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I spent 20+ years on the hedonic treadmill, only to realize it doesn't lead anywhere. Now I'm a metamodern hippe living in the far north with my husband https://unstraight.club/@Nightwolf and our two dogs. My passion project right now is a contemporary urban space opera called "The Psychonaut Chronicles". See pinned threads for more about me and where I live. I alt-text images and expect the same from you.

#scifi #videogames #storytelling #consciousness #metaphysics #popculture #psychedelics #cosmology

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kazarnowicz, (edited ) to random Swedish
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"I think, therefore I am" has aged like milk, and I think this makes Descartes overrated as a philosopher (this being his first principle and all).

As late as last Friday, a group of academics in relevant fields, signed “The New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness", which says pretty much the same thing as the Cambridge declaration from 2012: consciousness is likely possessed my most, if not all, animals.

"I feel, therefore I am" is a statement that would have aged like wine.


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I am also convinced that a lot of the suffering animals and humans (like babies) have endured in the hands of trained doctors can be traced back to Descartes:

The conclusion of “I think, therefore I am" in mainstream practice has been “I think, therefore I can feel pain”.

It's preposterous, really.

kazarnowicz, to random Swedish
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I have no idea what's going on, but today I woke up with eyes and nose gushing as if to challenge Cardi B to write a sequel to WAP. My eyes are puffy, I'm sneezing like crazy and nose is stuffed.

I suspect allergies, but to WHAT? We still have snow, and nothing has started to sprout yet.

Also: allergy medicine barely helps.

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@Krux_22 jag tror du har rätt. Enda som kan vara i närheten. Men vi bor i fjällzon (visserligen nära gränsen till växtzon 8) och varken al eller björk har börjat knoppa än. Möjligen att björkens grenar börjar bli grönbruna. Hur fan kan det vara som mycket pollen?!

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@Eorlingur det har nog varit som vanligt (dvs hyfsat blåsigt). Jag vet att Östersund, och stora delar av Västerbotten haft risk för höga alpollenhalter. Det här är den rimligaste förklaringen.

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@Thoreau I am, thank you! It turned out not to be allergies, but a cold that put me in bed for a few days.

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@Thoreau that would be a horrifying twist, now that we've moved to a place with winter six months of the year.

kazarnowicz, to journalism Swedish
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A memo from the editors of New York Times shows that NYT is heavily biased towards zionism https://theintercept.com/2024/04/15/nyt-israel-gaza-genocide-palestine-coverage/

When researchers in the next civilization are looking at signals that telegraphed the fall of the current civilization, I bet that “the fourth estate being coopted by billionaires to sway the public towards the billionaires' views on policies” will be one of the major signals.

I would be deeply ashamed if I was a journalist working for NYT.

#NewYorkTimes #journalism

kazarnowicz, to random Swedish
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How is Melania OfDonald, you ask?

[…] a friend of Melania’s said she “is leading her own life, and still feels happy being at Mar-a-Lago, surrounded by people who love her and who never talk about reality, or bad things about her husband.”


I too would want to escape reality if I had married Mango Mussolini.

LeoR1010, to random Swedish
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Jaha, jag går väl upp då. Gillar inte att jag vaknar med stress i kroppen. Samtiden, du är så sjuk och människofientlig.

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Vi behöver ett parti som driver frågan om medborgarlön.
1919 kom åtta timmars arbetsdag
1970 kom fyrtiotimmarsvecka

Dags för 30-timmarsvecka och medborgarlön!

(Och slopa moms för matbutiker!)


Thoreau, to random
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I am not crazy. The font has changed, right?

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@Thoreau the font of what? (:

jbzfn, to Cosmology
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🌌 Top Astronomers Gather to Confront Possibility They Were Very Wrong About the Universe | Futurism

「 The team found that one hemisphere actually hosted slightly more of these quasars, suggesting one area of the night sky was more massive than the other, undermining our conception of dark energy, a hypothetical form of energy used to explain why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate 」


@kazarnowicz@unstraight.club avatar


The Guardian had a good write-up about this, and I'm intrigued by two things:
One is the evidence that the universe isn't isotropic (iirc that's a 5 sigma study)

The other is “evidence for cosmic flows – vast celestial rivers of material on a scale that cannot be readily accommodated within conventional theories”



kazarnowicz, to random Swedish
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A Swedish idiom that is hard to translate is "finns det hjärterum, finns det stjärterum”

Literally translated: “exists heart space, exists butt space”

the meaning is: “If you have room in your heart for a person, you'll make physical room for that person too”

Palace, to random Swedish
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Vad har du lärt dig idag?

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@Palace att Webhallen tyvärr blivit ett riktigt skitföretag (vilket också bekräftas av att läsa deras recensioner från senare år).

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@Palace de har satt i system att slippa ta ansvar för garanti. Genom att anlita en tredjepart som du inte kan komma i kontakt med gör de att enda sättet att få rätt som konsument är att gå till ARN.

Det är det ju ingen som gör.

Smidigt att skylla på en tredjepart som man själv anlitat, men det blir tydligt när man läser recensionerna att Webhallen "strömlinjeformat" kundtjänsten för att slippa ta ansvar.

Enshittificated Webhallen, helt enkelt.

Thoreau, to linguistics
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I just ordered the book Xenolinguistics by Douglass Vakoch. I can buy it on Kindle for 27.95, Hardback for 170.00 bucks on sale, or 48.00 in paperback.

Theoretical linguists must be making bank or somebody does not want just anyone reading this book.

Maybe he is teaching a university class with it or something.

Meanwhile, baby girl writer over here just wants to know how to talk to the aliens. 🙋‍♀️🙆‍♀️🤷‍♀️

#scify #linguistics #writing #books

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@Thoreau it looks like a really interesting book. I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, if you care to share them.

18+ Thoreau, to random
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Why is there so much crying and so many feelings in Star Trek Discovery? I am not saying anything bad, I am just saying this might not be my cup of space tea. I like my tea to be piping hot Earl Grey with some scowling, not all luminous tears and space therapy.

Don't tell anybody I got on my cranky Gen X horse. I am not sure I can handle more dramatic sobs and pained looks.

@kazarnowicz@unstraight.club avatar


This conversation really gave me flashbacks to Discovery and not in a good way. Still, I have to say that it's a brilliant prequel that made Star Trek relevant again in an age with a lot of really good sci-fi.

Also: Anson Mount as Captain Pike is my favorite Star Trek captain.


kazarnowicz, to random Swedish
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Jag älskar att det finns en namninsamling för att få Kinberg Batra sparkad. Hennes beteende är ju galet, och urholkar tilltron till demokratin. Vänskapskorruption så öppet måste få konsekvenser.

Om du tycker att Kinberg Batra ska avgå/bli sparkad, så ska du också skriva under här:


Du kan också sprida budskapet. Jag tänker att om de skulle nå en 10 000 underskrifter så skulle det bli nyheter, och så är bollen i rullning.

kazarnowicz, to random
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If you have any doubts that Israel is involved in war crimes, read this report from 972 Magazine (written by Jewish and Palestinian journalists) about ‘Lavender’, the AI that makes kill decisions for the IDF.

One thing is clear and that is that they accept collateral damage of women and children.


kazarnowicz, to random
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Fun fact that gets depressing the more you think about itt: you can check the dates for past solar eclipses by looking at the Google trends for "my eyes hurt"


Richard, to Astronomy
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Doubts Grow About the Biosignature Approach to Alien-Hunting


“New ideas are being explored all the time, and there could be some abiotic mechanism for that phenomenon that just hasn’t been conceived of yet”

@kazarnowicz@unstraight.club avatar


I like Avi Loeb's suggestion to look for hydrofluorocarbons, which would significantly narrow the scope, but since these have no natural source it would be a sign of a civilization.

I have no idea about the practicality of it, but since Loeb is an astronomer I figure it’s not impossible.


Thoreau, to movies
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I am folding laundry watching Ronin (1998) with Robert Deniro, Sean Bean, Jean Reno, Stellan Skarsgaard, Jonathan Pryce and Natascha McElhone in it.

Between Ronin (1998) and Halo (2024) Natascha McElhone looks ageless and stunning. I mean, she could be a clone!

Picture of 54 year old Natascha looking serious in a blazer in Halo.

@kazarnowicz@unstraight.club avatar

@Thoreau a lot could be said about Halo, but I think that the casting was great, especially Halsey/McElhone.

kazarnowicz, (edited ) to scifi Swedish
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If you're in the mood for dystopian sci-fi that is too close to reality for comfort, I recommend “The Implications of a MADCOM World – Three scenarios for the future”.

It was written in 2017, and covers the coming ten years (so <2027). It's interesting to compare to reality, 70% into their predictions.


kazarnowicz, to random
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Sometimes, I’m struck with wonder at things I normally take for granted. Like seeing.

Photons hit flesh which transforms them to electric signals. These signals travel to the brain, which then constructs a mental image of the rich, immersive reality we see. Isn’t that insane?

The light doesn’t reach your brain - so it has literally never experienced light other than through the proxy of electric signals from the eyes, in a language only the two understand, evolved over millennia.

kazarnowicz, (edited )
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This time it also made me wonder if photons hit the retina in a wave or particle pattern. I wonder if this is even possible to find out.

Hold my beer, I’m jumping down this rabbit hole.

Edit: here’s a bunch of good answers https://www.quora.com/Is-a-photon-a-particle-or-a-wave-when-it-hits-my-eye

@kazarnowicz@unstraight.club avatar

@davejackson thanks, I’ll check it out!

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