kovah, to egypt
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Palm of the Premier Le Rêve Resort, Sahl Hasheesh

kovah, to egypt
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Roaming trough Sahl Hasheesh in 🇪🇬

governa, to iPhone
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irfan, to iPhone

It's nuts how an #iPhone restore takes fucking forever, wth would it need to do to restore the phone anyway? Just rm -rf everything lol.

JonnyPencils, to iPhone
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ainmosni, to iPhone
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Yesterday I decided to use my dev as my daily driver for a month, to see if my hatred of is just because of not being used to it, or if I really just prefer .

Turns out I still had an ancient AppleID that I forgot all credentials for. But despite proving to that I had control over the associated mail address and phone number, that was not enough, without another Apple device, they're going to make me wait "a few days".

Great first impression...

HilliTech, to iPhone

Agatha decided he wanted a turn with the Apple Vision Pro.

Yep, that's a male cat. We thought he was a female for a long time and gave him the name Agatha. There's no changing it now, but it does suit him. "Agatha all along" fits his mischievous cycle of sweet and disastrous.

Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max. 35 mm Main Camera.

irfan, to iPhone

My partner’s #iPhone 11 has restarted randomly thrice in two days and each time it’s booted it doesn’t provide any reason/error message why it did.

Looking at the Data Analytics section, there are 3 log files with naming scheme that starts with “panic-full” which to my understanding/finding means it’s an indication that it’s a hardware issue.

The log files are gibberish to me though and are extremely long, is there any #Apple/#iOS expert out there that might be familiar with this at all that could possibly parse/make any sense out of these .ips logs?

dirt, to photography
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can, to iOS
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/ folks: I’ve seen several posts over the last 24 hours of people having this same issue. What’s going on here? Any technical explanation as to why there are suddenly random email addresses popping up? Seems like kind of a big deal.


bmbufalo, to iOS
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One of the most underrated feature enhancements to and is how now reads out descriptions of images when receiving a text with AirPods in. Absolutely love using an internally developed and super awesome!

kovah, to egypt
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Mahmya Island east of , 🇪🇬
What a lovely Caribbean-like shore and water!

PhotoLust, to architecture
helplessduck, to Bloomscrolling
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I’ve got a few dozen of these babies in bloom outside my office window right now and I am loving it.

preslav, to innsbruck
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From our recent day trip to Innsbruck, Austria.

dirt, to photography
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dirt, to photography
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sighting of mythical creature
#iphone 13 + nomo cam + 1234

SergKoren, to photography
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SergKoren, to iPhone
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SergKoren, to iPhone
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Here you go. Eclipse from Dover DE between the clouds. iPhone 15 Pro.

kovah, to minimalism
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MURRRAAAAY, to Nostalgia
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I think for me it would have to be 4! As that’s close to my childhood but I always wanted an N64 so maybe I should pick that! Which would you pick!?

jo, to transgender

Me, over here, accessing the fediverse from my iPhone: I'm not that kind of girl.

RE: https://blahaj.zone/notes/9rto5r8isi8v02wj

MURRRAAAAY, to Nostalgia
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