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The top five US states people never want to move away from -- and the ones they always leave

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Texas Republicans push secession referendum, law to block Dems from winning state office

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Holy ****

The #hail in #Texas was so big Tuesday that it required a new description

Forecasters warned of “DVD-size hail” as stones larger than grapefruits bombarded an area near Lubbock.


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Judge Shoots Down Elon Musk's Attempt to Dismiss Defamation Suit From Jewish Student Smeared as a Nazi

#elonmusk #texas

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The Fate of Texas Woman Charged in the Killing of a Black Boy Has Been Decided

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“I have friends in hell. They send me pain-soaked letters every month that feel like a punch to the gut when they land in the mailbox.”

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The battle between Brandon Herrera and Tony Gonzales was a masterclass in mutual mudslinging, but also reveals the limits of the influencer-turned-politician model, at least in this strangely cut swath of the Lone Star State.

From Interim Editor-in-Chief @gusbova:

#politics #USpol #Texas #Republicans #extremism #election2024 #voting #democracy #news

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"'The light pollution from the [Tesla] Gigafactory is freaking nutty.'"

"'I live in a neighborhood very close to it and had to get blackout curtains for my bedroom. On cloudy nights it basically lights up the night sky brighter than a full moon.'"

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"Don't let the doorknob hit you where the good lord split you!"

Texas Independence Referendum Moves One Step Closer

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Both Lauren Ashley Simmons, who trounced four-term incumbent Shawn Thierry, and Molly Cook, who narrowly beat House Representative Jarvis Johnson, drew upon the community they helped organize to turn out votes leading up to yesterday’s runoff election. It paid off.

From Reporting Fellow @josephinelee:

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Severe thunderstorms pummel Texas causing widespread power outages

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440,000 Texans w/out Electricity in 100F Heat and Humidity!

Hundreds of thousands still without power after storms unleash hurricane-force winds

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Texas GOP Discovers Most 'Pro-Life' Position Of All: Execute The Abortion Patients

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The Republican Party's destruction of anti-voucher incumbents is complete. But they fell short of winning their ”prized pelt” in the run-off election, reports Senior Writer Justin Miller:

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Texas Battered Again As Powerful Storm, Strong Winds Kill 1, Cause Widespread Damage

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Texas curriculum overhaul would increase biblical content in elementary schools

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Texas Republicans call for ban on 'abnormal' gay marriage and parenting

#republican #texas

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