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I tweeted on November 2022: What will you do WHEN Twitter turns into a paid social media? People laughed. I wonder if they are laughing now.


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😂 MacRumors: X May Charge New Users a 'Small Fee' to Post, Like and Reply

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Elon Musk plans to charge new X users to enable posting

"Elon Musk is planning to charge new X users a small fee to enable posting on the social network and to curb the bot problem.

In reply to an X account that posted about changes on X’s website, Musk said charging a small fee to new accounts was the “only way” to stop the “onslaught of bots.”"

Yeah... because this will get new users to sign up 🙄😆


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"On 13 April, Iran launched waves of drones, as well as missiles towards Israel ... Within seven hours of Iranian drones being launched towards Israel, 34 false, misleading or AI generated images and videos claiming to show the ongoing conflict received over 37 million views on X (formerly Twitter)."

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Give us a share and come join the chat! The show is LIVE!

ISPs FINALLY need to disclose all costs to consumers. Windows is adding MORE ads to the Start Menu. Adobe's "ethical" AI isn't THAT ethical. Google says goodbye to One VPN, but gives magic editor to ALL phones.
And it seems NO ONE wants Twitter's blue check these days.

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REPLAY CREW! Great chat this morning! Sharing and reviewing on podcast apps ALWAYS appreciated!
ISPs FINALLY need to disclose all costs to consumers. Windows is adding MORE ads to the Start Menu. Adobe's "ethical" AI isn't THAT ethical. Google says goodbye to One VPN, but gives magic editor to ALL phones.
And we should chat about how INSANELY EXPENSIVE AI is...

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Reacher Star Alan Ritchson Goes Off On MAGA Backlash After He Publicly Torched 'Rapist and Con Man' Trump

ZILtoid1991, to twitter

I've locked my account due to the app becoming too unusable as of now, and I had like zero reach. While I might use it from time to time, I don't think I'll be using it active there anymore.

I'll be posting my work here, also follow my game engine's account at @PixelPerfectEngine for my work related to that.

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👋 bye-bye #x!

ZILtoid1991, to twitter

Deleted the app from my phone, now not only it's overran by (actual real life) CSEM, but also they made the reporting of it way more complicated. I'm not risking a meeting with the police (nor my mental health) for a failing social media owned by a cryptofascist, who still being seen as the "savior of humanity".

I guess the word "cis" is way more offensive than CSEM for some, especially if they were buddies with Epstein.

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Now locks you out of your account for 12 hours if you forget your password, try to log in more than about three times, successfully reset your password on the Android app, logging in with two factor authentication, but then want to log in on any other device. You can't. You're screwed. Everywhere else will tell you your login attempt is "suspicious". Yeah it's f***ing suspicious I have both a phone and a computer, Elon, no one has that.

Absolute trash.

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A very special today as @javawithjiva stops by to chat with @jay & I about , , empathy for billionaires, , and what happens when you s/twitter/x/g your entire goddamn website.

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is officially dead!
This insanse amount of disinformation about vs. is also a result of the way decided to position the former breaking-news platform.
All these bots trying to farm revenue killed the very core of it.

It's over and as long as you keep on posting there you support the (by far) biggest disinformation/hate channel that ever existed online!

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Meanwhile over on

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Today is another reason why I'm glad I'm not on anymore

o_simardcasanova, to twitter French avatar

I just deactivated, probably for good, my French-speaking account.

I’m ready to build the next phase of my online activity on , and .


RitaWerner, to twitter German avatar


Und hiermit gratuliere ich nochmals allen reichweitenstarken, linksliberalen Account mit politischen Inhalten zum Verbleib auf X.

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Ugh, Journalists whining about how shit Twitter is for doing anything these days.....why are you all surprised?
You can't be good journalists if you didn't see all this coming the moment he took over, we could.

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We've created another image for our campaign.

Share it where you can to help make more use of the 🌻 and say goodbye to #X / - just like many others already did.

And feel free to sign it yourself, if you haven't already done so

🐘 🐘 🐘

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Wybaczcie, że , ale nie znalazłem nigdzie indziej. Chłopaczek 16 lat, a licencję na 500cc zrobił miesiąc temu 🤯 w końcu żużel!

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#ElonMusk #Twitter #AI

I have died. I am deceased. Please bury me in the azaleas

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Ao Vivo agora no #uol. Acabei de ver que está rolando uma entrevista do Felipe Neto e resolvi assistir do início.
#MidiasSociais #YouTube #Brasil #Twitter

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