon, 24.04 est impressionnant de stabilité mais en snap pour mon vieux x280, ça n'est pas gérable.

Retour en .deb et je vous redis si c'est bien un problème de ressources ou si c'est autre chose.

ascherbaum, to firefox avatar

If the user-agent version string in the log is correct, someone is using Firefox 33 (released 2014) on Windows 8.1 (released 2013).

That's ... ancient.

#Firefox #Windows #EOL

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Ciantic, (edited ) to random avatar

Why can't built-in browser (like in Google Chrome and Firefox) password managers can't handle exact URLs? There is nothing worse than password manager that tries to fill your password in wrong fields.

Keepass HTTP connector which I've been using also can do it, but browser extensions for that has gone unmaintained. I'm planning to write my own, but it's one of those chore tasks I'd rather not.

#Firefox #Chrome #Passwords

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WhyNotZoidberg, (edited ) to reddit avatar

I am still amused that actually thinks I would choose to use their piece of shit app to read reddit on my phone instead of with adblocker.

rysiek, to firefox avatar

I just spent two hours trying to get to use Dolphin as the default file manager.

I went on a journey from .desktop files and mimeinfo.cache, through DBus, to .service files.

I shook with anger when everything seemed configured correctly, but Firefox would just not launch a file manager at all. Click that "show in folder" button and nothing happens.

I have now found the problem.
The problem was: systemd. :angery:

Why. Is. Systemd. Involved. In. Launching. A file manager. 👀

kuketzblog, to firefox German avatar

Ich habe die allgemeinen Handlungsempfehlungen für die Browser-Nutzung überarbeitet bzw. erweitert. Sollten nun klarer sein. 👇

#browser #brave #firefox #mozilla #fennec #librewolf #torbrowser #mull #vanadium

kaiserkiwi, to firefox avatar

Oh this sounds like #Firefox will become a real browser for me soon. I wish they were ready already for the #ManifestV3 thing. But I guess it's good to know they're on it.

Summary: Tab Grouping, Vertical Tabs, Profile Management

I hope the dev tools will get better soon too, as I need to replace Chrome as a work browser. For private browsing I already use Safari.

chris_hayes, to firefox avatar
iammannyj, to chrome avatar

Chrome begins limiting ad blockers

In case you’ve been asleep at the wheel – and if you’re still using Chrome, you most likely are – Manifest V3 will heavily limit what content blockers can do, making them less effective at things like blocking ads. #Chrome #Firefox #Ads

kuketzblog, to firefox German avatar

Einen Beitrag zum Thema Browser zu veröffentlichen, ist mindestens genauso anstrengend wie zum Thema Messenger. Inhaltlich setzt man sich kaum mit den Aussagen und Erklärungen auseinander, sondern Stammtischparolen ersetzen dann eine ernsthafte Diskussion. Auf diesem Niveau möchte ich wirklich nicht diskutieren.

#browser #firefox #brave #chrome #chromium #mozilla #librewolf #fennec #torbrowser #mull #vanadium

johann, to webdev French avatar

Je n'arrive pas a imprimer une page HTML qui contient une (longue) table dans un document Google Sheet "read only" (sans menu)

Dans Firefox, File > Print as PDF, ça n'imprime que la partie qui est visible dans le navigateur.

Quelqu'un-e a une solution ?

caiocgo, to firefox avatar

com o da é uma solução excelente para reduzir a coleta ostensiva de informação.

De quebra, muitos conteúdos são bloqueados.

Embora não seja destinada a bloquear anúncios, esta extensão acaba bloqueando porque os anúncios funcionam com rastreadores e coletores de dados que são o verdadeiro alvo.

Vale muito a pena. Recomendo. Excelente oportunidade idade para usar um navegador melhor!

kuketzblog, to random German avatar

Grundlegende Empfehlungen für Browser:

  • Benutzt mehrere Browser
  • Wenig/bis keine Add-ons installieren (Ausnahme Werbeblocker)
  • Keine Eingriffe an about:config/brave://flags vornehmen
  • Verzicht auf Fingerprinting/Ad-Blocking-Testseiten
  • Unter Android Chrome-basierte Browser bevorzugen (Sicherheit)
  • Zeitnah (Sicherheits-)Updates installieren
  • Verzichtet auf die meisten Tipps, die im Internet bezüglich Browser gegeben werden

Etwas ausführlicher? Hier! 👇

yala, avatar

@kuketzblog Warum sollte eins unter Android auf verzichten?

kuketzblog, to firefox German avatar

Ich muss den Artikel über Browser nun doch aufteilen - es wird eine Artikelserie. Teil 1 ist ab sofort verfügbar.

Empfehlungen für Browser, die die Privatsphäre schützen und ein sicheres Surfen im Internet ermöglichen. 👇

bagder, to firefox avatar

I wrote most of the initial #DoH implementation for #Firefox back in the day. Six years ago I explained some of the internals on my blog:

zdl, to firefox avatar

You know, I think I just found the perfect browser plug-in:

cheeaun, to firefox avatar

Interesting, there's experimental local alt text generation in Firefox Nightly

In short: DistilGPT-2 model in Transformers.js, trained on updated Flickr30k dataset with supervised learning.

The copy used is also interesting: "Alt text (alternative text) helps when people can't see the image or when it doesn't load."

#AltText #Firefox

Google's "Manifest V2" Chrome extension phaseout next month is expected to impact the original uBlock Origin extension, which still uses the V2 framework and has 37 million users (

The new MV3 architecture reflects Google’s avowed desire to make browser extensions more performant, private, and secure. But the internet giant’s attempt to do so has been bitterly contested by makers of privacy-protecting and content-blocking extensions, who have argued that the Chocolate Factory’s new software...

ForgottenFlux, to privacyguides in Google's "Manifest V2" Chrome extension phaseout next month is expected to impact the original uBlock Origin extension, which still uses the V2 framework and has 37 million users

Privacy Guides:

We recommend Mullvad Browser if you are focused on strong privacy protections and anti-fingerprinting out of the box, Firefox for casual internet browsers looking for a good alternative to Google Chrome, and Brave if you need Chromium browser compatibility.

tk, to apple avatar

Most Web-savvy folks know that Chrome’s lineage can be traced back to Safari (WebKit, etc.), and be traced further back to KDE’s Konquerer (KHTML, etc.).

But did you know that Apple was also considering Mozilla’s Gecko engine as the basis back when planning development of Safari? KHTML was chosen because the codebase was significantly cleaner than the XPCOM bloat in Gecko. (That name still strikes fear in me to this day. :blobfoxscared: ) Interestingly, the Gecko codebase has been since cleaned up significantly.

That means that, if things had gone differently, Gecko could’ve ended up as the browser engine that rules the world today. :blobfoxgoogly:

#Apple #Safari #Google #Chrome #Mozilla #Firefox #Web #webdev

formidableinc, to random French avatar

Plop. J'ai qq questions :) Merci d'avance

Déjà, OpenPoiMap ne fonctionne pas. Blocage du chargement du contenu mixte actif (http dans https), sous FF.

  1. Je ne sais pas comment faire, mais bypassez vous ce système de sécurité ?

  2. Sinon pour afficher sur une zone certains POIs, comment faites vous ? (via navigateur, et pas en édition).

  3. Pour faire une séance sur le terrain, et régler quelques notes, vous utilisez quoi (android). OsmAnd ? StreetComplete ? Autre ?

mdione, avatar

@formidableinc vraiment bizarre, il marche ici, aussi , unstable.

pointlessone, to chrome avatar

#Chromium (and #Chrome) begins phasing-out Manifest v2.

This means, among other things, that uBlock Origin is about to be disabled in Chrome. Google will choose a different extension to recommend but it can not be as effective as #uBlock Origin.

Following #Google's example, may I instead recommend you switch to #Firefox.

Firefox will continue to support Manifest v2, and consequently uBlock Origin and other extensions that can not be implemented with Manifest v3.

Happy browsing.

scottytrees, avatar

@pointlessone uBlock Lite for manifest v3 is essentially neutering the ad block extension to be as ineffective as possible. The web as we know it currently can be ad-free with uBO, but in v3, you'll "enjoy" seeing advertisements more and more and more because one of Google's first loves is ad revenue money and they can't have that if we keep blocking it.

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