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Between this and Dredge, it has been a wonderful year for the Deck.

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It really is a charming game. I think this article does a good job describing some of is delights. What really struck me though is that the main mechanics are things that you'd find in a leechy freemium mobile game. But they're layered in complimentary loops that make the whole FAR more than the sum of it's parts.

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Funny you say that, it actually started AS a mobile game. Then they changed directions, but you're right you can still feel some of it still in there.

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This game is so much fun. It has no right being as fun as it is. My favorite casual game in absolute ages.


I’d get it on Steam but i hear it’s coming to switch so i might wait for that.

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While you'll pay a premium for it, it is perfect for a controller and short burst gaming. Its worth it if you can't wait though.


yea thanks that’s my thinking. i hate being tied to desktop for certain games. i don’t have a steamdeck so I’ll have to wait for the switch where they’ll probably charge me double for the convenience lol

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I'm not sure if they are still around but you used to be able the get a steam link and a Bluetooth controller and play games in your living room if you wanted to


The hardware isn't anymore. I bought a second for dirt cheap when they decided to end it. They still make updates though. The replacement is a cell phone app.

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They discontinued em. At one point they sold their remaining stock for a dollar each I think

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Man, but the steam deck really is a solid purchase.

I have a sweet gaming rig but I haven't openedva game on it since I got my deck.

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It's the same for me, I just play everything on my steam deck now


You could use the Steam link app on your phone and basically any Bluetooth controller.


thanks i wasn’t aware of this. I’ll look in to it

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