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TIL that you can block a publisher on Steam, to prevent their games from showing up ever again. Perfect timing.

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Hey Computer people I need some help:

I have a hand me down self built computer that has an NVIDIA 2060 SUPER graphics card with more than enough storage and 32 GB of RAM. It's got Two SSD's though, One from my old Laptop that i got put into this computer and the one that this computer has. This is happening on the Laptop's SSD:

For some reason I can't play the game "Content Warning" on Steam; it fully crashes my computer not long after opening. It also happens with Friends Vs. Friends (which i have played on here before) and Baldur's Gate 3. I've tried messing around with the launch settings to start it up at a lower resolution and it still crashes.

I'm not sure what to do but my next option when i've got a chance is to try playing it on the other SSD.

Anybody have any advice on what I can do?

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Saw another video of a US doing this from the late 1940s. This video appears to be a British engine scooping water from a similar time period.

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This week we're putting the bullet into bullet hell with the hit SHMUP roguelike shooter Star of Providence!

Originally titled "Monolith", this NES-inspired modern retro shooter has it all: ghosts, mages, cybernetic constructs, giant spinning razor weapons, and of course: a talking cat.

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Na Steamie „INSIDE” jest za 1,99 €. Mocny klimat, ciekawe mechaniki oraz mindfuck na koniec. Polecam.

#giereczkowo #INSIDE #Steam

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I’ve had this game for several years, but now that I’m looking at it carefully. I just finished Chapter I and I can say that it is a very engaging story. For those who are a fan of Batman Year One, this game is for you.

Despite the problems it went through, Telltale has always known how to make narrative games of exceptional quality. It’s no different here.


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@comics The story is so engaging that I couldn’t turn off the game and I decided to keep playing a little bit more. I’ve finished Chapter 2 now. What a fantastic game! What a twist!

#batman #dc #dccomics #telltale #steam #playstation

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Si Ludo estuviera disponible para instalar desde como sí lo está probablemente instalaría Ludo sin pensarlo.
Es una experiencia mucho más similar a la de Lemuroid en Android. Se abre, se configura mínimamente y se juega. Para los juegos más es una gozada.

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Finished just now... I'm so melancholic right now. Loved the characters, the pace and the story. One of the I liked more, maybe just a little less than .
Worth every single penny.

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Slay the Spire 2 got a store page

"The iconic roguelike deckbuilder returns. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, and discover relics of immense power in Slay the Spire 2!"

#steam #gaming #videoGames #steamStorePage

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Starting soon: the Triple-i indie showcase! Hope to see some cool new roguelikes!

#gaming #steam #triplei #the_triple_i_initiative #triple_i #iiishowcase #roguelike #roguelite

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I am working on Times of Progress, a city builder set during the Industrial Revolution.

You build industries to extract and process resources, transport them via steam Trains and Ships and turn them into goods for the population.

It's made with #bevyengine

#indiedev #city #steam

GIF of an isometric city where two Steelworks factories are added and built, as well as a Railway from a Train Station

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Qué maravilla que haya una nueva oportunidad para #gigantic.
Un juego muy divertido y bonito, pero tremendísima cagada que tuvieron hace años con este videojuego del que sólo nos acordamos quienes jugamos sus primeras betas por su brillante idea de firmar una exclusividad para #Xbox y la #MicrosoftStore sin avisar, desapareciendo del launcher y tienda de #Arc (Perfect World) y perdiendo SEO.
Ahora ya es de pago y queda en #Steam que es más estable.

#videojuegos #noticias

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@gamingonlinux It's about time for to happen on desktop machines officially ...

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Human Revolution is on sale for 2.99€ on !

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