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Why is it so fun to create APIs? Something about it is so oddly satisfying, the image down below is part of my API documentation and its just pure dopamine to look at xD I could do this kind of stuff forever… #api #rustlang #axum #programming #technology #coding #dev #development

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Android 14 has sadly changed that a notification can't be set as non-dismissable:

Changes the way users experience non-dismissable notifications by allowing users to dismiss notifications action even when the Notification.FLAG_ONGOING_EVENT flag is set.
This does not apply when the phone is locked, or if the user selects Clear all.

Another restriction I don't understand from Google :-(

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I’ve been looking for an ngrok alternative for a while now that’s (a) affordable (b) easy to use and (c) works with Kitten¹. Today, after testing a bunch of them again and getting fed up, I found LocalXpose that checks all the boxes.

I signed Small Technology Foundation up as an affiliate so if you use this link to check it out, we’ll get 40% of your $6/mo pro account fee should you subscribe:


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If you use a #lightweight host #OS, you'll be pleased to know that @opensuse Leap #Micro 6 is in its #alpha #dev stage.

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Anyone here and knows some stuff about servers? Question: I want to use a TLD with .test extension (*) as sender address (for testing purpose). Another assumes that every properly configured mail server will refuse emails with this sender. Anyone with opinions about and experiences with that?


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The Time Lords have a special torture chamber on Gallifrey for app developers that write apps, used cross timezones but dont properly store timezone data.

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🦀 Using Axum Framework To Create Rest API

In this series of articles, we are going to build a REST API with the help of Rust programming language and Axum web Framework.

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Awesome jq

A curated list of awesome things built with the JSON processor and turing-complete functional language jq.


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What is your favorite programming language?

#programming #coding #dev

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Hey Game Devs, you know that cool font you've picked for your RPG, how about also adding an accessibility option that uses a standard width sans serif font too, and a slider or something to adjust sizing.

I've lost count of the amount of demos I've downloaded and immediately deleted because the text is unreadable.

Yes the Switch has a built in zoom option, but that's a pain for text heavy games.

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Uma vez eu fiz uma apresentação sobre testes unitários em que ao invés de apresentar a pirâmide de testes eu falei que a gente precisa ir além da tautologia (expliquei também o que é tautologia) de dizer que "teste unitário testa uma unidade de código" e debater o que é, no nosso contexto, uma unidade de código.

Onde termina uma unidade e começa outra?

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#demande #aide

Hello Masto,

N'ayant pas eu beaucoup de retours. Je repost ma demande.
Ptitoursblanc - Help : recherches conseils et/ou guidance ponctuels pour dev WordPress

Voici mon post initial !

Merci à vous !

#wordpress #dev #codage #conseils #openclassroom

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Love #Mastodon and want to see it thrive? Consider donating or becoming a sponsor. Money goes a long way to help the Mastodon team build the features you want.


#Fediverse #Donate #Dev #ActivityPub

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And to top it off, I’m now trying to submit again. I was rejected two times in for “Minimum functionality”, let’s see if adding an interactive widget let’s me get through 🤞

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OK... here is a question ( but other communities are welcome to comment.

When building a decoupled app, do you consider the usage of something like
(not to call the class, but to reference the name as a string and to simply avoid to type it out) as coupling?

IMHO, it is not

  • it is very trivial to replace with its string value if needed
  • it greatly improves DX
  • it greatly reduces errors because of typos

But what do you think ? And why ?

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Coming in the next CleanDoom update: Theme support! All it takes is changing a few colors and the theme editor swaps out all the colors automatically.

I did this in the stupidest way possible: making all my panels white and just changing self_modulate on runtime. It beats fighting with the theme editor IMO.

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Drupal works well for small and simple applications, as well large and compex applications.

opdavies, to drupal avatar

Have you used PHP attributes in Drupal yet? They've started to be available for some plugin types since version 10.2.

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Question to all the devs with families

How do you manage to find time to code your personal projects and read tech literature?

My family is not even that big, but for me it's a constant struggle to reliably find 30-60 minutes a day to do my thing.

Most of the time there are house chores, or some apartment renovation, or my partner needs me to help with something, or it's time to go out, etc etc etc

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A nice visual explanation of map, filter, find, findIndexOf, fill, some, and every stream operators. #dev

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