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kbindependent, to Texas

Supreme Court casts doubt on Florida law regulating social media :

Justices seemed wary of a broad ruling, with Justice Amy Coney Barrett warning of "land mines" she and her colleagues need to avoid in resolving the two cases.
#BrettKavanaugh #contentmoderation #FirstAmendment #FloridaLegislature #GovRonDeSantis #JoeBiden #JohnRoberts #Texas #TikTok #Twitter #USSupremeCourt #X #YouTube


kbindependent, to random

Lionel Messi was at a youth soccer tournament in southwest Florida this weekend, watching his son play. He was trying to be just a normal soccer dad. Of course, there is no such thing as normal when talking about the best player in the world.

Everyone gets mesmerized by his presence.

Even, as it turns out, his Inter Miami teammates.

Consider DeAndre Yedlin, for example. Yedlin is a highly decorated, highly


kbindependent, to iran

Iran, property insurance subjects for Florida special session :

State Rep. Vicki Lopez, who represents Key Biscayne, said she's excited about a proposal to add capacity to the popular but now frozen My Safe Florida Home Program.



kbindependent, to Miami

Hurricane Lee forecast to raise 15 foot waves even though far away :

The National Weather Service said "no direct effects" from Lee are expected in the Miami area, with the system expected to turn northward well before it reaches the Bahamas.


kbindependent, to news

Key Biscayne Independent takes 1st place in journalism contest :

The annual award in the newspaper category was for a series of articles last year about the Key Biscayne municipal elections, the costliest in the island’s history. The stories featured a mix of unprecedented dark money, attack ads, and robust debates about the future direction of the island.


kbindependent, to random

In reversal, Key Biscayne restarts plan to fight sea level rise :

The 6-1 vote – after much consternation in the last two Council meetings – was a victory for Williamson’s administration, which had been lobbying behind the scenes


kbindependent, to apple

70 million have signed up for Threads, a rival to Twitter. What is it? :

“Way beyond our expectations,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on the platform.


kbindependent, to AirBNB

Expert: Airbnb downturn might help South Florida home market :

Local real estate experts say they are certain of one thing: South Florida is going to be fine even if short-term lease owners decide to move on.


kbindependent, to gay

PODCAST: DeSantis laws aim to erase LGBTQ community, advocate says :

“When you hear a person who works in a school, who happens to be a member of the LGBTQ community, not be able to freely say that they are married to somebody of the same sex – that's the erasure,”


kbindependent, to GoldenKnights

Mass shooting thwarted at Stanley Cup's final game :

A police report said the suspect threatened to "shoot up" the hockey game against the Florida Panthers in a massacre that would rival the October 2017 mass shooting on the Strip.


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kbindependent, to random
kbindependent, to random
kbindependent, to random

Tit-for-tat: DeSantis board approves suing Disney in ongoing spat https://kbindependent.org/2023/05/01/tit-for-tat-desantis-board-approves-suing-disney-in-ongoing-spat/

kbindependent, to random

Biscayne Bay report shows no improvement, remains at “tipping point” https://kbindependent.org/2023/04/27/biscayne-bay-report-shows-no-improvement-remains-at-tipping-point/

kbindependent, to random
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