The official r/GlobalOffensive at Kbin

As you may have already seen most of Reddit has gone dark including r/GlobalOffensive. We, the mod team of r/GlobalOffensive have created this alternative Counter-Strike community here for people who want to continue discussing Counter-Strike, bypassing Reddit's shenanigans.

We can continue to operate here, and share more on our actions and developments with Reddit in the comming days. Please bear with us, while we try to get used to Kbin and the Fediverse.

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Hello and welcome!, you should know that is having some trouble propagating posts and comments outside this server, so this might not be visible in the fediverse yet, see here.
My recommendation is once this problem is solved, you create another post so it reaches more people.

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Thanks for the tip there. As we are quite new to the fediverse in general, we are probably going to do alot of reading beforehand, untill all instances are able to view ^^

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Don't doubt asking! And also keep an eye on @kbinMeta for news regarding this specific problem.


Hello from Seems as if the problem is fixed


This has nothing to do with CS, I just wanted to say that it's cool how you guys decided to migrate away from Reddit. I can't wait to see their value as a company drop over the next year.

lol, (edited )
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Cool, glad I can join in

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Thank you for extending, we had a big lack of CS content here :D
May I ask what the plan to continue is? Is this just a fall back in case Reddit removes the mod team, do you plan to completely move over here or will both be running at the same time?


I hope the admins replace you fucking worthless clowns, protesting dumb bullshit that half the big subreddits claimed to care about but immediately caved as soon as they realized they can lose their mod position. These are the clowns we're joining in a "protest", what a sad joke.

NOBODY cares about this shit.


I'm fairly confident we are going back to reddit on 19th June. The lack of community here really hurts, only 500+subscribers so far.

There is already a replacement subreddit for csgo and it has over 500k+ members. We should go back and take back our place as the main CSGO discussion subreddit. Either we are very sure the community here will grow or we will lose everything we built so far.


i just want these retards to unprivate the fucking subreddit

i dont give a shit about their armcharir crusade, but theres so many useful settings and troubleshooting threads on the subreddit that are unreachable, because these fucking faggots are on a fucking powertrip.


theres so many useful settings and troubleshooting threads on the subreddit that are unreachable

They are going to be more unreachable now they are paywalled off from apis and now you need to sign up to see what has been written.

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people like you, man... you just don't get it, do you? the "retards" or "fucking faggots" you're referring to have been integral parts of building reddit into the juggernaut of human knowledge and user generated content that it is today. so have you! and so have i! i'm guessing you're too young to have been part of the ride (i'm talking reddit ca 2007), and too young to understand how reddit has come to be the "frontpage of the internet" that it's dubbed today. the blackout is meant to piss you off! but you're directing your anger in the wrong direction. it's reddit you should be angry with. the greedy tech corporation that no longer gives a shit about your user experience, your privacy, your community (mind you - reddit is just lots of communities, community is a strong value upon which it is built) – no, reddit no longer gives a shit. they want to find a way to monetize you and prop up the value of the company, so that u/spez (fuck him) can finally make his great exit via an IPO and just watch as the shareholders and stock market (wanting nothing but infinite growth) destroy what every single contributing user has built together since 2005, and turn our platform (sic) into just another POS social media doomscrolling bonanza à la the enshittification that has happened to e g instagram, facebook, tiktok etc.

"but what about the answer to my super specific question that I know is on reddit but I can't access it instantly" well boo-hoo take a timeout and read a fucking book or something and if you think really hard about it, maybe you'll come to realize that hey, there might be something to this protest/blackout and i should be happy that the moderators of MY community are taking MY experience seriously and are doing what they can to make sure you can keep having that great reddit experience you're used to not just now, instantly – but for years to come.



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  • ClownMods,

    You should go out more dude, you sound like a fucking loser.

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    It might be a good idea to update the magazine icon to not include the reddit snoo

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    This is great news, another reason to stay here on the fediverse :)


    It would be better not to completely lock out old sub. Promote this place for people to join from there, because they don't even see the message mostly.


    Nothing is better than the HTLV forums.


    I can understan the bs reddit API update, almost killing the third party apps. I can also understand a two day blackout. But closing off the subreddit to an eternity is a complete joke. We were only 1M odd peeps.

    Mods just glorifying themselves without even consulting the subscribers. Create a vote and and then decide based on the outcome. Has to be a joke ngl.

    I for one enjoy reddit post work stress hours. This subreddit used to be my favorite. Remember that if not you then someone else will find a way.

    Dont be delusional and for the sake of subscribers, please go online.

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    Screw reddit man. We don't need crooks like the reddit CEO. I don't understand why people have to mess around on the internet so much anyway.


    There is another CS kbin over at

    Should we stick with CS or try and see if you guys can take over that one somehow? I think that name is a bit better honestly. Stoked to dip into the fedi.


    Wait this subreddit isn't for computer science?


    Shit I was here for Cities Skylines.


    One of my first subs here in the Fediverse!

    Volvo, wen CS2 beta key?

    Hyper avatar

    Thank you guys!

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    Good to have you on board! Us at /r/Amsterdam are also dipping our toes into the Reddit-like Fediverse.

    A few things we’ve noticed:

    1. The cloud flare thing on Kbin currently sucks. It eats comments.
    2. We’re wondering how users will deal with multiple communities with the same name (across instances). Will the or the Lemmy.World or the “CSPro” be the default?
      We’re looking at redirects/links to stitch it together a bit.
    3. Kbin seems a bit more refined on the UI side currently, even if the naming (‘Magazines’) is confusing currently.
      It Mark’s the return of CSS styling, and happily can build on a very modern & solid CSS foundation unlike Old.Reddit.
    4. Lemmy is the only one with (iOS) apps at the moment (Mlem) but it’s still very basic at the moment. Like with Mastodon, I expect you this to change rapidly, given the extra time a bunch of devs will soon have + the ones who’ve just gotten very good at Fediverse coding through Mastodon are out there.
    5. Moderation tools are a bit mystery still. Need to get some traffic first to see how it will evolve!

    If you guys want to swap stories/advice, hit me up!

    osiris avatar

    Hey, yup this is a great sum up of the concerns alot of us are sharing. While I guess some of them will be addressed, others might be handled differently.

    But at the end of the day it's about creating the space for like-minded people to share. Same as Reddit same as here. Just different means.

    If you guys want to swap stories, hit me up!

    Likewise, same goes to you too.

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