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I like hackspace stuff, STEM education, discrete electronics, microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi, kinetic art, electronic music synthesis

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[Mellow_Labs] has a stream planned for 11:00

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Finally. Finally! A toilet light with star projector.

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@gadgetoid @geekmomprojects @todbot
Might be better if the spinning vortex of stars were projected inside the bowl?

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eniko, to random
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Have they put AI in guns yet

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@eniko @kojack
Technically an Israeli company has already put AI on a gun and which the British are now adopting. This is an aiming system using Machine Learning and not generative AI.


cymplecy, to random
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No visible here in Euxton, Lancashire - cloudy to the North

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bornach, (edited )
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Credit the original artist, David Suter
I remember first seeing this in Time magazine back in the 1980s

Dtl, to random
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Went somewhere dark. No aurora. Bum.

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Too much light pollution near the motorway. I'd have to drive pretty far along B roads to see any aurora.

I'm just gonna wave some purple LED strips about out of envy

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Somehow falls short of curing my FOMO

bornach, to retrocomputing
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This article on floppy disks still in use today features Espen Kraft who has retro synthesizers that rely on them.

bornach, to ikea
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I wonder if you can make this Ikea instrument with a dozen or so wire coat hangers

NanoRaptor, to random
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The one true USB3 connector.

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@colinstu @disser @NanoRaptor
That's how you know it's fake. The USB committee would not have centered the solid bit in the middle of the equilateral triangle so that only 1 out of 6 orientations actually fits

Edit: just checked Alt text. Well played!

bornach, to random
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[denha] has made a new version of his marble catapult

The mechanism is so mesmerizing (requires viewing in slo-mo) I could watch for hours. Makes me want to build my own version so I can finally put to use the bag of tiny springs which my Dad had harvested from various printers and tape players over the years

sheepfilms, to random
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As it's been 20 years since I made the original, I thought I'd recreate my "Monitor Slapping" GIF. Except now I'm slapping myself through time....

A man sitting at a computer, being slapped by a hand coming out of the monitor. He reaches in and slaps a younger version of himself on the other side of the monitor

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@tantramar @johnefrancis @sheepfilms
...of the neutron flow?

Stranger things have happened when interacting with decades old media of yourself

ElleGray, to random
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sneaking into the movies with my outside snacks

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@fullfathomfive @ElleGray
I remember having one of those in the bathroom while growing up

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It was Miss Black with the Lead Pipe in the Conservatory

bornach, to instagramreality
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operational transconductance amplifiers I bought on over 6 years ago. Date code doesn't make sense given that Intersil discontinued the over a decade ago. The real chip should have a diode across pins 4 and 5. Only one chip seems to have it -- but it is reversed. The rest have resistors between pins 1 and 4, and between 4 and 5, consistent with an op amp that provides offset null pins. Pin 8 also seems to be connected. Both 1 and 8 should be NC.

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Someone has decapped one of these fake CA3080 ICs that have been selling on EBay as early as 2011.


The die mask claims to be LM4250. I already destroyed 2 of them trying to guess the pinout, but using the pinout of the LM4250 seems to work with 7 of them. They behave just like a jelly bean op amp.

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I very much doubt they are actually LM4250 ICs given the all too common practice of mislabelling cheap clones of well known op amps. [IMSAI GUY] shows a few of the die masks that have been found inside many of these fake op amps

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At least the single rail circuit works with these counterfeit chips. Maybe I'll turn them all into blinkies and Schmitt triggers.

Fake OTA chip in a solderless breadboard wired up with resistors, a capacitor and a purple LED which blinks about 1-2 times a second when powered by a 9V battery

trevorflowers, to random
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I kind of love the messed up mechanisms spit out by Midjourney.
How many hairsprings and escapement wheels does this thing have?!

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Training data must include watches from Aliexpress

rdearman, to random
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Random Advice: Don't text and drive; focus on the road.

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Need to update the phones in this PSA

CW: depiction of graphic injury and death

Lots more ways nowadays for smartphones to distract drivers that don't involve texting

bornach, to Electronics
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The DC rails on this failed switching power supply from a wall wort AC adapter, were shorted together. It could be one of 4 components: 2 electrolytic capacitors, a surfacemount ceramic capacitor, or a surfacemount Schottky diode. Started desoldering each one and testing for the short. It cleared when the Schottky diode (SK26) was removed

I don't think I have a high current replacement diode in this form factor.

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Desoldered the power MOSFET (N-Channel 2N60F) which still seems to be good. Not quite logic level but I might find a use for it in a project.

One of the surface mount signal transistors might have failed. I won't bother desoldering those as I already have so many.

notenoughtech, to random
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I had a chat with Kevin at . We looked at robots and had a giggle together. Here is a teaser from our talk.
More coming up soon on my YouTube channel

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For a moment there I thought had already happened this year and somehow I hadn't noticed
[NotEnoughTECH] finally released his video

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