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It’s not the products themselves people hate in most cases. It’s the Nestlé part. They make a ton of good shit I refuse to buy because of their practices. Especially the shit that kills children.


Colcafe is pretty good. I’ve tried a lot of instant coffees, including the expensive Dutch ones, and outside of Nestle/Tasters Choice, that one tasted the best for me.

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Children-mass-murder-brand coffee is quite ok, really, I just have problems with the children-mass-murder part.


It isn’t the instant coffee part that’s bothersome. People can have their tastes and preferences.

But Nestle? Fuck Nestle.

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If the only coffee was instant, I’d drink a hell of a lot less coffee. So I guess it has that going for it.


To me, a regular coffee drinker, instant coffee is the last drink I’d have. It lacks pattern and taste imo


You can take my beans from my cold dead hands, but you do as you like. Wife made some dessert one time with instant coffee, though, and it was amazing.

Crap, now I’m hungry.


Nestle and perfectly fine makes my head explode.


For me it's not about the coffee. I grew up on Tasters Choice.

I won't drink Nestle instant because Nestle is up to their goddamn eyeballs in slave labor and they're probably one of the worst corporations in the world. I try everything I can not to buy their products.


Taster’s Choice is owned by Nescafe/Nestle


I know. I was commenting on their quality in that part. Sorry to be unclear.


For me it's not about the coffee. I grew up on Tasters Choice.

I won't drink Nestle instant because Nestle is up there goddamn eyeballs in slave labor and they're probably one of the worst corporations in the world. I try everything I can not to buy their products.

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I would quibble over the usage of “perfectly fine”, but I get what you mean.

Most instant coffee is going to give a consistent, reliable flavor, and won’t change that based on who makes it, how it’s made, or any other factors that go into differences between individual pots of coffee. That’s a useful trait.

It also has fairly consistent caffeine content since the batches it’s made in are gargantuan compared to pots of coffee.

What it lacks is the diversity of flavor that choosing a brand, blend, or regional offers. It also lacks the depth of flavor, and the (opinion here) quality of flavor of even drip coffee. It can’t have the same depth of flavor because the more delicate components just don’t survive the drying process.

Now, that opinion about it tasting worse is just that, opinion. If a person favours a really strong, single note burst of “coffee” flavor without any of the subtle stuff, instant is awesome. There’s a reason that espresso powder and instant coffee get used in baking instead of brewed coffee, and it isn’t just convenience/water content. If you want that essence of coffee taste, the freeze drying process will bring it way better than any reduction you could do with brewed.

And you ain’t lying about the convenience. Coffee you can carry in a pocket, make anywhere with nothing but water and a container. You can even do it without hot water, if you really need that hit of caffeine.

All of that being said, I have not, and likely never will, have instant coffee since I had to cut/minimize caffeine. Never have liked the taste, so without the ability to handle the drug aspect of coffee, there’s no reason to suffer a taste I don’t personally enjoy.

But anyone that does like it? Rock on my coffee brothers!


This is basically where I land as well. I can enjoy an instant coffee just fine, and I don't need every coffee I have to be the best coffee. I've got plenty of options for when I want to put a bit more effort in and get a better result

That said I do think there are better instant brands than Nestle at similar prices. I like the Douwe Egberts one more and it goes on sale often enough for me to get a jar before the prior one runs out


Yeah being able to control the strength of your one cup is kinda handy. Have you made dalgona yet?

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Oh a dalgona equivalent is a traditional here. Been having that since I was a kid.

Phitti hui coffee we call it, literally translates to whipped coffee.

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Urgh, Nescafe is gross. I can’t abide the aftertaste.


Any instant coffee is gross in flavor, if not production. That said, if one "needs" a dude of caffeine and can handle the taste of instant, Bustelo has a kick.

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Not all instant is bad, although the couple of brands I’ve found that actually taste good are not available in the US, sadly.


Oh, maybe that's the problem. Line a lot of things, we're not allowed to experience better quality. It would break the economy or some rubbish. If I ever make it out, a lifetime to experience differences isn't enough!


Some instant coffee makes a perfectly acceptable coffee like beverage that fits the job, there’s no need to ever buy Nestle products though

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It’s tough to avoid nestle sadly :(

It’s also the only cheap instant coffee I can drink without wanting to puke


lakotalaw.org/resources/nestle-alternativesCan’t help with the gag reflex though.

SnokenKeekaGuard, (edited )
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Yeah not a single once of those is available here. That stuff might be available in the US or Europe but I’m in a third world country lol.

Hell the only reliably clean drinking water we have is nestle. As I said, very unavoidable.

Infact quick story. Therss a very remote village that I used to go to. Now they don’t have anything there whatsoever. Like a nokia 3310 is the most technological device there. The way they raise their livestock is by letting them go roam around the forest and eat what they want and return at sundown.

Last time I visited a nestle van came in and bought their milk. For them its reliable sales, even if its terrible pricing. But nestle own far too much.


That’s really quite mind blowing, thanks for sharing


Steal the van, sell the driver into slavery. Then it’d be that real Nestle vibe.

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