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What we have learned: People are always willing to switch one monster to another.

A social app for creatives, Cara grew from 40k to 650k users in a week because artists are fed up with Meta’s AI policies

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💬 #Überwachungskapitalismus kann das!

👉 Die Grünen beklagen gegen­über der @BNetzA unbe­gründete Sperrungen von Accounts bei #Facebook & #Instagram. Das schreibt "The Pioneer"

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Obnoxious 'rich kid of instagram' gets arrested on his father's boat after drunkenly harassing restaurant staff

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Sigh. newest brewery emailed to say they are having an open day, and the details are "on "
Why do companies do this to themselves?!?

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lol #instagram broke web logins. Nothing works on any browser.

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An artist-run, anti-AI social platform called Cara has grown from 40,000 to 650,000 users in just a week, as artists leave Instagram in their thousands to protest against Meta’s AI policies.

Artists aren’t happy that the social media giant is using public posts on its platforms to train its generative AI systems, with no way to opt out for U.S. users. Meta’s loss is Cara’s gain, but such a jump in users hasn’t come without its challenges. @TechCrunch has more.

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Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, plans to use your photos and posts to train its AI products and services. 🤖

Will you opt-out by filling out the form, or delete your content, or are you planning to leave these platforms? 🤔

#meta #ai #Instagram #facebook #privacy #llm #SocialMedia #photos #video


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Vegas Sphere bans man who posted bong hit during Phish show to Instagram

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Was soll ich dazu noch sagen, wollt ihr gratis Arbeiten und verstumpfen dabei? Ich überzeuge fast Niemensch sich von diesem Social-Media zu lösen, evt. hilft das.

»„Meta AI“ Assistent – Training mit deinen Daten:
Der Facebook- und Instagram-Konzern Meta will Daten von Nut­ze­r:in­nen für das Training von KI nutzen. Ein Datenschutzverein legt Beschwerde ein.«


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A report by the New York Times revealed that Israel's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs funded a $2 million covert influence campaign to target U.S. lawmakers and the public during the Gaza conflict.

The campaign, executed by Tel Aviv-based Stoic, a political marketing firm, targeted the American public and members of Congress through hundreds of fake accounts on X, #Facebook, and #Instagram to advocate for continued military funding.

In the process, three fake English-language news sites were set up to support the campaign and bolster support for Israel's actions in #Gaza.

#Politics #Propaganda #SocialMedia
@palestine @israel

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forcing unskippable ads onto timelimes, where as you're scrolling your feed, you encounter ads that freeze your screen until the ad is finished playing

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Living on a cruise ship just became a real option thanks to a new 'residential' cruise line


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Meanwhile, Twitter is just allowing porn everywhere.

Ex-Meta engineer sues company, claiming he was fired over handling of Palestine content

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Meta Platforms withheld information from federal regulators during their original reviews of the Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said. #business #companies #meta #instagram #whatsapp #ftc #socialmedia #facebook

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'Boy Meets World' Actor Trina McGee Is Expecting Baby No. 4 At 54

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Oh, fuck this! Maybe it's time to dust off that Pixelfed account.

Instagram is testing “unskippable” ads that you can’t scroll past

#Instagram #ads #Meta #Tech #SocialMedia

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Pro-Skier and Girlfriend Found in Each Other's Arms After Deadly Mountain Fall

#fall #instagram

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Every so often I’ll log in to my account via the web browser because someone linked me to a Reel or told me they posted something to their story that I ‘must see’.

But today I downloaded all my data from and deleted the account. :pepe_cool:

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Instagram tests forcing users to watch adverts


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Instagram is testing ads that can't be skipped

#instagram #meta

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