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All things CTI, Infosec, OSINT and Cybersec.

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Neural Times is an AI-powered news site that autonomously selects topics, researches, writes, and publishes news. Drawing equal amounts of information from left, right, and center sources in each story, we aim to counteract political bias and polarization.

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Been away a while. What's new? What's up? What's going on?

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Uno reverse card.

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Discord: WaveWalnut#3884
Mastodon: @wavewalnut
Kbin: @wave_walnut
Pixelfed: @wave_walnut

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Programmer and Airplane Enthusiast.

"You just don't know how AI works" earns you a block.

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Norwegian proto with a taste for shitposting
Deeply sorry for my photoshop creations

🌐‎‎ ‎
📷‎‎   samsung s21 ultra
🐾‎ ‎ ‎ 🤖

Due to kbin's issues, I've left this instance and settled at blå See you there!

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Speedrack West is one of the Northwest's premier distributors of new and used pallet racking, cantilever racking, and industrial storage products.

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Developer and surfer of the web

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Building web stuff for fun and living since 2000s. Blogger, sometimes translator, book author in hiatus, former teacher, overly curious mind.

This is my account on Kbin, a link aggregating service similar to Lemmy. I use it to post links I find interesting for various reasons. Not always endorsing things I post here.

I'm also there:

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My mastodon accounts:

  • @kjr (Mostly) in English
  • @kjr in Hebrew
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PureDome, an advanced business VPN solution, seamlessly integrates cybersecurity and secure team connections. It employs cutting-edge encryption techniques, dedicated IP addresses, and an Internet Kill Switch for added protection. Its user-friendly dashboard simplifies team oversight and access control, while its flexibility adapts to businesses' unique needs.

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CatSalad🐈🥗 @catsalad

Born to (・⁠ω⁠・⁠💮)
forced to (・⁠__・⁠💮)

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I'm a scientist and systems engineer, particularly materials science, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, bioengineering, renewable energy, um... okay, so kind of I enjoy being a general engineer and doing a little of everything.

But I love trying to help scientists turn super technical concepts into usable prototypes because I can translate biologist to electrical engineer really effectively.

I am the star trek kind of anarchist.

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Today's social media transform us into merely numbers.
No problem for me.

Alts: @Kierunkowy74 ( @Kierunkowy74 (PieFed)
Polish account: @Kierunkowy74
Mastodon: @74 or @Kierunkowy74 (alt)

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#IT and #InfoSec by Trade, shawarma lover at heart. I make videos on #TikTok and stream on #Twitch about #cybersecurity and #gaming on #Linux.

There are way more links at I am only allowed four maximum on a stock Mastodon server

There's links to donate with ko-fi, streamelements, and #cryptocurrency if you want to support my tech adventures and content creation.

#streaming #opensource #linux #tech #lifestyle #gamingonlinux


Blogger/journalist at and

#databreach #ransomware #dataprotection #privacy #cybersecurity #transparency #HIPAA #F1 #coffee

Posts have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or my dogs, who remind everyone to use the Oxford comma.

The header pic is my beautiful Senna, a northern husky we rescued in 2018.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Husband. Proud Father. He/Him.

👁️ 🐝 Ⓜ️ IBM Inventor and Cloud Security Solution Architect at @IBM. Member of the IBM Academy of Technology (AoT).

:openbsd: ex-#OpenBSD (xsa@). Hacker. Open Source Advocate.

#ibm #infosec #cloudsecurity #fedi22 #fedi23 #wehackhealth #crossfit #emtb #fieldhockey #porsche #nobot

💬 My Own Views. Always.

My #cybersecurity and #infosec Weekly Newsletter:


Maintaining a list of {Cyber,Info}Security Events:



Cyber Security - Reverse Engineering - IoT/Embedded - Exploit - Linux kernel and Cats - PhD - My Toots, My Opinions


Author of Digital Forensic/Pen Test/Blue Team Diaries, Hands-on Incident Response and Digital Forensics & Security Operations in Practice! (he/him) #infosec #DFIR #BlueTeam #Pentesting avatar


Long time #Hacker type. #Hippie and I care about the #planet, ask me about #solarpower and #EV.

RemoteWork since 1999, you know, since last century.

Been here since April 2022 and on this instance since Nov 2022.

Work is :gitlab: #GitLab. Former ghost hunter and storm chaser. Survivor of #cancer and a #widower. Links in the About. He/Him.

#Infosec #hacker


⚞ piszę do z3s, sklejam Weekendową Lekturę i fotografuję murale tosterem ⚟

#infosec editor of

toots mostly in Polish, sometimes in English


Davey Winder - He/Him

Senior Contributor: Forbes
Contributing Editor: PC Pro

All My Opinions Are Belong To Me

#infosec #technology #journalist #writer #author #hacker avatar


Solutions Architect. Recovering project manager. Maker of small-batch, artisanal bad jokes.


This account has migrated to a new server:


Your guide up a mountain of information!


A cybersecurity blog focused on cyber news, careers, tech, and more.


Former cyber security journalist, now in cyber security with Intel 471. This is a personal account. New podcast, Cybercrime Exposed, out now. See link in profile. avatar


Founder of MajorsHouse

LANFest Board member

Community Manager of Twitch Raleigh


Founder of MajorToot (

Admin of


Thoughts expressed here are my own!

Please support the MajorsHouse Network!



#Tech #Gaming #Streaming #Twitch #YouTube




Infosec researcher | Find me @

#fedi22 #infosec #cybersecurity #tech #indieweb #apple searchable

Profile picture: A red shark holding a terminal window shaped like a surfboard. The terminal reads “> whoami shellsharks” avatar


Cybersecurity reporter for Risky Business

#infosec #cybersecurity #security avatar


Director, Global Field CTO at Sophos, frequent speaker and press go to. Said opinions are mine, not the company.


CVE Analyst. Love all things application security and pentesting. Software developer. A weirdo fr


I'm a hacker and mainly post about web security.

By profession, I am a pentester and team leader

I like to explain and understand things and I am convinced that the two go hand in hand.
So my posts are mostly of an educational nature.


Recent topics:
#CveCrowd, #Phishing, #CVSS, #PromptInjection, #OTP, #JavaScript, #HSTS, #BSCP avatar


I'm an older geek dad in the California bay area.

Please talk to me about #coffee , #puns , #infosec , #books , #scifi, #ttrpg, or other geeky topics.

I like cheesy 80s pop music, Rush, and GloryHammer. No apologies.

I've discovered #mastocats hash tag, and #mosstodon and #photography and they've all made this a much more humane place.

I like seeing the "slice of life" posts from real people. These kinds of moments are what connects us.

Pronouns: he/him

#Infosec, #nerd, #dad, older #geek.


Displaced Philly boy. Threat hunter. Streamer. Educator. #infosec, #programming #rust :rust:, #python :python: #haskell :haskell:, and #javascript :javascript:. #opensource advocate. Runs Made Co-creator of Not your bro. All opinions my own. #fedi22 #searchable

Pronouns: He/him.

M.Ed | Sec+ | CISSP | eCTHPv2 | eWPT | CRTO avatar


Technologist @ Human Rights Watch (previously Amnesty, Citizen Lab)

Malware, Threat Intelligence, Disinformation, Human Rights and silly memes.

Lives in France, may tweet in French sometimes. avatar


Hacker, activist, free-softie ◈ techie luddite ◈ formerly information security and infrastructure at and ◈ my opinions are my own etc.


profile image: drawing of a head and shoulders of a cat-person, in a space suit.

banner image: long-exposure photo of a large tent, brightly illuminated from inside, looking as if it is made of lava

#foss #libre #privacy #infosec #fedi22

(public toots CC By-SA 4.0 if applicable)

🇪🇺 🇵🇱 · 🇧🇦 🇮🇸 · 🇺🇦 avatar


Formerly - Thinker, writer, activist, ally, tech veteran, co-founder Trilobyte Games (the 7th Guest) & Green Econometrics. Former RN & educator. Former OR State Telecommunications Councilor. Amateur ethnomusicologist with a YouTube channel. - he/him AVATAR: older, long-haired nerd with facial hair. Missing are my round glasses. HEADER IMAGE: Oregon’s Rogue Valley, looking south from my back porch. #TwitterRefugee #BLM #PFLAG avatar


Full stack web developer currently working mostly with #PHP / #Laravel, Vanilla #Javascript and #SCSS. Love learning more about (almost) anything, but particularly #MySQL and #InfoSec. Currently learning Arabic. Husband, father of two boys, Christian.


Jobs and Talents in the Cybersecurity space 🍕☕☕💻😸 avatar


I love the smell of geekosterone in the morning... and mojitos at night.

I speak fluent sarcasm, & occasional snark. I'm a rain-breathing, webbed-footed #Seattle native. I can name an #EltonJohn song in ~3 notes. I'm heavily into #privacy #security / #infosec & have zero trust in third parties.

Some of my opinions WILL differ from yours(!!) I'm ok with this. Are you?

Apocalypse planning since 1994. My other acct @justyourluck is where I keep it doomy, all pandemics & disasters.


Infosec consultant - Coding, Research + various other interests


Who am i?

Am i a #programmer? Am i a #pentester? Am i an #Artist? Am i a #DevOps engineer? Am I a #ML researcher? Am i human?

I was nothing a few decades ago and i will be nothing a few decades after.

But i am a small part of this universe and making my small contribution to the universe.

#infosec #programming avatar


Lead Architect @ BBC. Snowboarder, skateboarder. Oxfordshire, UK. Opinions mine. He/Him.
Interested in #serverless #nodejs #googlecloud #terraform #bigquery #analytics #web #cdn #http #tls #http2 #http3 #security #infosec #privacy #webperformance #webperf etc. avatar


Enjoy #Linux, #macOS, #FreeBSD & #Unix like systems? #Opensource software & #programming? Enjoy #Sysadmin & #DevOps work? Follow us to make the most of your geeky IT career. #ActuallyHuman (e/human)


Welcome to my infosec & sysadmin-focused account! Posting news, memes, fails & thoughts on anything infosec, sysadmin, Linux, and opensource related things!

Interested in all things #Linux, #infosec, #cybersecurity & #sysadmin.

For unrelated thoughts, check out my personal account at @deltatux!

#fedi22 avatar


Security ops engineer, former congressional sysadmin, writer, voracious reader. he/him. Opinions here mine only. No LLM content from me, all flaws detected are human-generated. Autistic/depressed/anxious/hungry.

#infosec #cybersecurity #privacy #actuallyautistic #neurodivergent avatar


Antifascist, antiracist, a11y, feminist.
Trans rights are human rights.
Reproductive rights are human rights.
Gardener, artist, photographer.

30 years in tech so far - Left Coast USA
Ranting in #ux as needed.

Posting/boosting news about tech, ethics, science, US politics, climate emergency, public health 🦠. Visuals on art, crafts, weird stuff, living things, archaeology, landscapes.

Following behind you adding ALT text so I can boost your images.


Tinkerer | Solarpunk | Hacker

☸️ Shin Buddhist | Jodo Shinshu ☸️

Profile Pic: avatar


Architect, Cloud, OpenSource, Gardening, Travel

#Java #Rust #Python #SpringIO #Microservices #3dprinting #FckAfd #NazisRaus #Leipzig #nobot
#Threema via W7AAXD5V avatar


🧙‍♂️ Herding bits and cats


Enjoy when humans are using machines in unexpected ways. I break stuff and I do stuff.

The other side is at (photography, art and free software at large)

#infosec #opensource #threatintelligence #fedi22 #threatintel


A leading provider of offensive #security solutions & contributor to the #infosec community. #pentesting #appsec #netsec avatar


Security Researcher avatar


Just another desperate #Objectivist #Perl hacker. Lately into #cosplay and #dance, sometimes simultaneously.

Sorry libertarians, you can’t have #AynRand:

If you block me because you don’t like what I say, I win.

Other interests: #music, #Commodore #RetroComputing, #DoctorWho, #drag

No reposts:


#fedi22 #searchable


We're two #iOS developers and occasional #security researchers on two continents. #CyberSecurity 🇨🇦🇩🇪 avatar


Hacker. kind of, taking care of security in critical infrastructure.
Woodworker as a hobby.
overall overlord (provisional) of

German expat living in Holland. Hackerspace and CCC

Toots in en, de and een kleine beetje nederlands

Born at 330PPM CO2. Fuck Nazis, everywhere.

The private team of toots here... avatar


Technology nerd, infosec leader, husband, dad, skeptic though not in that order. Human rights are non-negotiable. Love all things #infosec, #scifi, #motorcycles, #hiking, animals, #technology and #science related. Director for MSSP services at a security vendor though views here are solely mine. #MSSP #cybersecurity #fedi22 avatar


CIRCL is the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team/Computer Security Incident Response Team) for the private sector, communes and non-governmental entities in Luxembourg. The home of many open source security tools.

#infosec #cert #threatintelligence #fedi22 #incidentresponse #dfir


Helping overworked and underfunded cybersecurity teams focus on key issues and deliver improved security posture.
Because it's just too much, and it's all for yesterday 🤷‍♂️

Sometimes a bot, sometimes not. avatar


Mitglied Bezirksausschuss 11, Milbertshofen - Am Hart avatar


Technology #security #it #data #speaker and Silicon Valley veteran making a change for a more balanced life outside the US. 💕 protect open source communities #linux #foss 💛 encourage civil discussion 🕊️nonviolence & peace #endthewar


Digital forensics nerd. Opinions are mine and subject to change. He/Him.

#DFIR #DigitalForensics #FOSS #Python #OSDF #MobileForensics

🖥 Developer of open-source tools for digital forensics (iLEAPP, ALEAPP, & RLEAPP.)
📱 Digital forensics examiner specializing in mobile forensics.
🔊 Public speaker on cybersecurity and digital investigations.
🃏​ Certified Digital Forensics Memer

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