Favourite game music?

Ok continuing on from my last thread, he's a different question.

What is your favourite music from a Video Game?

So for me, there are two answers to this for me.

One: The opening theme songs for the VR Games, I expect you to Die. They are absolute and fantastic, and certainly channel that classic James Bond spy feeling. Cannot help but sing them.

Second, multiple songs from Final Fantasy XIV. To The Edge, Endwalker - Footfalls, Shadowbringers, some of the songs from the Alexander Raids , there's too many to name, but these are all great, and seriously can't stop myself singing along to any of them when they come on.


Cyberpunk 2077 has pretty damn good music with a large variety of styles. I love that they have almost exclusively artists Ive never heard of and whose great music Ive discovered that way.

Ultima VIII also had really good music, so perfectly eerie for this bromen world. From the same artist also Wing Commander: Privateer.

Tyrian had a great soundtrack that sounded really oldschool 8 bitty and perfectly supported, nay made the athmosphere of the game.

Dune though, that has to be one if the best. What that artist produced using just the measley OPL3 FM synthesizers of the first soundcards? Absolutely incredible.

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CP2077 has the best character creator music I've heard by a mile. Great for someone like me that spends over an hour in that sort of thing.

Dune was outstanding. If you haven't heard "Arrakis (Wormsign Remix)" from OCRemix, check it out.


The Hotline Miami 1 and 2 soundtracks are killer.

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I finally watched John wick 4 and the music in the movie sounds similar to the Hotline Miami music.


the entire OST for Nier: Automata is amazing. i still need to play through Nier: Replicant and i think im looking forward to the music more than the game itself.


The carnival theme chefs kiss

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One of my top picks. Music really sells the game.

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Frontier: Elite 2 main theme by David Lowe, Amiga version. It may just be my memories from the game, but that track never fails to pick me up.

Crusader: No Remorse, the entire OST. Industrial meets 90s midi techno.

Ascendancy, OST by Nenad Vugrinec. Awesome ambient sounds.

and the Mass Effect OST.


I loved Ascendency's soundtrack - thanks for the nostalgia bump.


Still alive - Portal

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Brilliant sound track!


Also Cara mia addio.


I'm currently hooked on the Bomberman 64 soundtrack again. That intro cutscene music and the world select still please my eardrums!


silent hill and no more heroes are both franchises with amazing soundtracks.


The Xenoblade series has such great OSTs in general. If I have to pick just one track it's probably Engage the Enemy

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(Old fuck here) Final Fantasy 6 and Castlevania Symphony of the Night. And it's not even close. Other games I like have some solid bangers (Halo, Doom, Zelda, etc), but I love those 2 games whole OSTs.

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Maximum Anarchy's soundtrack

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I have five fingers on one hand so here are five favorites:

  • Far Cry 2 (especially title track)
  • Jagged Alliance 2 (especially laptop music)
  • Tie Fighter (it’s Star Wars)
  • Assassin’s Creed Origins (Just beautiful, Sarah Schachner rocks)
  • Crysis (Good example of why music and sound is like 50% of a good game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIFPHVAvOXs&t=203s)
Lols, (edited )

morrowinds music really just transports you straight to vvardenfell in a way video game music often doesnt for me

same with beyond good and evils soundtrack, it just does an incredible job of making me feel like hyllis is a real place

oh, and the first 3 Harry potter games!

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LOTRO has some incredible music, and for me the Trollshaws zone specifically. I still spend entire afternoons farming there, it's so relaxing and beautiful. And the passage through the gates of Imladris is just breathtaking.

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Hard to pick just a few tracks, but some of my favorite original soundtracks are:

Nier Gestalt
Persona 5
The Witcher 3

For licensed ones, I particularly like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


The Marble Gallery theme from SotN is aboslutely burned into my mind still.

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