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Pirate Politician, Software Developer, MA Musicology (he/him)

Culture, Math, Sociology, Philosophy, Music, Demoscene, Games, #NAFO, Writing, Disc Golf, Skateboarding.

Not here for snarky comebacks. A slur is not an argument.

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raph, to Israel
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Once again, the issue is portrayed as a bunch of extremists who took over Israel. This is not untrue, but it hides the fact that before these extremists were anywhere near power, Israel was already systematically dispossessing, colonizing, and brutalizing Palestinians.

Every Israeli I know hates Netanyahu, Israel's messianic far right, settlements, and settlers. And I mean HATES them.

But Israeli society is still overwhelmingly supportive of the war.


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@MisuseCase @raph I wrote a piece about this in response to the article by Yuval Noah Harari

Israeli intelligentsia continue to look in the past for more moderate Zionism, as if trying to wishing for those moderate times would bring them back.

But more than a generation has grown up in conditions rewarding collective punishment and devaluing of Palestinian lives, making money on weapons research in the territories, stealing water, the list goes on..


jensorensen, to LGBTQ
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Latest comic: The Great Regression

#cartoon #comic #fascism #race #abortion #lgbtq #democracy #uspol

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@jensorensen This is actually not surprising. Any action prompts a reaction. That's how human psychology and societies actually work!

That's why you need to be prepared for winning:

Instead of letting go and relaxing that things are finally the way you wanted them, you need to brace for the incoming hailstorm of arrows from those who only now realised they didn't want you to succeed.

gimulnautti, to random Finnish
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"Israel's fallacy of militant nationalism without the thugs"

New piece on making sense on the mixed messages we keep getting from Israel, Gaza and Zionism.

It is the fallacy of highly educated people like Yuval Noah Harari I like to point out here.

We liberals are far too trusting. We keep making excuses for the conservatives, because we'd prefer them not to be be real.

#IsraelHamaswar #Gaza #FreePalestine #cognitivepsychology #politicalneurophysiology



ayoub, to random
@ayoub@spore.social avatar

The Telegraph headline on Palestinian refugees is in essence identical to how rightwing British tabloids wrote about Jewish refugees when Britain denied them safe refuge during the Holocaust.

These institutions are dedicated to White supremacy at all costs. They view us as disposable nonhumans.

Any PoC and/or Jew who thinks these people are on their side is wrong. They may temporarily pretend to not hate Jews or Ukrainians or whoever but that’s all it is: temporary.

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@Npars01 @ayoub Weapons manufacturers at least. Testing new weapons systems on Palestinians has long been a source of Israeli wealth.

"Combat-proven weapons" are a major Israeli export.

Today, we have #AI #weapons integrations as the primary export being researched in Gaza.

gimulnautti, to random
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If you were looking for a ”both sides” argument on the , this is it.

Yuval Noah Harari asks, if Netanyahu and his goons will destroy the kind of he believes still exists for good.

I think the important message in these times of war, is that the worst killers and committers of masscres always believe the hardest they are the good guys.

Only those who stop to think ”could we be the bad guys here?” are capable of stopping.


gimulnautti, to Russia
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

”Americans cling to race, as the unschooled cling to superstition”
-Neil Irwing Painter, Historian

This seems to be the stumbling block, where many American leftists lose the plot on , & .

They can’t wrap their head around the fact that Russia was, and still is, a colonial empire. Because the tribes, peoples and civilisations they enslaved and russianised, all had white skin.


dangillmor, to random
@dangillmor@mastodon.social avatar

As CNN documents, it was outsiders who caused the violence at UCLA, not the students. And it's vital to keep in mind that the police "stood by for hours" -- watching (obviously indifferent if not pleased) as the outsiders beat up protestors and journalists -- and thereby became collaborators with the violent intruders into a peaceful protest.


@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@dangillmor Age-old tactic to defeat peace movements: Smuggle in some instigators on the last moment, then arrest the entire bunch for violence.

It often works to just send in some thugs who are counter-protesting. Cops will often fall back on arresting also the people who defend against them.

ARoivainen, to random Finnish
@ARoivainen@mastodontti.fi avatar

Ruotsin pääministerillä selittämistä, jos ja kun jatkaa yhteistyötä puolueen kanssa, jonka toimintatapa on selkeän demokratiavastainen ja kyyninen. Orpokin voisi vähän pohtia.

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@ARoivainen @artomelaranta ”takavarikoidaan ja revitään maan tasalle moskeijat, jotka…” noniin.. taas mennään.

EU_Commission, to Bulgaria
@EU_Commission@social.network.europa.eu avatar

We've opened formal proceedings against Meta regarding the protection of minors on Facebook and Instagram.

The systems of both platforms, including their algorithms, may stimulate behavioural addictions in children, as well as create so-called 'rabbit-hole effects’.

More: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_24_2664

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@EU_Commission Great news!

But please mandate social media to use STRONG AGE VERIFICATION.

Currently they avoid knowing anyone’s true age like the plague. Why? Because that’s the loophole they’ll use to avoid being legally responsible!

doctorambient, to ai
@doctorambient@mastodon.social avatar

"The biggest question raised by a future populated by unexceptional A.I., however, is existential. Should we as a society be investing tens of billions of dollars, our precious electricity that could be used toward moving away from fossil fuels, and a generation of the brightest math and science minds on incremental improvements in mediocre email writing?" (From an NYT article. See original thread.)

@peter https://thepit.social/@peter/112445916259675495

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@doctorambient @peter Where OpenAI is going to make most money from though, is generating endless porn.

The training dataset is huge, the demand is huge.

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar
MarvinTheMartian, to Russia
@MarvinTheMartian@mstdn.social avatar

Russian Losses SPIKE After Offensive in Kharkiv
by #JakeBroe

Russian Defense Minister Sergei #Shoigu has finally been fired by #Putin and replaced by Andrey #Belousov.

After the first week of Russia's new offensive into the #Kharkiv region, Russia's casualty rate has been astronomical after fierce fighting.

🇺🇸 🇺🇦
Jake Broe is a US Air Force veteran covering #Russia 's war in #Ukraine several times a week since February 2022.



@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@MarvinTheMartian Ruskij TV reality.

Full-on fascist propaganda.

Doesn’t get much more full-on than this.


gimulnautti, to Slovakia
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

Oh my. As much as I don’t agree with mr. Fico’s pro-Russian politics, I definitely wouldn’t want to give him any extra sympathies.

Which is sure to happen, because I hope he survives the attempt on his life.

This is also perfect for radicalising the far right among his supporters. Show them a threat and they’ll organise street patrols ”to keep the peace”.

It’s the perfect storm, really. Really wish this didn’t happen!


@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@wscottwatson Nope. Me neither. But out of respect for the man fighting for his life, without evidence it’s too much my morals to pull at this point.

Definitely to be expected though, is (more) cash flow to far-right and pro-russia blocks, perhaps even militias in Slovakia.

Perfect storm for Russia to stick it’s fingers in.

jbzfn, to ai
@jbzfn@mastodon.social avatar

:cwy: I thought Google deepfaked Weird Al, but the truth turned out to be far more disturbing.

"Rebillet has over 2 million followers on both YouTube and TikTok, where he’s best known for his viral “Night Time Bitch” sound clip and songs in which he screams at people to get out of bed while wearing a bathrobe."


#googleio #ai #genai

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@jbzfn Rebillet rocks

gimulnautti, to random Finnish
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

This week I've definitely felt angry about the feeling of "nobody reads my shit anymore".

It's probably just a feeling, but it feels like I used to have reach, especially when discussing academic topics, that is now long gone.

Feels like but of course it could just be that I was talking about more engaging topics back then.

Why if nobody reads it? Definitely wondering about that.

AccordionGuy, to ai
@AccordionGuy@mastodon.cloud avatar

Do you REALLY want to get a feel for how GPT-4o does what it does? Just complete this poem — by doing so, you’ll have performed a computation similar to the one it does when you feed it a text-plus-image prompt.


@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@AccordionGuy No. You haven’t.

The computation you perform is embedded with a billion years of evolution of pack animals, three brain layers mixing complex survival instincts and the capacity for cultural evolution.

Your process includes responsibility and most importantly, a grasp for societal consequences. Nothing even close to this happens for ’s.

I understand you wish to make it simple and help people. But machine and human computation aren’t the same.

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@AccordionGuy Yes, I worry about the same.

Some days, as I listen to techno-optimists, long-termists and libertarians, I wonder if underneath it all they really are trying to build a god for themselves to worship..

But then I’m quickly pulled back to the industrial revolution, when automation permanently changed the livelihoods of generations of people, and it took almost a hundred years for living standards to recover.

And, to the level of sociopathy needed to pull that off..

charlienorth, to ai
@charlienorth@mastodon.social avatar

Not sure how I feel about the whole and in music situation.

Why make machines that do the things we enjoy? Why not make machines that clean the toilets at music festivals? I’m guessing most people wouldn’t be hugely disappointed if the job disappeared to !

Anyway, if in doubt play the piano. 🎹


@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@charlienorth @jneno I second that.

And it would be okay if the people who provided the the training data got a cut.

It would be technically possible. Not 100% accuracy, but with enough accuracy to make a difference.

It’s easy to think from the top of the foodchain that industrial revolution was wonderful.

But it wasn’t for the people who lived it.

Four generations of folks had to endure severely decraded living standards before it got better..

Morally ok?

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@charlienorth @jneno My choice has been to be political about it.

Not really any other choice.

As a consumer I cannot make much difference, because the platforms themselves shape my possibilities to make choices.

gimulnautti, to ai
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

When a bot speaks, the screen needs to display ”AI GENERATED”.

At all times.

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@DeltaWye Mandatory

w7voa, to random
@w7voa@journa.host avatar

Another major X-class solar flare observed. https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/communities/radio-communications

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@w7voa no aurora from this perhaps, it’s pointing perpendicular to earth..

Maybe some magnetic anomaly could of course curve it strongly, but we’ll see..

evacide, to random
@evacide@hachyderm.io avatar

If you own a Tesla, your car is covered in cameras that take images reviewed by Tesla employees, who share them with each other, joke about them, and make them into memes.


@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@evacide Hello European Comission @EU_Commission

It would seem that Tesla’s cavalier handling of sensitive customer data breaches the EU Data Governance Act of 11th January 2024.

EU law should protect consumers from having their personal data violated in the way revealed by Reuters article in the topic’s post.

When are you going to sue for misconduct?

gimulnautti, to Russia
@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

#Russia is now at peak #military-industrial capacity, practically zero unemployment, pay hikes because not enough labour force to man the weapons factories. 35% of government spending go to military. 7.1% of GDP. All of it to go up in smoke in #Ukraine

However, if we look at the numbers, this output only matches current EU military spending. Countries which are on avg spending less than 2% on it currently.

Tell me again how Ukraine supported only by Europe can’t possibly win?

#NAFO #economy

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@fnord99 Of course you do.

My sources for the 18 months are credible as economists working for major banks.

Also I live next door to Russia, whereas you have the tone of approaching the war in Ukraine as if it was some internal US politics issue, confident that you know more about it than the whole of eastern Europe does.

Russia is working the ropes all the time. And they don’t need propaganda to win.

All they seem need is: ”it’ll cost too much” to win US hearts & minds.

@gimulnautti@mastodon.green avatar

@fnord99 And let me tell you something about #NAFO

As much as it’s fun bonkin’ Russia’s overt propaganda, a lot of us are from Eastern Europe and know how Russia operates.

First of all, it’s really good. It just leaves a trail of clumsy propaganda to hide it’s subtle and successfull efforts.

So we do the same, we hide under the cover of cartoon dogs to hide our intimate knowledge.

You are just one of many in this current wave, extolling Russia’s great industrial capacity.

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