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Dad. Writer. Amateur photographer. Dabbler in tabletop game design. Fan of books, tabletop/video games, comics, music and movies. Neutral Good. He/him.
Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Treatball: A Meditation On Entropy, by Radar

robsonfletcher, to microsoft
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@robsonfletcher Sincerely, how helpful will this be to how few people vs how many it’ll rile and turn off?

yogthos, to random
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A fleet of airplanes has been found to have a potential electrical flaw near a fuel tank that aviation regulators fear could cause an explosion.

Boeing 777 liners are at risk of “electrostatic discharge” near its center-wing fuel tank, which could possibly cause it to catch fire and explode, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.


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@yogthos One wonders how long any major plane manufacturer could have made so many planes for so long with so many flaws.

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I’m torn on whether or not it’s a a good thing that to look at me, you wouldn’t know if I’d slept well or had precious little sleep because… oh, I don’t know… let’s say the dog was barking his fool head off at nothing discernible into the wee hours.

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GottaLaff, to Arizona
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Gift link

“Arraignments of & 10 other allies of were underway on Tues in criminal case that charges them with trying to keep Trump in power after he lost pres election.

A total of 50 people — incl Trump — now face charges related to election interference in four states. A number of Trump allies have already pleaded guilty or reached cooperation agreements in cases in Georgia and Michigan.”


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@GottaLaff @lisamelton Long past due that all of these pricks were punished for high crimes.

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My wife, having finally chosen to follow me on Strava: “This is a weird bio pic of you. You look unhappy.”

Me: “That’s because I’m exercising.”

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Radar’s solution to wanting to lie in the sun when we have the curtains drawn to avoid the room heating up too much.

reay, to HashtagGames
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“No Shit"
– Sherlock Holmes

evacide, to random
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When I talk about digital privacy, there is always some smug genius who shrugs and tells me, "Who cares? We all know we don't have any privacy anyway." Nothing could be more wrong. Convincing you that the fight is already over to the way people in power get you to stop resisting.

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@evacide @michellemoldofsky Be curious if those same people would be cool with showering or pooping out in the open or sharing their bank card PIN in their bio info.

Oh, what’s that? Those are private things?

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“This is for eating, yes?”

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fatsam, to random
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Neil Gaiman wrote: "Everything good that happened in my writing career happened because someone, normally another writer, helped me. Suggested me for something, put in a good word, and so on. The idea was always that you help others and they help others in their turn. It's not a win or lose game."

I'm not Gaiman, and probably neither are you (unless you are, in which case hi, Neil.)

But this is true for me and true for most of us.

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@fatsam Just one more reason he’s my favourite writer. 🙂

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I have an old iMac from a friend that had a dead harddrive that I was able to replace pretty cheaply and has worked fine ever since, though it's topped out at an old OS.

I got another iMac from a neighbour suspecting it may be a harddrive issue as well, which could be an easy fix.

BUT, with both of these stopping at much older OS's that don't get updates any longer and won't run more modern programs, the question came up today...


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Is jailbreaking a Mac a thing?

Would there be any upside to doing so? Could a newer OS be installed and used, for instance?

The thinking was if the OS's aren't updated or security patching anyway, there's no difference if we jailbreak the computers and they then don't update or security patch as a result.

But is that even a thing? If so, any drawbacks I'm not seeing to doing this (or more to the point, having someone who knows what they're doing do it)?

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@feld Thanks for that angle to it.

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@dap6000 Thanks for all this.

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@feld That’s rough.

I’m just trying to figure out a workaround for having another Mac that works flawlessly — it’s outlasted a number of Windows laptops we’ve had — but which has of course been designed to be obsolete years ago. I don’t think that first one that was brought back to life with a new harddrive will even run Garage Band, as crazy as that sounds.

Really good computers are still WAY less useful when they can’t run certain remotely recent software.

reay, to HashtagGames
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The Notting Hills Have Eyes

reay, to random
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Your dog loves you so much it’ll even give you kisses RIGHT after it licks its own butthole.

reay, to random
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On the one hand, I don’t get the boycott of Loblaws because groceries being so expensive is a much wider problem than with just Loblaws alone.

On the other hand, for Loblaws to say they’re trying to keep prices down for customers and blame shipping and other issues of their control holds zero water when they netted profits of nearly $500 million this quarter.

You CANNOT be trying to keep prices down while also being a publicly traded company with happy shareholders. Pick a lane, Loblaws.

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On that note, are NGO grocery stores a thing? You’d think it would be a no-brainer to get food to people for not a cent more than the food cost to get and stock.

That would also push the organization to use more local options to keep prices as low as possible instead of, say, shipping in pineapples all year.

stux, to random
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Crossing the Street Shouldn't Be Deadly (but it is)

Crossing the street should be safe, convenient, and easy, but it isn't. And that's because in the US and Canada, the roads are designed for exactly one purpose: to move lots of cars as quickly as possible.


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@stux I had to teach my kid to look both ways before crossing including on one-way streets and when traffic has red lights because of how bad drivers have gotten in Toronto in recent decades.

At risk of sounding 85, back in my day, that didn’t happen. But it legit didn’t. There are more drivers here than ever before, and they’re lazier and more distracted than ever before.
Bad combination.

frauenfelder, to random
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Noem constantly whines about "fake news." Unsurprisingly, as soon as she gets caught writing fake news, she refuses to be held accountable. Perhaps she should stick to recounting stories that she has experience with, like slaying animals that displease her.


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@frauenfelder No Going Back.

… except to take out the ridiculous lies people actually paid attention to and called into question.

THEN, No Going Back.

allenu, to random
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Just saw that the Leafs lost game 7 in OT. lol

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@allenu This is The Way.

StefanThinks, to random
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Look here, it's 20-fucking-24. There is no logical reason your business' online payment system has to charge an additional card processing fee. The internet can't take checks or cash. Get your shit together.

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@StefanThinks @BGMcKay I always balk at being charged an added “convenience fee” for getting tickets online.

Listen: When I could buy tickets from home instead of having to line up somewhere to get them and someone had to process that purchase manually, I got it.
But when it became an automated process, then in some cases buying online became THE ONLY way to get tickets at all, and you’re still charging extra for getting them that way? Then it’s just pure money gouge.

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