Is everyone a bot in here?! When did he change his name to Aioki???


Would you prefer that people referred to the guy as the Benihana kid?


By the way.,.yes, we’re all bots… Go deal with your captchas, human.

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Lol a bot would have spelled it right. I'm leaving my mistake, and basking in it.


I mean…


Lol I was just going to google it

  1. Have fun, publicly and obviously
  2. Be clean and dressed not too far out of the norm for the fandom (according to the subculture norms, not familiar with the artist in question)
  3. Don’t approach anyone with any kind of sexual hints, even if ambiguous
  4. Act like you know others will make fun of you for being a creepy old guy, show you own it

Why do you care what strangers think?


There are always older peeps in rave, festivals, concerts, discos… no one cares, and to be fair, I don’t think most people in communitiy would take kindly to ageisim. Enjoy!


Hell, Aioki himself turns 46 this month… I think you’re overthinking it.


Keep you eyes on the show and not the kids?


This sounds a tad vain, however, it would probably depend on how you dress (and act)


How the hell would it sound vain to worry about being creepy??


I meant that about what I said. That it’s mainly appearance-based


What if I don’t give a shit what kids think of me and I ignore their annoying asses the whole time?


Then go ahead, be my guest! Just answering, y’know, the question of the post mainly.


How should I dress?


You aren’t OP and the original comment you replied to was not addressing you. Dress how you want.

The point is fair, if you want to fit in at any event, because you do in fact care, then it helps to dress in a manner that suits the general style of that event.

If you don’t care, wear what you want. I’m not sure why you are getting offended by something so trivial that was not directed at you.

It’s how human nature works, before you meet sometime, all you can judge them on is their appearance. Are they wearing a filthy beard and rags at a concert? Probably a crazy hobo. Are they past middle age and wearing a mankini? Probably a big borat fan and a bit of a weirdo.

It’s not a difficult concept and you don’t have to care if you don’t want to. It’s all good.


The whole point of public comments is so that people can give you shit and everyone else can see how you can’t take a joke.


I thought the point of public comments was to have an interesting discussion with people you don’t know, but if you want to make it about giving people shit then all good for you. Trolling is so boring really.


hello fellow kids


I saw him at a festival years ago and the crowd was quite mixed, I don't think you'd look out of place at all.


Yeah… dudes been active since the 90s. Is his crowd considered young?


If Band Maid can fill a venue with 40 to 50 year old dudes banging their heads to a group of girls in maid outfits playing rock and roll, you should be fine at a Steve Aioki concert. Just don’t act like an actual creep and no one will care.


Just don’t act like an actual creep and no one will care

Never have I heard a more naive statement.

scytale, (edited )

Go to better concerts then. I’m a regular concert go-er and at the shows I go to, most people just keep to themselves and concentrate on the show. If you’re not acting like a creep and not bothering anyone, nobody will care if you’re a 50 year old attending an EDM concert. If people think you’re a creep at every concert you attend, then maybe it’s a “you” problem.


The EDM scene is usually pretty inclusive. If you go there as an older man and just enjoy yourself and dance you’ll be fine.

If you leer at women and get handsy you’ll have an issue.


No one cares how old you are as long as don’t act like a creep. When I was going to shows and raves early 2k, there were still old heads going with parachute pants and beads. Don’t know now after COVID, since I’ve seen videos without PLUR and becoming more of an influencer show now.

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I'll dust off my finest Hawaiian shirt, I may have to go to Goodwill to get my parachute pants back though.


Fuck yeah! Have fun, friend!


Go with confidence my friend


I don’t think you’ll have much of an issue. He started getting mainstream success over 10 years ago, and he’s in his 40’s.

SNFi, (edited )
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