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"My comrades, who did far more and suffered more profoundly than I, are not here to speak. Because of this, I speak for them."

#OnThisDay, 16 April 1943, Special Operations Executive agent Odette Samsom is arrested by the Gestapo in France. The British SOE worked with the French resistance.

#WomenInHistory #OTD #History #BritishHistory #WorldWar2


Odette Samsom with her three daughters before the war. She is a white woman with dark hair and is sat in a garden chair, with the three girls around her.

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, 16 Apr 1912, Harriet Quimby becomes the first woman to fly a plane across the English Channel.

Quimby was the first American woman to receive a pilot’s licence and made her living doing exhibition flights in the US. She also made money as the advertising face of a grape juice. She died in July 1912 when her plane pitched forward at 1,000 feet and she was thrown out.

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Here is an updated look at my designed themed book. Each is a different scale, showing mostly extinct animals (theres some extant ones on the right side of the pink baseplate)
The person on the baseplates represents a person about 6 foot tall.
Im still working on more designs.

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This is a dance of the dead movie created out of the dozens of woodcuts from the 1520 Munich print "Der todten dantz mit figuren vnd schrifften" ( ).

#bookhistory #histodons #history #EarlyModernHistory

A skeleton symbolising Death is dancing with various characters.

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Sultan Muhammed Adil Shah of with his Prime Minister Ikhlas Khan

Ikhlas was from who came to in c1600 CE
Many of the immigrants who came from there rose to important positions in the courts of various courts of the Kingdoms.

This c1660 CE is now at Los Angeles County of

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34 years ago today
Spanking Machine is the debut album by American punk rock band Babes in Toyland, released on this day in 1990 includes the Single 'Dust Cake Boy'.

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcorepunk #womenofpunk #babesintoyland #history #punkrockhistory #otd

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Happy Birthday to Ian MacKaye, American singer, musician, songwriter, record producer and frontman of Minor Threat, Fugazi, The Teen Idles and Embrace, born on this day in 1962, Washington DC


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47 years ago today
The unforgotten Poly Styrene with X-Ray Spex at Greyhound, Park Lane, Croydon, April 16, 1977.

Photos by Gus Stewart


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42 years ago today
The Plugz - Los Angeles, April 16, 1982

The Plugz were one of the first L.A. punk bands, the first Latino punk band, and the first to start their own record label, Plugz Record

📸 Gary Leonard

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Fascinating mapping going on here in South Dakota in OpenStreetMaps.

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Aha, yes... "One hundred years ago homesteaders began buying land that was formerly part of American Indian reservations.. The Rosebud Reservation was opened in 1904 after many years of negotiations with the federal government.... Many tribal members never saw the money, but lost the land....The Lakota were left with a disaster, a checker-boarded reservation and land issues that still plague them today. Most reservations in South Dakota were opened to homesteading, all are checker-boarded within the boundaries with land owned by non-Indians, tribal members, the tribes and much lease and fee land."

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The phrase "" means to be prepared to deal with a difficult or challenging situation.

The origin of the phrase dates back to hunting with muskets, where hunters would load their guns with extra gunpowder to have enough firepower to take down a , the most ferocious and hardest to kill predator in North America.

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Start at the temple of the ancient Mother Goddess, then walk past rock-cut shrines made by her devotees. See a cave in which a group was put under a spell and slept for centuries. End at this Korinthian port city with its markets and many temples. #travel #history

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In Odessa, I met Sarah (Bernhardt) in a somewhat eccentric way: they were delighted, shouted hurray and threw a pebble at the carriage... Indecent, but at least original... The stone touched Sarah like a tangent circle...

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Explore a madrasa deep in the souqs of an ancient city, where a sultan provided education to thwart the growth of ignorant zealotry that could lead to violent uprisings.

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One fact you might not know about : he was a Republican. Millions of Blacks were also Republicans at the time. Robinson even endorsed Nixon in the election of 1960. But by 1968, Robinson was done with the GOP.

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From the years 1920 to 1929, the modern girl and modern boy were the main stars in Japan’s own Roaring 20s. Much as the new woman reigned in the 1910s, the modern girl, or moga for short, took on a larger life thanks to mass media and academic discourse.

#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #history #fashion

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This island of Korinthia in the wine-dark sea once saw holy men experience visions that changed the world. A cave there is said to have been where the visions occurred.

Teotihuacan ancient culture affected by megathrust earthquakes during the early Epiclassic Period (Mexico) [open access] (

Abstract: Teotihuacan was one of the thriving cultures in the Mesoamerica pre-Hispanic times, located in the Central Valley of Mexico. The city-state was a dominant centre point during the Classic period and its influence affected other contemporaneous cultures. Around the year 550 CE, a continuous decrease in urban population...

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Gene Herrick, the Associated Press photographer who took iconic pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, and covered the Korean War and the trial of the killers of Emmett Till, died last week at age 97. He started at the AP aged 16 in Columbus, Ohio, as an office assistant, and retired in 1972. Here's the agency's tribute to him.


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Researchers have built a family tree for the world’s most popular type of coffee, known to scientists as Coffea arabica and to coffee lovers simply as “arabica.” Turns out your morning coffee may have been 600,000 years old. The AP tells us how a study aimed at protecting these coffee plants from climate change and pests also revealed more about how and when they came to be.

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A Century of Sky, Digitized
The Harvard College Observatory’s glass plates, which record a century of changes in the sky, has now been converted into digital form.

#astronomy #science #news #tech #astrodon #NASA #space #history

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What pre-1985 science fiction are you reading?

Now a column and reading/writing update on my site:
#scifi #sciencefiction #history #books

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Today in User Space

⚙️We talk Global Themes
📽️Get bitten by a issue
🐣Cover the of
🐦Dive into for a month
📦And look ahead to compression

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The realm of Korinthia spans from rugged mountains hosting mysterious temples honoring little-known gods, to sunny islands in a wine-dark sea. Learn a little of their tongue to make your journeys easier.

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The laugh track was once a standard feature of every TV comedy, but it may now be on its final chuckle — the last major show that used one was "The Big Bang Theory," and that finished in 2019. The Atlantic's Jacob Stern writes about the half-century history of the audio irritant, which actor David Niven once called “the single greatest affront to public intelligence I know of,” and whether we'll miss it when it's gone. "For all the ire it incurred, for all the bad jokes it disguised, the laugh track was fundamentally about reproducing the experience of being part of an audience, and its decline is also the decline of communal viewership," says Stern. What's your take on the track? [Story is paywalled]

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