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The Joyce McKinney Experience - Peel Session '88

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47 years ago today

Meanwhile in Aylesbury The Ramones and Talking Heads play at Friars, May 26th 1977

Photos from Friar's Flickr page


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Grant Hart of Hüsker Dü holding up a Minutemen setlist

Photo by Edward Colver

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Sunday Hardcore Matinee at CBGB, New York City.

Photo by Drew Carolan

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che non ho visto arrivare e che mi sta prendendo a manate in faccia:

Obey Cobra – Mwg Drwg

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🎵 ✊ :anarchismred:

AUS-ROTTEN | The System Works... For Them (1996)

anarcho-punkowa klasyka wieczorową porą... :anarchopunk:


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Leistungsgruppe Maulich - Vorsicht ist geboten... (LP; blue Vinyl; 33/500 🙂 )

Ja, ich war Fanboy und bin zu jedem Konzert in der Nähe und darüber hinaus. 😎



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Leistungsgruppe Maulich - Eine Bombe für den Rest (LP; white Vinyl)

Fast-paced dark from Hamburg.
I really miss them! 😢



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ZK - Auf der Suche nach dem heiligen Gral (1978-'81) (2xCD)



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Notdurft - Notdurft (CD)



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Popperklopper - Kalashnikov Blues (LP; pink Vinyl)



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L'Heure Kolision d'hier sur , avec dedans des bouts des Dead Boobs, pas du tout à cause de @John_Livingston ;)

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TheMetalDog, to punk avatar

SEX PISTOLS – STEVE JONES Gibson Les Paul NFT Heads Towards Julien’s Auctions “Music Icons”
In salute to the 47th year anniversary of "God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols that caused an uproar upon its release and became the British punk rock band’s most enduring anthem, Julien's Auctions has released an exclusive NFT of Steve Jones's 1974 Gibson Les Paul custom electric guitar...

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What a legend 👍⚡❤️

Happy 80th birthday to Charlie Harper, British singer, songwriter and lead singer of the punk rock band UK Subs, born on this day in 1944 in Hackney, London.

#punk #punks #punkrock #uksubs #charlieharper #history #punkrockhistory #otd

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47 years ago today
Devo performs at Max's Kansas City in New York on May 25, 1977.

Photo by Ebet Roberts

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Happy Birthday to Paul John Weller, English singer-songwriter and musician with The Jam, Style Council and many other musicians and bands, born on this day in 1958, Woking, Surrey, England

#punk #punkrock #thejam #paulweller #history #punkrockhistory #otd

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34 years ago today, girl power at the Bowery 🔥👊💥

L7 and Lunachicks at CBGB, May 25, 1990.

Photos by Chris Boarts Larson.

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Nowy singiel Cross Dog, album 07.06 <3

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Rancid release debut self-titled EP on streaming services for first time! | Punktuation!

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#sylt muss #antifa Partymeile werden!!! ...


kubikpixel, avatar

@AndyGER 😉 Sommer auf Sylt – Punker kündigen neues - an:
In den vergangenen zwei Jahren campierten zahlreiche 'er auf . Sie protestierten jeweils wochenlang. Und dies soll sich diesen wiederholen.


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- Weekend events thread: Memorial Day 2024 Edition. There's a ton going on around town, but what's on your radar, ?

Friday's going to be hot again in the mid 80s, but Saturday and Sunday should be cooler/cloudier in the mid-upper 70s. Memorial Day Monday might have rainy afternoon cookouts, in the upper 60s.

(Promote this weekend's events with to play along 1/?)

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Non BostonCalling festival #BostonMusic this weekend:
Friday - #RufusWainwright @ City Whinery
#TalibKweli @ Sinclair
#SiM @ 'Dise (Japanese alt-metal)

Saturday - #CrimeInStereo @ Brighton Music Hall (#LongIsland #Hardcore #Punk)
Fediverse's own @beesdeluxe @ Haymarket
#TheKillers @ 'Dise

Sunday -
#P1Harmony @ Wang (k-pop)
#SophieBHawkins @ City Winery
(#BostonWeekend 5/x)

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