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A technology enthusiast and privacy, security and FOSS advocate that specialized in DevOps for companies and individuals across North America and Europe. Founder and operator of Adamsdesk.

#BSD #cycling #DOS #fitness #FOSS #GNU #infosec #Lego #linux #MOC #MSDOS #OpenSource #OpSec #OSINT #pinball #privacy #RightToRepair #security #StarTrek #Unix

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uniqx, to foss
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It's pretty unsavory how everybody talks about when it comes to platforms for distributing apps. I guess because of . But it's important to take a step back and appreciate that like many other platforms is not a maket place, it's a .


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@uniqx Well said.

adamsdesk, to random
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Build Your Own World in this week's Follow Friday using free open source software. Show your support by giving contributions, boosts and follows.


  • Plausible Analytics @plausible
    A lightweight privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative.
  • Overte @overte
    Virtual worlds and social VR.
  • Vera @Arcanepad
    A new way of playing apps and video games.
  • BetterDiscord @BetterDiscord
    Enhanced DicordApp functionality.

#FollowFriday #fediverse #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #foss

jbaty, to random
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Rewatched "Police Story" (1985) and was reminded that Jackie Chan could do things with his body that are physically impossible. Also, ouch.

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@jbaty I don't recall this movie. I'll give a watch, thanks.

btp, to random
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It drives me absolutely insane when words are used incorrectly. This also makes me come off as a very unlikable person.

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@GayDeceiver @btp I have the same problem or a video on YouTube with misaligned graphics.

skry, to infosec
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Firefox won’t let me connect to the BLM dot GOV.

“The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.”

User can’t override it because the website requires https but the cert isn’t secure, apparently.

https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/secure-connection-failed-firefox-did-not-connect (find on page “authenticity”)

IDK how I can “contact the website owners to inform them of this problem” if I can’t reach the website, but that’s the only remedy offered.


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@skry The certificate looks valid to me. Verify that your system date and time are correct.

adamsdesk, to Funny
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It's that time of the week for another comic strip on Throwback Thursday.

Kindergarten, circa 2006
by @ChrisPirillo & Brad Fitzpatrick


License: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/

adamsdesk, to linux
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Find Your Disk Drive's Model & Serial Number in Linux

Uncover the tools required to find a storage disk drive model name/number, serial number, firmware version, etc. using a GNU/Linux operating system.


adamsdesk, to fediverse
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Let us celebrate the free open source movement in this week's Follow Friday by giving contributions, boosts and follows.


  • KiCad @kicad
    A electronics design suite.
  • Dasharo @Dasharo
    Crafting a scalable, modular, and easy to combine BIOS firmware.
  • Serpent OS @serpentos
    A cutting edge Linux distribution.
  • Sourceware @sourceware
    A free software hosting project for toolchain and tools.

#FollowFriday #fediverse #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #ff #oss #foss #floss

jtr, to random
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Just discovered my old college stopped offering the technical writing program. I understand where they’re coming from (it was always a hard program to market), but at the same time, it sucks. There’s too little understanding of technical writing, especially during the age of AI.

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@jtr That's really too bad as I feel technical writing is very important more than ever.

martinicat, to random
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continues! 🍸😸

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@adamsdesk@fosstodon.org avatar

@martinicat I just noticed the photo seems to be the 1978 version.

adamsdesk, to Funny
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Throwback Thursday is here, let's give thanks to all those tech support reps with a little humour.

Hey, Stuff This! - Tech Support Representative
by Peter Steinfeld, circa 1995

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@3b7fc823611f1aeaea63ee3bf69b25@mostr.pub A classic 😄 and best represented in the TV series The IT Crowd.


flpdisk, to privacy
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Hi! I've been on mastodon since summer 2023, but this is my brand new account. I'm interested in respecting software, science, and overall community driven spaces. I study , I'm a beginner-level programmer, and would like to start contributing to some projects or sharing my own code. I thought I'd join floss.social to be in a community of like-minded people. I also like . That's all for now. Have a nice day!

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@flpdisk Welcome!

joel, to random
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Here is my

Fetched from https://data.natty.sh/fedi-circles/

There's also , from https://circle.grasserisen.de/

It is interesting to see the slight differences and I wonder how they work exactly


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@joel Happy to be a part of the group ⭕️ 🙂
@amin @sirber @RL_Dane @dm @sass @ifiinlist @jnv @Nujtag

sirber, to Windows11
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I wonder if the Windows 11 LTSC will allow to skip the microsoft account and security requirements...

#Windows11 #ltsc

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@sirber I'm sure it's just another edition with different lipstick. Shift + F10 will be your friend.

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@sirber Yes that is how I do it.

18+ JLW_the_Jobber, to sbc
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I am setting up Newsboat on my headless . Give me all your good feeds.

Currently I have the RSS feeds for @thelinuxEXP & @thelinuxcast

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adamsdesk, to linux
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11 Ways to Check Linux/Unix Operating System Uptime

An all-encompassing overview on how to check a GNU/Linux or Unix operating system's uptime duration since the last boot (power on/restart).


#commandline #linux #archlinux #gnome #tech

evan, to random
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This is cool. New social app, integrated with ActivityPub.


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@evan This seems interesting. Yet I'm not sure this is what people are really wanting in a social network app. I guess it all comes down to how it is implemented. I don't see any open source code 😦.

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@evan Yes that aspect is good.

adamsdesk, to food
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⚠️ Fix Canada's Food System, Call on the Government to:

  • Accelerate transition to a more resilient and sustainable food system
  • Make organic food more accessible, affordable and diversified
  • Support organic and recognize its environmental, economic, social and health benefits
  • Invest in foods Canadians want for them and their families
  • Update policies to incentivize organic production and farmers, and the expansion of organic markets


#food #Canada #petition

garritfra, to Blog German
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Today, my #blog turns five years old! 🥳

To celebrate this special occasion, I prepared something very dear to my heart. :blobcatrainbow:



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@garritfra Congratulations on this milestone! 🎂🎈🥳

jnv, to random French
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This didn’t age well.



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@jnv The author doesn't seem the grasp the subject matter.

adamsdesk, to Bash
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@pcarrier @levi Indeed!

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