Welcome to the 'find out' phase, which should wrap up nicely by around the 7th.

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any reason it's the 7th ?

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I imagine because any impact won't be seen immediately and a week seems like a good amount of time


I'm guessing it's because it's a week after 3rd party apps shut down. A lot will change when that happens, and the 7th is far enough from the 30th to feel it.


I’m out of the loop here, what happens on the 7th?



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  • BlendedRacer,
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    And like a gaslighting abusive ex they won't change!

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    The 3rd party apps are closing at the end of this month, which means there'll be somewhere around a week or so of people realising just how bad the official app is, plus decreased quality content as the actually-motivated people who post things continue their gradual migration away from reddit and driving redditors to seek other places to gather.


    I have only used the official app and can I just say, the experience has gotten noticeably worse in the past 6 weeks or so.


    I have to wait 3 seconds to load a post. Collapsing a comment is laggy, takes like 0.5 seconds at least. Scrolling itself is laggy.
    It sure doesn't seem like a lot when I write seconds but it's absolutely TERRIBLE when you use it more than a minute. I only have official app for chat and instant messages because Infinity didn't send me any notifications :( I'll use old reddit on mobile with an extension that helps with mobile usage, along with official reddit for the aforementioned functions as usual.


    Meanwhile all of the repost bots can post and comment on each other’s threads keeping the Reddit server humming away.

    Good riddance.


    At some point, it will just be repost bots having conversations in the comments of posts "created" by other repost bots.


    I realized that after deleting my oldest reddit account I should have sold the damn thing.

    Might work out how to do that yet for my remaining accounts

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    Where did you find pricing info? I wouldn't have guessed accounts would be worth much with the rampant botting

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    Accounts with 100,000+ karma are $200 and up, apparently. Source: savingadvice dot com /articles/2023/05/31/1089629_sell-your-reddit-account.html

    On playerup dot com /acconts/redditacconut/ I see one "rare account" that's 13 years old going for $120 and a 14 year old one for $150

    Most are a few years old, just barely a few thousand karma, and $17-25.

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    Hah! I could have got a round of drinks in rather than deleting mine. But fuck 'em.


    I like my username too much to have a hand in making it shill ads and misinformation.

    Anarch157a, avatar

    Yup. I'm Anarch157a everywhere (except Mastodon, for reasons), Steam, Lemmy, Discord, etc. Having my old - now deleted - Reddit account as a bot could spill over my identity in other services.


    I haven't deleted mine yet because there are still comments I'd like to edit that are currently in private subreddits. Only when I'm sure everything I've ever said on reddit is now the same text urging people to abandon reddit in favor of the fediverse will I delete the account itself.

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    /r/subreddit_simulator wasn't just an experiment, it was prophetic.

    Anarch157a, avatar

    It ended up as /u/Spez's roadmap for the future of Reddit.

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    Meanwhile all of the repost bots can post and comment on each other’s threads keeping the Reddit server humming away.

    How are they going to do that when the API changes hit? The API changes affect all third party interactions with Reddit unless you scrape their HTML or do some type of browser automation. I'm going to assume that 99% of developers are using the REST API since there was no reason to do otherwise. That means mobile apps, bots, third party tools and probably even some browser extensions are all going to go dark.


    I hadn't thought about that, are they killing RES? Killing RES is the same as killing old reddit.


    it's all done browser side on your api token so it will be fine.

    but you are 100% correct, old reddit without dark mode is functionally the same as deleting reddit.

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    They will be fine. But the extension itself is on its last legs. Reddit is slowly breaking old reddit by making features or markdown new reddit only. The team also seems to be down to 2 people and the project is in maintenance mode.


    The API charges are only when an Auth key is used over a certain threshold. Most bots are going to be fine, it’s just the few of them that were operating above that threshold.

    3rd party apps are being killed because they use their own API Auth key for essentially everybody. One considered solution was having each user generate their own key and input it, but when a dev asked admins about that, they said it wasn’t allowed.

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    You can still use the APIs but you do it via a browser. So it is slightly more annoying for botters but a death blow for apps.


    Its gonna be interesting when Reddit turns into r/SubredditSimulator

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    I won’t miss checking the post and top comment accounts to see if they’re bots. I’m hoping the same doesn’t start occurring over here.


    It's kinda funny in a dystopian way.

    A lonely guy playing a creepy hentai game gets some sexual gratification from his time spent interacting with a piece of software and is at least somewhat self-aware. He knows it's just software, even if he 'married' his bodypillow.

    Meanwhile there are increasing numbers of people unaware they're regularly interacting with bots online, not realising one of the reasons social media is making them sadder is because they've atttempting to fulfill their need for social interaction with a facsimile thereof.

    It's not unlike Idiocracy, where they give the plants Brawndo instead of water, then wonder why the plants are dying. Vast swathes of the world are feeding their social needs with social media brawndo.

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    Thats an interesting take on things

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    On the Internet, nobody knows you're a bot

    Also you’re blaming the medium, rather than the malicious actors.

    If AI text generative technology was around a century earlier you’d have people being penpals or print newspaper write-ins with a bot instead. Communicating through text is inherently risky, so best to blame the people who abuse that fact instead.


    The medium structures and drives the interactions. Decisions about the medium are amplified in effect. (Some) people have always been bad, but what they do and what effect it has varies with the medium.

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    you’re blaming the medium

    I don't think that's implied in the post. Also reddit inc is complicit in the bot farming since it boosts their engagement metrics.

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    But, Brawndo has what plants crave. It has electrolytes.

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    Conversational masturbation.


    I just wish more people knew to come here. I even snuck this alternative into a presentation at a Fortune 150…

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    People will come, it's just a matter of time and having the patience to cultivate organic communities rather than trying to simply will them into existence all at once a la GooglePlus (or whatever their attempt at a social network was called)


    like everything google kills it was the best of it's kind but wasn't immediately profitable so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Yup, just got the notification from BaconReader this morning that they're throwing in the towel


    total reddit death. TRD

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    Reddit behaved in such a horrible way, that I feel like API pricing was the least of the bad...

    One could argue about their fairness and aim to destroy 3rd party apps, and I had already closed my accounts at that very step.

    But the way they treated mods, forced subs to open and behaved like pure evil assholes, I really see how companies or more "official" subreddits with a touch of interest in their users, would feel the desire to leave and close bridges

    setsneedtofeed, avatar

    The underhanded, lying, victim blaming actions from reddit were so much worse than the shutdown on its own. If reddit had been more honest about their intentions of shutting down 3PA from the beginning, 3PA users still wouldn't have been thrilled, but we wouldn't be seeing this reddit meltdown.

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    I don't even care about the API prices and I used to use the official Reddit mobile app before migrating.

    I've been looking for an open source Reddit like platform since the Twitter drama started and people started migrating to Mastodon, but there wasn't much content on them, until now, so I jumped on the band wagon.


    I felt this. I just honestly needed another option and so star this seems to be it. I don’t understand the difference between kbin and lemmy. I’m hoping apps just end up supporting both platforms/instances.

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    I feel the same way.
    As an Apollo user, I didn’t immediately leave since I wanted to see if some agreement would be done.

    But the way they treated the devs is insulting, I work on IT and know a bit of how complex and time consuming this is; doing all this work just to be considered a parasite to be cut, and seeing how horrible the AMA was; really showed Reddit’s true colors.

    Currently liking this federated initiative, big potential and less company ruining agenda. Very comfy here.


    If Apollo works things out with reddit, I'd be willing to consider keeping reddit as a secondary source of content. But I think that bridge has been burnt so bad that that is highly unlikely

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    The Apollo dev (Christian) is understandably not interested in working with reddit at all at this point.

    As an aside is a fediverse web app that's heavily inspired by apollo


    That is amazing! Thank you for sharing. My new Lemmy start up page.


    Wow, if you're used to apollo, is surprisingly amazing! hard to believe its running in the browser


    @MsPenguinette @Pixelologist

    Artemis, an app in development for kbin, is also heavily inspired by Apollo (hence the name also being a Greek god starting with A and known for their skills with the bow)


    I didn’t even use Apollo but the defining moment for me was when spez lied about his interactions with the dev. That shit is foul and I just do not want to associate with that.



    Very much my experience. I used Relay for Reddit rather than Apollo (hadn't even heard of Apollo at the time), then learned about the entire debacle because that lie appeared in /r/quityourbullshit and that sent me to the AMA the lie was made in.

    I went from not even knowing about any changes coming to Reddit to deciding not to give Reddit any more traffic until they back off and apologize in less than an hour. The blackout hadn't started yet.

    By the time the blackout had started, I was already on both kbin and beehaw (well, I had applied to beehaw, approval might have been slightly after the blackout started) and the chances of getting me to ever use Reddit being above zero were already dependent on changes that no-one in Reddit leadership would ever accept, let alone come up with on their own.


    Didn't even think about it until now, but a company could start their own lemmy service. Wonder if that's a thing already or will become a thing. The only issue for them is would other instances federated with them, if I'm correct? Still new and learning.


    Meta is setting up an Instagram feature with activitypub


    Really? Where can I read more on this?

    elvith, (edited )

    As every instance can choose with whom they federated, it's hard to predict. In general, if it's a "commercial" instance hosting "official" communities for the sake of better moderation, better control of the uptime,... and not because you just want to populate/expand another social network that is closed (see the Meta/Project 92 discussion), I don't see an immediate reason why this instance would be blocked everywhere.

    As always with FLOSS you're going to have some people saying that only free, non commercial use is the right way and might defederate this instance, but I don't think it'd be a immediate and widespread thing.

    Edit: An official instance for these communities even has the benefit, that official accounts are easily verifiable - in theory only official accounts reside on that instance, all other accounts are federated users from elsewhere.

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    They wanted out anyway, Microsoft wants control and they were using Reddit just like DJI is using reddit: they were a bit forced to follow. This is a perfect opportunity to leave and make the support happen on their own platform. Other big brands will be inspired and will leave reddit too.


    Minecraft dev here: support on Reddit was always more of a passion project for a few people and not a hard mandate.

    Leaving reddit was the teams choice (I assume for the same reason some of you left, reddit went to shit).


    Have they considered going someplace else like Lemmy? I was a little disappointed that they didn’t offer an equivalent alternative to go to.


    The “equivalent” is already / has been pushed hard in the launcher and youtube content. Mojang / Microsoft already has it’s own Feedback forum-style thing.


    Yeah but that was the appeal of things like reddit. Not having to go to all manner of different forums for the specific interest.


    At a guess if something like here starts becoming popular with people I suspect they'll comment here for example. Kbin is growing, see what happens I guess.

    Gecko, avatar

    Any plans on moving to a different platform like lemmy here? Or is it something that might just happen organically?


    the way I read it was that Minecraft is a community that holds the contributions of its base in high regard, and that's why they can't associate with reddit anymore because reddit now stands for shitting on its users and destroying their work instead of cherishing it.

    hence the comments about recent changes introduced by management affecting the community and how that's the reason they feel reddit is no longer an appropriate place.

    PabloDiscobar avatar

    This is a war of content. u/spez also holds the contribution of his users in high regard, to the point where he is undeleting it. They both want our content, I don't see how you cannot make the link.


    Microsoft doesn't make any money when I play Minecraft on my PC. I paid them once, 14 years ago, for an account.

    I have been receiving new content for free from them on occasion, and playing endless content from the community for mostly free. The community of content creators is what initially brought me to the game when it was in beta and it's what keeps me coming back.

    PabloDiscobar avatar

    And you never paid anything to reddit either, still reddit wants you to spend your attention here.

    Microsoft doesn't want to bring traffic to reddit. They have everything to lose when your attention is away from their services. For example you won't bring your friends to them. You won't watch their add while you are on reddit. You don't use a Microsoft platform when you are on reddit.

    This is absolutely not a neutral choice for Microsoft: they want you, your attention, your friends and your content on their network. Why do you think they bought Minecraft in the first place? It's because it brings young customers in. Microsoft did not purchase Minecraft for the code (there are minecraft clones everywhere anyway), they bought the community. They want to pump their own numbers, not the competition's. If I remember correctly they also merged the Minecraft accounts with the Microsoft account, isn't it cute?

    It's a constant war for your attention time. Your login is the metric, it's everything to them.


    While I'm not op, personally for as long as I could remember, I paid for reddit premium. If I'm using a website, I'm ok with putting in support. (especially as much as I used reddit).

    PrinzKasper avatar

    I mean, if that was their reasoning they should be leaving Twitter as well


    Twitter was already shit under Dorsey.

    kestrel7 avatar

    You're not wrong, but it's an interesting point you bring up. They were willing to stay on Twitter with Musk's antics, but it seems like they aren't willing to put up with another Musk and another set of antics.


    Or maybe Twitter simply has a lot more advertising value.

    captainsiscold avatar

    Looking forward to seeing if this trend will continue with other game platforms; I know the r/GlobalOffensive subreddit spun up the @cs magazine on Kbin a while back, and I'm sure there's some others that are doing the same.

    herrwoland avatar

    we need to ask them to join fediverse


    sliced_lime, the dev who wrote this statement is already on mastodon iirc.

    Teppic avatar

    It's Microsoft, they'll probably try to move onto Teams and or SharePoint.

    esty, avatar

    You kid but they would…


    Or Yammer 😆

    billothekid2 avatar

    Holy shit! Good for them! Hope they see the benefits of the fediverse at some point.


    SlicedLime, at the very least, is active on Mastodon. I'm not sure about other Mojangstas.


    This comment right here truly made me realize how big mojang is these days, as I honestly have no idea who that is


    isn't it just that one notch fellow or am I showing my age here

    harmonea avatar

    Showing your age :P Notch hasn't been involved since Microsoft bought the company.

    ivanafterall avatar

    Is SlicedLime the new notch?

    harmonea avatar

    It's been like 10 years since I played, and pop culture osmosis isn't quite that detailed, so I dunno. I could google a mojang staff list or something.... but so could you :D


    He’s the Minecraft Technical Lead if I remember right, and a Dev for Java Edition before then. He would also do detailed and in depth update videos on YouTube prior to that, and still does to this day.

    SuperSpaceFan avatar


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  • hypelightfly,

    The sub itself isn't moving. This is a Mojang employee saying they will no longer provide updates or post on Reddit, or refer players there.


    Yea the title here is confusing.


    no it's not


    It’s technically true, but I too initially thought that the whole subreddit’s moderators were moving to somewhere else like the Fediverse.


    Minecraft leaving it's a big one!

    frippa, avatar

    Bel nome 🧐


    This is what all responsible game, media, and other creators need to do. Keep the "....and find out" coming.


    This is indeed a useful information, thank you /u/cazzodicristo


    Image Transcription: Reddit

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Feedback, submitted by u/sliced_lime to r/Minecraft

    [Post is marked with a flair as Official news, with the poster being listed as the Minecraft Java Tech Lead. Op has also upvoted this post.]

    As you have no doubt heard by now, Reddit management introduced changes recently that have led to rule and moderation changes across many subreddits. Because of these changes, we no longer feel that Reddit is an appropriate place to post official content or refer our players to.

    We want to thank you for all the feedback and discussion you've participated in in past changelog threads. You are of course welcome to post unofficial update threads going forward, and if you want to reach the team with feedback about the game, please visit our feedback site at or contact us on one of our official social media channels.

    ^I'm a human volunteer transcribing posts in a format compatible with screen readers, for blind and visually impaired users!^


    Good human


    Important to note is that the r/Minecraft subreddit (as far as I know) will continue to exist. The Minecraft developers will just leave the platform and no longer post updates regarding the development of the game on there.


    That's such a good response that will actually make a difference, with nothing Spez can do about it.

    Hats off to those absolute Chads and Chadettes

    fbievan, avatar

    Wow... Good PR move there microey and mojangy.


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