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Your boss, manager or client will never ask you to take time to refactor your code. They'll never ask you to set up a test suite for the code you wrote. They'll never ask you to upgrade your framework.

Do these things every day. Make them a part of your process. You don't need permission.

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and , fundamental to and civil liberties, have always been key W3C agenda items.

At the recent @w3c member meeting in Hiroshima 🇯🇵, @simone - new W3C Security Lead - outlined a three-pillar approach to security: developing security standards, verifying those standards, and guiding to create a secure web.

🎬 Watch the video:

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OpenSSF sings a Siren song to steer developers away from buggy FOSS

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Ghost of Tsushima Gave Sucker Punch the Spotlight It Always Deserved

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Ghost of Tsushima Gave Sucker Punch the Spotlight It Always Deserved

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When new junior are hired to maintain my 10 years of , and they’re like: “what is this shit?” and I’m like:

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This workbook takes the code review anxiety intervention that we designed and tested in our empirical research ( & distills it into a self-paced workbook for you. It's designed for you to read & work through as many times as you wish and provides you with the tools you need to mitigate & manage your anxiety about giving or receiving code reviews.



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The current frequency of language usage on the Web (e.g. 52% of websites in English) doesn't reflect the diverse cultural and linguistic needs essential for global access, highlighting the importance of internationalization (i18n).

Fuqiao Xue, @w3c i18n activity lead, gave a comprehensive report of past and future @webi18n work, collaborating with spec and to address gaps, particularly for endangered scripts and .

🎬 Watch the video:

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Funding available for (individual) and projects.

is seeking project proposals between 5.000 and 50.000 euro.

Currently open for proposals:
1️⃣ (electronic payment related)
2️⃣ (mobile software)

Closing date: 1 June 2024

Easy to submit a proposal:

More information:


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Find out how you can help sponsor the Conference. You will help support the that to enhance our

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Marvel Rivals apologises after banning negative reviews


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Manager: Lets teach a non-developer office worker how to push code to git. "It's just clicking a few buttons. I've done it before. It's not that hard."

Me: :excuse_me:

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Web : If you haven't read anything about accessibility then this post of simple (quick and dirty) might be a good start.

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👋 Come work with me at Nesta!

We're looking for a front-end developer to join our small team as we build prototypes / MVPs / and production-ready collective intelligence solutions.

There's lots more information in the job description, and I'll gladly talk to you about the role if you have questions. Reach out!

Apply by 28th May:

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It's time.

Thanks – to the countless software developers and contributors who rarely, or never, receive a personal thank-you.

Some of the most challenging projects can trigger unfairly negative responses, when positive updates are offered. To the few developers who are bold and generous enough to take on these extraordinary challenges: a very special thank-you. You know who you are.

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"What do you think a junior developer reviewing code with two senior #developers looks like?"


#programming #memes

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Believe it or not, but developing good software has nothing to do with the language you use!

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There are several 'Help Wanted' requests from the Mastodon if you are a

*Use /search for search (/search?query=something)
*Move account secrets to a dedicated table (and encrypt it?)
*Add a way for the user to select which languages they understand
*Allow admins to configure instance favicon and logo
*Allow searching for hashtags in admin UI
*Convert Redux state to Typescript .

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Apple gives small developers more ways around its alternative app store tax

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developers, Reminder that there's a SEAT WAITING FOR YOU at Oracle DevLive New York City (May 9). Come hear from Java experts including Georges Saab Chad Arimura Billy Korando & Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro. Register now (it's FREE):


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Reminder: OCaml Modules Twitch stream starting in an hour's time, today, Wednesday, May 1, 2024 1800 IST | 1430 CEST | 1330 GMT @ocaml_org

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