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bagder, to random
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“I could rewrite ”

Here's my collection of some less cheerful quotes to keep me firmly grounded. Blogged three years ago today:


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@bagder Well, I mean, this rewrite would probably start with the equivalent of "import curl".

inanedirk, to random German
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Whooo bin ich froh den 6:30-Alarm für heute aus gemacht hab

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@inanedirk Haha, willkommen im Club!

schratze, to random
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It's so weird how many sci-fi stories will have technology that is hundreds, thousands, even ten thousands of years old and still just works, whereas in real life, it is a challenge to find 30+ year old technology that is still in an operable state

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@schratze Akshumally...

If you ignore consumer tech, and look at for example ships, you'll find they remain in active service for decades, and get replaced mostly for reasons other than "stopped working".

One thing I find weird about Star Wars is in fact that they seem to change ship designs so fast. Between the prequels and original trilogy in particular, things shouldn't have changed so much. The empire may have pushed in a particular direction more aggressively, but realistically the...

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@schratze ... rebels should be re-using so much more from republic times than they do, if only for financial and regulatory reasons. Just look at how F-16s are still in use.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@schratze https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Dynamics_F-16_Fighting_Falcon A 45 year old craft that last year was the world's most common plane of its type.

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@hazelnot @schratze Yeah, it does seem weird. They were everywhere in the 80s and 90s media, from Top Gun to flight simulators.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@schratze @hazelnot I agree! The slightly reshaped X-Wings from the newer films make perfect sense to me, for example! But the 20 different variations of TIE-Fighter less so.

The difference between the Fighter, Bomber and Interceptor is reasonably well established, and a newer variation of each seems sensible. But I don't see much of a reason for the huge proliferation.

And don't get me started on imperial shuttles. Yes, the three wings with two folding up is iconic. But shuttles are boring.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@schratze @hazelnot I really don't see how every scene in every film gets a unique design for a boring transport craft for which there is little incentive for innovation. I'm pretty sure the interiors get redesigns every decade or so, and it's fair for a particular villain to order a customized version.

But there are just too many of them.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@schratze @hazelnot I mean... I'm not saying I am right necessarily. It's just something I noticed and found annoying.

jens, to random
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Kids are getting hungry. I denied them sweets, dinner is being prepared. But there's still some broccoli from lunch, do that is what they're sneaking behind my back now.

MissingThePt, to random
@MissingThePt@mastodon.social avatar

Be sure to save all your old posts, your grandchildren will want to read them someday.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@MissingThePt oh no. Nononono.

lanodan, to random
@lanodan@queer.hacktivis.me avatar

Right… dude isn't just a furry fan but also basically a furry. :D
screenshot_mpv:Delicious in Dungeon - S01E20 - DUAL 720p WEB H.264 -NanDesuKa (DSNP)@00:20:09.709.png

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@lanodan well... he also eats monsters.

ernie, to random
@ernie@writing.exchange avatar

I feel like people are so set against Google that they will not even agree that Google has good ideas sometimes.

Dealing with people frothing at the mouth because you dared defend something about AMP, for example, is tiring.

Just admit what it is: like every other big company, a mix of great and questionable.

Meanwhile I'm going to honor good ideas no matter the source.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@ernie Sure, but if you want to pick something decent they did, why choose AMP?

They did some good things, like, uh...


Protobuf, I guess. And err...

ChristophBuck, to random German
@ChristophBuck@mastodon.world avatar

Immer wenn ich mir wie ne komplette Null und Totalversager vorkomme und glaube, dass ich eine einzige Enttäuschung bin

dann denk einfach an Andi Scheuer, Alexander Dobrindt oder Volker Wissing

dann gehts wieder

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@ChristophBuck Dann haben sie ja doch etwas Positives zur Gesellschaft beigetragen.

phryk, to random
@phryk@mastodon.social avatar

Currently porting the TLS clientcert stuff from my old framework to my new site. Together with the (now proven to be time-stable) SHA3 password storage this marks the first time I'm building multi-factor authentication.

And all without annoying one time login tokens coming in through SMS or E-Mail.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@phryk Hopefully not for every request, no, but for every session.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@phryk @Exagone313 TLS restarts the handshake when certs are exchanged under a number of conditions. A timeout, etc. But that's not as often as for every request.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@phryk @Exagone313 Yes, that's the important bit!

dexiheart, to random
@dexiheart@laserdisc.party avatar

shout out to "the new yorker" for asking the right questions :drake_like:

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@zeri @dexiheart Seems like an expensive way to make compost.

SmudgeTheInsultCat, to random
@SmudgeTheInsultCat@mas.to avatar
@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@SmudgeTheInsultCat s/cat/child/

infernusgoatus, to random
@infernusgoatus@kvlt.zone avatar

There's gotta be a word for the dark urge that calls when you write something hideous in the text box but instead of deleting it for everyone's sake, you hit post.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@unlofl @infernusgoatus I'd say it's so closely related, that I'd not go for German, and instead use the English "logorrhea", except you might want to qualify it with "malicious" or "(grossly) negligent".

lzg, to random
@lzg@mastodon.social avatar

every time I try to learn something new the answer lies with the most annoying person in the world talking through it on a 36 minute youtube video. i choose ignorance.

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@lzg You only THINK the answer lies with them. 36 minutes later, you'd have found out that they answered all sorts of stuff you already knew, but didn't answer what you were missing. And raised more questions.

ShredderLivesOn, to random
@ShredderLivesOn@mastodon.scot avatar

I hate to say that I called it. In fact I really wish that I had been wrong, when I've been saying repeatedly that we were getting ready for the return of Section 28 in England. At least an updated version of it for transgender youth.

The UK government has announced that it is banning sex education for kids under 9.


@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@ShredderLivesOn So looking at your timeline, I probably mostly interacted with folk that went through the education system before 2003... but it's staggering how little knowledge about sexual health exists in that population bracket.

To go back to that is a massive step backwards.

garry, to internet
@garry@mstdn.social avatar

Studies Show We Have Better Well-Being With Internet Access

'We’ve been left to think that being on the Internet is a waste of time and not good for us overall. However, results of a recently-published survey shows that we have a better well-being with access to the Internet.'

#internet #health #wellbeing


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@zdl @garry studies show that this is the way.

jens, (edited ) to random
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I like to challenge the inhabitants of this sleepy little village sometimes... today by the contrast in my attire.

platypus, to random
@platypus@glammr.us avatar

Your friendly local metal show going gal has logged on! (Don’t worry, I have a mask and a backup mask for when I get there!)

Selfie, ec

@jens@social.finkhaeuser.de avatar

@platypus Wow... last time I saw BG was before they took a break. Seems like it's time again!

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