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🍇 Artist: #NEMOlka + #Xemayo in City: #Méntrida C. el Palacio, 32 / Spain 🇪🇸 05/2024 - Title: "Historia del Vino" ("History of Wine" / "Die Geschichte des Weines") - #Art #Streetart #Mural #UrbanArt #Artist #Wine #Sprayart

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❤️ Artist: #TABBY / #TabbyThis in City: #Flensburg / Norderstraße 67, (Bäckerei Thaysen) Germany 🇩🇪 06/2024 - Title: "Boost of love" - #Art #Streetart #StencilArt #Artist #Urbanart

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@csilverman Waiting for 'C' 💅

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🦎 Artist: in City: 5eme 13, Rue santeuil/ Rue Cencier, ( ) France 🇨🇵 06/2024 - Title: untitled -

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@csilverman Want!

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If you happen to be in Basel from June 10-16 for Art Basel, you can snap up one of 20 unique prints of my C-SCAPE endlessly evolving muti-cellulluar automata collection at The Digital Art Mile @ Space31, Rebgasse 31.

Just find the Generative Art kiosk organized & hosted by the fxhash team. The kiosk features a huge 86" screen showcasing realtime versions of generative art projects and single edition prints by 16 artists.

A small preview selection of C-SCAPE prints (30x30cm, 400g paper, high resolution) on offer (without watermark, of course)...

#CSCAPE #Art #GenerativeArt #ArtBasel #Prints #Exhibition #Basel #Switzerland #CellularAutomata

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@toxi Awesome, it's a shame Art Basel doesn't last a little longer (compared to the Venice Biennale).

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@nclslbrn Thank you & yeah, would be nice if it'd be on for a bit longer since I'm tempted to go myself, but also still undecided (it's only just over 3h from here)... at least this part is on until next Friday, so let's see...

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☀️ Artist: in City: /Saale Germany 🇩🇪 😳 06/2024 - Title:
🔴 "No one crosses the back garden
patio without the express
permission of Marguerite."
🟡 "Niemand überquert den hinteren
Teil des Gartens ohne die
ausdrückliche Erlaubnis von

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Er ist in Deutschland (gewesen?) 😳👋🏼🤗

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😸 Artist: #SAND / #SandrineBoulet in City: #Nanterre France 🇨🇵 05/2024 - Title: "Cheshire Cat" (" #Grinsekatze ") - #Art #Streetart #Mural #UrbanArt #Artist #Pasteup #CheshireCat #AliceInWonderland #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐🥐

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⚪ Ein gigantisches... Lieblingsfoto.
🟤 A gigantic... Favorite photo. 🦋
📷 by Artist: in Loc.: USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Attacus atlas" - ➡️

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Wow! 🙏👏👏👏👏



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French film director, producer, and screenwriter Louis Jean Lumière died in 1948.

Alongside his brother Auguste, Louis is best known for inventing the Cinématographe, a motion picture camera, projector, and printer all in one. The Lumière brothers' work laid the foundation for the film industry and revolutionized visual storytelling.

Poster for the first ever public screening of a film, by Henri Brispot, 1896

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The Lumiere Brothers foray into filmmaking history. The beginning of the exploration of capturing movement. Workers Leaving The Lumiere Factory (1895)

via @YouTube

#art #cinema

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