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The protest has no issues with taking while they ignore taking.
You can identify the sympathy terrorists because their feed is void of any mention of hostages after 6 months of hostage negotiation.
I'm sure no one would notice if the started taking hostages while sending Christian martyrs to . 🙄
Very .


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ATACMS are Ripping Apart Russian Forces

The helicopter crash site of 's President has been found and there were no survivors.

Given Russia's attempt to exploit the West's rule of not using Western weapons on Russian territory, there might soon be a policy change given Russia's tactics in .

🇺🇸 🇺🇦
Jake Broe is a US Air Force veteran covering 's war in several times a week since February 2022.

Presiden Iran Tewas, Israel Bantah Terlibat - ( Indonesian

Presiden Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, tewas pada kecelakaan helikopter Minggu (19/5) lalu. Ditunding jadi dalangnya, Israel bantah keterlibatan. Presiden Republik Islam Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, tewas pada kecelakaan helikopter yang terjadi pada hari Minggu (19/5) lalu. Helikopter yang ditumpangi Presiden Raisi, Menteri Luar Negeri Hossein...

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Philip Oldfield: Hooba Design in Iran are doing some of the best urban infill architecture I know of - a thread🧵

Architecture that celebrates shade, materials and craft

This is Sharif Office Building in Tehran @iran

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New artwork from Charlie Hebdo: "God exists, he gets rid of the Mullahs"

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Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh met in Tehran with Iran's leader Ali Khamenei and Iran's interim president Mohammad Mokhber

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If you support #Palestine, you also must support #Iran.

Choose wisely.



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Trauerfeierlichkeiten für Irans Präsidenten Raisi in Teheran

Nach dem tödlichen Hubschrauberabsturz von Präsident Raisi und Außenminister Amirabdollahian laufen die Trauerfeierlichkeiten in Teheran. Zum Begräbnis kamen hochrangige Vertreter mehrerer Länder - unter anderem aus Pakistan, Afghanistan und China.


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The death in a helicopter crash of President Ebrahim Raisi, seen as a possible successor to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has reshuffled the cards in the succession process, with the Iranian No. 1's, son Mojtaba emerging as a top contender.

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Some media apparently reported that the Iranian presidential helicopter that crashed had one passenger onboard, by name of Kruchev. Neither Russian nor mainstream Iranian media mentioned that, but it is also reported that Kruchev might have been involved in Iran’s covert nuclear program.


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[The New Yorker]: What Raisi’s Death Means for the Future of Iran
For a country facing deep challenges, and with an aging Supreme Leader, the President’s demise has spawned an existential question: Who can sustain the revolution? By Robin Wright

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Thousands of Iranians turned out to mourn President Ebrahim Raisi in the city of Tabriz on Tuesday, after he was killed in a helicopter crash near the Azerbaijan border at the weekend.

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condemns targetting of members of assn & sentencing of defenders Soma Pourmohammadi, Serveh Pourmohammadi, Seivan Ebrahimi & Edris Menbari, as it believes it is in of their peaceful & legitimate human rights work in .

On 13 May 2024, Soma Pourmohammadi appealed a 10 yr prison sentence issued by Branch 1 of on 16 April & announced to the defender on 21 April 2024.

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Members of #Canadian #parliament heard #testimony Tuesday from #Iranian human rights #advocates, #dissidents, #victims and an #exiled artist on the brutality of the #IslamicRepublic, and called on Ottawa to take more action.

#HumanRights advocate and founder of #StopChildExecution Nazanin Afshin-Jam told the House of Commons Subcommittee on Human Rights that #Iran is "waging a war on #women and #girls."

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His death in a helicopter crash has opened the race to succeed Khamenei. There is speculation that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps may gain more influence.

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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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Quel après Raïssi ? | L'Essentiel du Dessous des |

Les cérémonies pour les funérailles du président iranien Ebrahim , mort dans un crash d’hélicoptère, ont débuté ce mardi 21 mai 2024. L’occasion de dresser un état des lieux de l’Iran, pays clef du -Orient : crise économique, répression du mouvement Femme Vie Liberté, et rôle majeur dans les conflits régionaux.…

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One of interim Iranian President Mohammad first phone calls since ascending to the position was with the

In October 2022, Mokhaber went to to sell and to , reported Reuters.

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>> correlation 👀

  1. ’s visit

  2. Timing of helicopter crash

  3. 1st call since becoming 's prez was with (via @timkmak)

  4. Raisi's helicopter had a passenger (via @kravietz) ➡️

  5. orders search for ’s helicopter (

WHY Putin met with TOP defense & security before ordering a "rescue" mission?

Suddenly there're lots of dots to connect in what seems highly implausible as coincidence


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