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Keelah Se'lai.

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I still eat chocolate. And cheese... And ice cream. I live alone so the only person who suffers is me. 😹

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As a woman in her 30s, I'm partial to glitter and stickers. But I also like swords, knives and axes...

Guys, buy your woman a sword!

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I don't actually have glitter in the house, I also own a 4 year old. So that is just a recipe for hell. But I still find it places. So I agree. It's a pain in the ass, but it's nice to look at. XD

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Buy women pretty blades as gifts, then we can take down the patriarchy.

I mean... Then we can cut the sandwiches very smoothly...

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As some who has had 20+ piercings over the years and who knows people who have piercings. Generally we don't get them because we think other people will find them attractive, we get them because we think they look good. I'm down to 4 piercings now because of things like jobs, but I do miss them.

Everyone's tastes are different, while I think piercings look cool. I don't think everyone suits them. An eyebrow piercing can look awesome on one person, and awful on another.
And some people flat out dislike them. That's fine. So long as people aren't shoving their opinions down people's throats and trying to force them to change, differing opinions are a good thing. The world would be very boring if we were all the same.

I'm the nerd with tattoos, dyed hair and piercings. A lot of people make shitty comments and I also get a lot of compliments. I don't see the need people have to go up to and say or shout across the street a shitty comment at someone. Their choice in clothing/ piercings/ body art doesn't affect your life. Move on. If someone thinks I look awful, that's fine, that's their view, I'm good with that. But outright going out of your way to voice your shitty comment to someone, that's not cool.

My point is, your opinion is fine. But if you then attack someone because of that opinion, that's not okay.

Why are people so antsy to see others in person?

I WFH, every year one of the goals that the rest of the team decides is that it’s “so great” to see each other in person. The past few years haven’t worked out but one did. I spent hours in a couple of airports, the huge expense for the company, I spent days away from my family, and for what? So you could look me in my...

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I've worked retail, office jobs, call center jobs and warehouse jobs. I made an office 'friend' in two of those jobs. One who id grab drinks with outside of work and another who id chat to via text occasionally. But as our jobs changed and lives moved on. So did we.

I don't feel the need to be forced into social situations, people are tiring and there's better things I could spend my time on that being shoved into a room with co-works who I have no interest in talking to and have no interest in talking to me.

Both my best friends are long distance friends. I've known one for 13 years, we've met up once. And one for 9 years who I've never met in person. And they're the best friends I've ever had. If they have issues, I'm right there via text or call to help. Same if I have issues. We send eachother gifts for birthdays/ Christmas, or just because. The 9 year friend and I do a book trade and recommend eachother things we think the other would like (not just book recommendations).

My partner and I have been together for almost 2 years now, we live in different countries. And it's honestly the best relationship I've ever had. Not because of the distance, we visit eachother multiple times a year. But the distance also isn't an issue.

So long distance friendships/ relationships can work.

Just because some people need that face to face interaction, doesn't mean everyone else does. Especially when it's forced by a workplace. If it was to meet up with a friend, I'm sure it would be more welcomed. But being made to meet up with co-workers who aren't friends/ close with, that sounds miserable. Being made to do something you don't want to do/ aren't interested in is never fun. Ever try get a teenager to clean their room? Often not very high on their list because it's something they don't want to do. The same can be said for social events with co-workers for a lot of people.

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I wanted something that was limited edition. Like the consoles.
So I have the limited edition animal crossing switch and the legend of Zelda Gameboy advance SP.
I also have numerous collectors editions of games.

Also, anime/ gaming figures. Have numerous shelves filled with them now, it's really cool to see every day in my living room.

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I seriously hope you're joking around.

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Do you just assume autistic cause people are weird?

Not every autistic person is bad at social. And as an actual autistic person who wouldn't dream of acting like that, I take offense to people dubbing everything they find odd or socially unacceptable as autism.

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Yes, I'm well aware of that. I went through the whole diagnosis process.

But, it's not always a symptom. You don't have to tick every box in the symptom list. Some autistic people have that symptom, some don't. None autistic people can have social issues too, it gets kinda tiring seeing every social issue being labelled as autism.

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Oh, okay then. Sorry for getting defensive, I just see this kind of thing a lot. And I know that people are quick to label social difficulties as autism, so it gets kinda of tiring that people generally label everything out of the ordinary as being autism.

Question, if you don't mind.
Does not being able to interpret others emotions make you anxious or avoid talking to people?
I'm oddly hypersensitive to others emotions, which can be pretty tiring in itself actually. So I'm curious how it affects someone who isn't.

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I was using odd as a catchall term, plus I was tired and couldn't think of better phrasing. And I was using it to try and question why is it generally a common thing to label something as autism just because it isn't a socially 'acceptable' response.

Non autistic people can be just as socially inept. And not every autistic person is socially inept. So it's just tedious seeing a lot of stuff labelled as autism, when it could be a plethora of other things.

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They're also probably the edgelords who screech and cry about their homophobic mods being removed. Because God forbid they see a gay/ lesbian character. 🙄

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So you're not a woman because drag queens wear make up?
Sounds like you're a bit of a transphobe with your underhanded digs.

Drag queens wear heavy makeup because they're men, and it's show business. It's an exaggerated art form.

It's not drag queens who propagate the women wear makeup stero type. It's been a societal pressure for years now. Just like shaving legs, it's about what society wants women to look like. Women were and still are in a lot of places, seen as objects who need to look pretty and keep quiet.
So don't blame drag queens for an issue that has been pushed by society for a long ass time.

If people want to identify as male or female, that's their choice. And their choice doesn't affect you. Just like a person you don't know getting a tattoo doesn't affect you. Their body. Their choice.

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Listen sweetheart. I'm saying drag queens wear make up as it's an aggregated form of art for showbusiness. So take a seat at the back of the class and actually learn reading comprehension.

I said drag queens aren't the ones saying women need to wear makeup. I'm saying society is. And drag queens wear makeup as a form of art. What's so hard to understand about that.

Clearly you just hate drag queens. If your fragile female ego takes a beating cause a drag queen looks better than you. That's a you problem.

As a woman who doesn't wear makeup. I think drag queens are great. They're funny. They're amazing at their form of art. And they're also in a group that gets hate from the world, as the majority are gay. So I'm all for them going out there and doing what to do despite the hate and shit they get from homophobic fuckwads.

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No definition of art huh. Okay then. Somebody doesn't know what a dictionary is.

Oh bless you, you're the one taking issue at the fact drag queens even exist. Nobody is like other girls, idiot. Every woman is different. So no, I'm not like other women, I'm like myself. Just like you are, just like my sister, mother, best friend is too.

I suggest you chill out though, you're gonna cut yourself on all that edge.

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So. Is this also an issue for you? Or is it just cause you're a woman and you don't like men in dresses?

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Drag queens don't call themselves woman in everyday life. It's all part of a performance. Just like drag kings. Unless of course someone is trans.

But if you say gender roles don't matter, why are you so butt hurt about men 'perpetuating bad gender roles' of women huh? So either gender doesn't matter. Or it does. Which it seems like it does because dur dur men dressing as women offends me because gender roles.

Someone really needs to take the blame for feeding you after midnight!

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Oh you said I'm not like other girls.

Yet here you are.

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It's easier to hope someone will have information on an individual who's is reported on. Someone might see the article and realise they saw her in a coffee shop with a man, looking very uneasy. And tip off police.

Whereas homelessness is a much harder thing to tackle. That requires government intervention rather than individual intervention from someone who saw something suspicious. And getting a government to care about homeless people is a huge ask.
I hate that we have a homelessness issue, and I hate that it's not reported on much at all. Things should be in the public eye, in hopes that people wrote to their local rep to try get help.

But it's more likely you'll find a missing person (dead or alive) by posting an article than it is likely you'll resolve homelessness.

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They really like a lot of patterns and marble don't they. Christ. It's like the sample guy asked which samples they liked and they said yes.

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Okay okay. So let me get this straight. Story bad. You realise story has been a centre point of gaming for a long long long time.

Second. As someone who has played games for 25+, there's plenty of games out there if you just want constant combat. Doom for example. Halo. Overwatch. Apex. Dark souls.
Even combat heavy games have stories though. Overwatch has background lore and in game story now.
Doom gotta save everyone from bad alien dudes.
Halo. Stop the covenant using the rings.
Dark souls... Well dark souls is so lore heavy it's hard to keep up with the story.

So if you don't like story in games. Well maybe stick to space invaders and leave the good games to people who actually appreciate good games.

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Larian said they were releasing a complete game. I honestly hope they don't release an expansion. The ending was great, and I don't know where you go after. An expansion past the ending would almost cheapen the whole game for me. After a huge build up to the fight of the netherbrain. It wouldn't feel right to continue after that.

And only getting to 12th level felt fine. I don't think it needed to go higher. Mine abs my partner's characters were beasts even at level 12. So it doesn't feel like it's necessary.

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Nowhere in your link didn't it mention sex toys cause a rectal prolapse. So maybe link something appropriate.

Also, people generally don't start straight up shoving huge sex toys into their orifices. It's built up and if it's a problem then they stop.

Personally, I don't want anything that big near me. But if others want to, it their bodies, they're free to do whatever they want.

The air we breathe causes our cells to degrade which results in aging and death.
Smoking is bad for you.
Junk food.
Skydiving could kill you.
But it's not our place to police what people do with their own bodies. If they want to snort coke off a hookers ass, then that's their choice.
If someone wants a giant dick in their ass or vag, that's also their choice. If they cause issues for their own bodies, they're the ones making the choice knowing any risks. It does affect you, so why are you all up in people's business that doesn't affect you?

Stop trying to police people's bodies and what they do with them.

Where are the good political songs? (

I feel like there are lots of parallels between the eighties and now (recession/inflation, yuppies/inequality, skin-heads/fascists, hot-cold wars etc.) but there used to be protest music! Where is that stuff now? Music that’s intelligent and outraged - like we should be!...

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Billy talent are great for political, fuck the government/ big corporations type songs. Not protest songs so much. But it feels pretty on theme. Their messages are great.
Surprise surprise and viking death march are two of my personal favourites songs by them.

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