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He/him. Tyler IRL. If you've seen this handle elsewhere yeah that's probably me. Moderator at https://heads.social Mastodon instance, admin at https://Jerrybase.com

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chopaganda, to Phish
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More like Wave of DOPE!

We’re at Phoebe Cates in the pool scene of Fast Times level .

fast times at ridgemont high swimming GIF

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@chopaganda they needed that reset. Was a good call. Were stuck so go to the current high batting average hitter

cwgrody, to nba
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In his career, Nikola Jokic has a triple-double against every team except one — the — and Michael Malone joked that he’d leave Joker in for 48 minutes to make sure he got it tonight.

That’s probably not going to be necessary. Joker already has 10 points, 14 rebounds and nine assists. 72, Wizards 51, halftime. @nba

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@cwgrody @nba I'm starting to suspect that guy might be good at basketball

stevesilberman, to random
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I finally got this framed, one of my last gifts from David Crosby, signed sheet music from "Music is Love." “Steven Silberman I love you very much so there - David Crosby”

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@stevesilberman ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

bourgwick, to SanFrancisco
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50 years ago tonight, the begin their 1974, opening 3 nights at winterland in . the 1st bay area appearance of the almost-done-but-it’s-never-done wall of sound. the crew has been at winterland for a few days getting ready. now a “dave’s picks” bonus disc but full tape includes soundcheck: https://archive.org/details/gd1974-02-22.114556.sbd.miller.flac16 [1/5]

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@bourgwick classic warm up show kicking off a three night build. The estimated jam is surprisingly well formed if fragmentary but that seems to be how weir worked often enough: he'd knock one part into shape and then figure out other stuff around it.

Peternimmo, to music
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Something I was listening to mentioned Barry Norman's TV "Film" programme, and like many British people of a certain age I instantly recalled the theme tune. But have you ever heard the whole piece? It's great!
"I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free", by Billy Taylor

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@Peternimmo queen Nina Simone has a wonderful version on her underrated late 60s album Silk & Soul


BlackAzizAnansi, to random
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I really wish folks who opined about international politics would stop taking state and non-state actors at their world, as opposed to just looking at things from a "What do they have to gain" perspective.

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@BlackAzizAnansi particularly when those same people wouldn't make that same mistake regarding domestic politics

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@BlackAzizAnansi I know american politics is full of disingenuous fuckery but to think the same isn't true generally is...strangely naive for people who probably think of themselves as appropriately cynical in the political sphere. Power politics seem pretty similar everywhere, we just see ours close up & are familiar with the nuances

...is it a weird form of almost infantilizing bias? these other people are simpler and so more honest? I just had that thought, not sure it's valid

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@BlackAzizAnansi yeah it's probably that simple

theheatwarps, to photography
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Looking to repurpose this image from a 1939 Nat Geo but the only version online (that I can find) is a bit too low-res. Anyone know of a secret repository of NG images dating back to this era? Easy alternative is to buy a physical copy of the back issue and scan it myself - those seem readily available.


mrcompletely, (edited )
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@theheatwarps if you can get me an image this size without all those dots in it I can upscale it to around 3kpx high pretty cleanly using current PS tools

I might be able to help descreen the dots out but I'll need to recall the steps EDIT: Nope. the dots are too big.

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@theheatwarps currently they are limited. They're pretty good at "generative fill" which means extending the boundaries of an image, or adding details to an existing image. And its newish "preserve details" AI-driven upscaling is quite good - in this case it's accurately upscaling the dots 😁

the thing about the adobe tools is they're trained on proprietary image sets, so as long as you opt-out your own images from the training set that's a little better

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@mrcompletely@heads.social avatar

@theheatwarps I haven't used their actual image generator, Firefly, very much yet but it strikes me as about a generation behind the cutting edge - not bad - and the fact that it's trained on images they own is nice. But it's still a combo of very realistic with very whack details

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@theheatwarps @PaulInRainCity scans aren't that great huh

mrcompletely, (edited )
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@theheatwarps stable diffusion 3 is prob state of the art, but as an artist the training set copyright infringement issues bother me enough that I tend to avoid everything but the adobe stuff

CultureDesk, to Texas
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A Texas judge has ruled that a high school was not violating the CROWN Act by punishing student Darryl George for the length of his dreadlocks. George has been in in-school suspension or at an off-site disciplinary program for most of the school year since August. The school said that George's hair violated a dress code regarding length of boys' hair; the family argued that protective hairstyles — which are covered by the CROWN act — require a certain amount of length. The family plans to appeal the decision.


#BHM #BlackHistoryMonth #CROWNAct #Discrimination #Texas #Hair #BlackHair #BlackMastodon @blackmastodon
For more stories like this, follow @theculturedesk's Stories of Black America Magazine, @stories.

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@CultureDesk @AskPippa I found it quite notable that this law was passed in Texas. Of course it's now also being ignored in Texas; but it points out that nothing is quite as flat or one dimensional as it may seem

tor_haxson, to random
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Not an economist, or a historian, but it does seem like there was a broken promise of in my lifetime.

Various countries were described as "developing" and the idea seemed to be that the "first" world got their first, but the whole world would come along.

Nigeria, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and others would become less poor.

But like US elites who succeed perhaps on their own merit, but then use their power to block upward mobility for others, it seems that things remain the same.

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@tor_haxson trickle down but for countries. Weird it didn't work

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@caseyjonesed @tor_haxson weird coincidence!

paninid, to random
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From a perspective, what is the substantive difference between 🙏 and 🤞?

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@paninid you can only offer thoughts and prayers with the first one ( 🧠 ➕ 🙏)

In general 🙏is funnier and more useful in ironic contexts.

To dig all the way in, and setting humor aside, I would say 🙏is more hopeful/optimistic and 🤞is more nervous/unsure vibes. But that could just be my interpretation.

I love emergent online semiotics, emoji and gifs and such. Especially affinity groups with custom emoji that take on meaning inscrutable to outsiders

mrcompletely, to random
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Chinese infra attack? AT&T sucks at their job? Taylor Swift tickets went on sale? LLM got loose and is cloning itself into every router and smart vibrator on earth? Place your bets folx

(AT&T sucks is the heavy favorite)


mrcompletely, to nba
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Praise dear lil lawd Jeebus the is back tonight with a thicc stack of bangers. At least half a dozen watchable games

LostReflector, to random
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flipping backwards
through the doors
and through the windows

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chopaganda, to Phish
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#Phish Mexico 2024 #Ranked

N1 Wednesday

Sure, there were a few exciting moments and the make-up (quickie) sex of the last four songs. But overall a fairly uninspired set with fairly uninspired play. The good news is this is par for the course when the band tries to play a single-set show, and the next 3 nights are all standard two-setters.

Belinda Carlisle Vacation GIF by The Go-Go's

mrcompletely, (edited )
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@LostReflector @chopaganda @ry_storm the dead tried that same trick in those long one set shows now and then and it's equally awkward. Some of those sets are still real fun but never truly great

Edit: before anyone Well Actuallys this I mean after the emergence of the regular two set structure. And the SNACK benefit from 75 is the one exception I know of

mhoye, to random
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I just noticed that Enlightenment, the always a niche but incredibly lightweight Linux window manager, had a release in December of 2023.


Lazyweb, a question: what free software projects have surprised you by just ... still being out there, still quietly getting updated without fanfare?

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@baconandcoconut @mhoye Audacity is still very nice, there has been some drama around its current maintainers adding telemetry/snooping perceptions but so far it hasn't amounted to much

VLC is my favorite in this category by far

I also love Bulk Rename Utility, an ornate front end for command line editing syntax, not so much bc I need it but because it exists, it's the dwarf fortress of single-use Windows utilities

inthehands, to random
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Re this important thread from @grimalkina:

I just gave a little soapbox to my Software Design and Development students that I give every time I teach the class, and I’ll give it here on Mastodon.

Software development is an intensely social discipline.


mrcompletely, (edited )
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@Wikisteff @inthehands I say that too (really! It's nice to see the same thought out in the wild) and usually the response is "is reify a real word?" (yes, it's the essence of software)

@mrcompletely@heads.social avatar

@inthehands @Wikisteff all of my roles now come down to either translating between domains (idea and implementation, developer/user/expert expectations, dev teams/IT requirements, management/staff etc) or QAing the accuracy of those translations. No one else but me sees it that way, but that's what it is: reducing errors in conceptual translation layers.

Reification is a beautiful and straightforward concept and I certainly agree it's a shame we don't have a more common clear term for it.

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