OC Prototype for new Kbin app: Interstellar

I've been working for the past week on a new kbin app. At the moment, it's just a prototype and only the "Feed" view has content (you can't sign into an account or post anything yet); you can see threads, thread images, thread comments, thread links, and thread votes/boosts. You can also change the "Theme Mode" and "Instance...

YSK: You can search (most of?) lemmy as a search engine

Due to the nature of fediverse, you can’t just do a “site:lemmy” search as you’d do with reddit ( I was searching for ways to do it on my firefox browsers and I came to a solution that searches 21 different instances simultaneously, which I consider to be a big part of lemmy (I also include kbin...

recommendations for lightweight window managers for an old netbook

Hi, I’ve got an old netbook from Samsung that has an old Intel Atom CPU (Intel Atom N455 1.66 GHz). I installed Arch on it and am now thinking of a suitable window manager. I tried Hyprland (kinda expecting it to not work really) whick didn’t start at all. Before I had Debian with Gnome, which technically worked, but...

Is it possible to flash a new OS onto an old iPad 2?

I bought an old iPad2 for the purpose of viewing a Home Assistant dashboard via a web browser. My thinking was that the ability to browse the web was the sole requirement for a tablet for this purpose, but I was wrong: Home Assistant’s web pages apparently require a newer version of javascript than iOS 9.3.5 can handle, but...

would love a blog feed in the style of Lemmy

After joining Lemmy I have been withing on a feed of content from self hosted blogs, to display in a feed similar to Lemmy. Where we ca. Subscribe to Themes, hashtags or topics and link to self hosted blog posts or simply self hosted videos, images etc. I may be rambling or dreaming of something that really wouldn’t work but I...

Titles like "This game mix [game] and [another game] to give a [appreciation words] challenge" are really getting that annoying?

To me, honestly, no much. I can see the SEO efforts: if you have to talk about a game called “suckass” probably… very few people will click on the title. But when they put [GTA] and [BALDUR’s GATE] for a generic fantasy game where you steal stuff, you can see the magazine publisher is that hungry for click....

I can't get my linux system to run properly

I chose to use opensuse tw kde based on some vm tests. The installation was easy but for some reason the video playback on youtube is terrible. It stutters. First thing I did after install was to use opi to install codecs. Then I used Yast to get the Nvidia repo. Lastly, I used the software manager to install the video g06...

organizing incoming files (noob question)

I am sure I am just missing something simple… I have prowlarr -> sonarr/radarr -> qbittorrent -> jellyfin I created three directories. /jelly/video /sonarr /radarr. I configured sonarr and radar to use their respective directories. And I configured qbittorrent to use /jelly/video as the default download dir....

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