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I make small things.

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aral, to Israel
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“Israel is killing people based on being in the same Whatsapp group as a suspected militant. Where are they getting this data? Is WhatsApp sharing it?”


I feel we have to make this relevant to USians given how low the exchange rate of Palestinian lives to the US Dollar is: Think of it this way, this probably means your credit score is also affected by the people in your WhatsApp groups.

(So, do we finally have your attention?)🤞

blogdiva, to random
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BUENOS DÍAS and a little reminder to the folk who like me are undergoing #chemo or #radiation for #cancer : don't sleep on banana smoothies.

i use goat milk because it’s less allergenic and still has a nice amount of protein, calcium and fats. if you are vegan, oatmilk with some added pea protein should be good too.

i like to go the Puerto Rican way and sprinkle mine with a bit of cinnamon. i’ve also make with grated ginger and a bit of turmeric to settle my chemo tumny.

also #fuckCancer

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@blogdiva indeed. Sending you lots and lots of love + keeping my fingers crossed for a quick and total recovery.


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@blogdiva Yay :) So happy to hear it. 🤗

jbiserkov, to random
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I wanted to block just @ThinkIsrael but given the recent Threads thing, the first action under the cursor (block domain mastodon.social) seems more and more reasonable...

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@jbiserkov The problem is, given how large mastodon.social is, the net effect might be to block yourself.

YakyuNightOwl, to random
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Firing a bunch of Google employees from the No Tech for Apartheid campaign, and slipping through a brand new terms of service into Gmail boxes all in the span of how many hours?

We see you.

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@YakyuNightOwl I’d have expected better from a trillion-dollar surveillance capitalist.

tri_becca90, to random
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I just want to tell all Googlers and ex-Googlers affected by this that you can fight Google, and you can win.

Google should have no business in war and no business in death.


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@tri_becca90 @Ooze Yep, it should stick to farming people for data which is its original business.

coderbyheart, to random
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Very nice to learn that has now support for fetch: https://github.com/nock/nock?tab=readme-ov-file#nock

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@coderbyheart Ooh, this looks useful. Thanks for sharing :)

kissane, to random
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A few weeks back I encountered a FOSS guy here explaining that when he sees open source devs ask for money, he blocks them and then stops using their code because they're morally wrong and he only wants to work with tools made by people who are doing the work for the right reasons. (I'm paraphrasing to avoid indexing the post.)

I've resisted writing about it because I'm slammed, but the question I can't shake is: Who benefits from the ideology of "pure" volunteerism?

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@kissane So basically what he’s saying is folks making “open source” should be working at Big Corp during the day or be independently wealthy. And screw those of us actually trying to contribute to the commons. I guess we can just die.

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lilithsaintcrow, to random
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"Our online spaces are not ecosystems, though tech firms love that word. They’re plantations; highly concentrated and controlled environments, closer kin to the industrial farming of the cattle feedlot or battery chicken farms that madden the creatures trapped within." https://www.noemamag.com/we-need-to-rewild-the-internet/

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@lilithsaintcrow @laguiri Well, some of us are trying and it would be amazing if folks actually funded us so we could continue to exist and do our work.




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LandSurveyerK, to tesla
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@LandSurveyerK Merit innit?

array, to random
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This morning I received a call to have a job interview this evening, dev position, in a big enterprise ("big" according to my humble standards; ~200 people in the IT department I've been told, a noticeable change from being just 2 developers in my former job). Stakes are high and probabilities are low, but having another chance when everything seems to be going south is nice. :)

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@array 🤞

@aral@mastodon.ar.al avatar

@array Sounds like a plan :) Good luck! 💕

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@array Well let me know how it goes and also if there’s anything I can boost on here to help spread the word :)

aral, to random
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If you’re working on Kitten¹ from source, please clone a fresh copy.

I just rewrote history to reduce the repository size (correctly this time, including all references from branches, tags, etc.).

The good news is that – contrary to what the Codeberg interface is currently showing the size to be (176MB) – the repository is only about 5MB now so it should only take a couple of seconds to clone.

Related issue: https://codeberg.org/Codeberg-e.V./requests/issues/182

:kitten: 💕

¹ https://codeberg.org/kitten/app

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(If you’re wondering why the repository was 176MB to begin with, it’s because I was initially deploying from the /dist folder in the repository. But since then I created a special deployment site for Kitten and now Kittens come from, well, where else but https://kittens.small-web.org.)

:kitten: 💕

PS. It takes me ~3.5 seconds to build and deploy a new version of Kitten so its common for there to be multiple new versions in a day. Run kitten update to get the latest.

EU_Commission, to random
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We’re digitising your lives with things like the EU Digital Identity Wallet for safe online ID checks and doc shares.

The #EUDigitalIdentity Wallet will allow users to easily obtain, store and share important digital documents, while electronically signing or sealing them for added convenience.

With this tool, control over shared data and access permissions are guaranteed for maximum privacy and security.

📍 It will be a voluntary service available to all who choose to use it.


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@EU_Commission What’s the law that states that if someone flaunts “maximum privacy and security”, the system will likely have neither?

thomasfuchs, to random
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People, always: Mozilla, please just make a web browser

Mozilla, 2014: here’s a phone!
Mozilla, 2018: all in on VR!
Mozilla, 2022: let’s do crypto!
Mozilla, 2024: hurrah AI!

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@thomasfuchs @Rachel_Thorn I’ll just tell you what their head of public policy once told me: “We’re just another Silicon Valley tech company… I don’t know why you’re holding us to such a higher standard.”

fedora, to fedora
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Here's a neat exploration of the curb cut effect for accessibility in @gnome - using accessibility tools to aid in testing automation! Has pros and cons identified in the article, but interesting nonetheless.

➡️ https://fedoramagazine.org/automation-through-accessibility/

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@jwf @fedora @chernosktrainstation @gnome Any. They all come with Wayland by default. And Orca is broken on Wayland.

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@jwf @fedora @chernosktrainstation @gnome Thank you. There’s is work underway in GNOME currently that will hopefully eventually fix this. But hopefully there will be an internal review and a policy enacted so that whatever resulted in the decision to ship Fedora with Wayland by default with a broken screen reader can be avoided in the future. Appreciate your help :)

aral, to SmallWeb
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Coming soon: it’s going to be trivial to deploy a different app on your Small Web server. Useful if you’re a dev and you’re playing around with different apps.


(Also, notice the speed at which deployment happens. I’m one step away from implementing this in Domain using pre-warmed Kitten instances – called toasty kittens – thereby bringing the time it takes to deploy your own Small Web place down to a handful of seconds.)

:kitten: 💕

#Kitten #SmallWeb #deployment

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It now takes ~10 seconds to set up your own Small Web¹ place using Domain².

This was closer to one-minute last week.

Been working towards this for six years… That’s ~10 seconds to get up and running with your own Small Web place at your own VPS server and at your own domain name.

Can owning your own place on the Web be as simple as setting up a Facebook account? Yes. Likely simpler. And this brings us one step closer to that goal.


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CC @karlfilip It took six years but we’re getting there… remember when the folks running the .gent TLD told us it was impossible?


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Haha, forgot the footnotes, sorry:

¹ Small Web: https://ar.al/2020/08/07/what-is-the-small-web/

(Also see latest updates on: https://ar.al/)

² Domain: https://codeberg.org/domain/app

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@hcv13 Thank you :) Here’s hoping! 🤞


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