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Antifascist, antiracist, a11y, feminist.
Trans rights are human rights.
Reproductive rights are human rights.
Gardener, artist, photographer.

30 years in tech so far - Left Coast USA
Ranting in #ux as needed.

Posting/boosting news about tech, ethics, science, US politics, climate emergency, public health 🦠. Visuals on art, crafts, weird stuff, living things, archaeology, landscapes.

Following behind you adding ALT text so I can boost your images.

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The WWDC meta this year really sounds like a year ago Apple's execs had an 'oh shit.' moment with ChatGPT and then instructed every single product team to drop everything and brainstorm some way of using LLMs to power new features whether they like it or not. I just wonder how much of the ‘original' plan for iOS 18 was shelved in the process. I fully expect iPad to get virtually no improvements this year, as all of that energy was already pivoted to visionOS before AI came about

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@stroughtonsmith If only Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Numbers, Safari extension system and desktop search could be improved. I’m continually disappointed that they can’t seem to finish building the basics.

coldclimate, to random
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Last night my mind was blown at the sheer creativity of @grahamdunning and his techno machine


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“I did not find the case trivial. I found it nauseating, a grouping of some of the least attractive and sleaziest human beings I have ever imagined in proximity to the levers of power. And critically, these were people actively and consciously engaged in an effort to corrupt an election. I came away from the trial thinking it was actually important that Trump had to answer for this conduct, whether he was convicted of it or not.” https://www.lawfaremedia.org/article/thoughts-on-donald-trump-s-conviction by @benjaminwittes

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in a week?

“Because the sun rotates on its axis once every 27 days, the sunspot disappeared from view around a week later, but it didn't stop producing solar flares. On May 20, it emitted a solar flare rated as X12, the strongest since September 2017. It was observed by the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter spacecraft.

AR3664/AR13664 is now becoming visible again as the sun rotates — and it will be Earth-facing once again during the new moon on June 6."


shoq, to random
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I’ve said for years that we need teams of notable voices speaking out with well crafted statements (not just knee-jerk, liberal cause-humping).

De Niro proved celebrities can break through our media blockade of important stories. Imagine teams of the biggest names in entertainment holding joint pressers to discuss emergent fascism. Some of you with connections can make that happen.

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Screenshot of text:

"Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. They're destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outbursts and racial division."

Jerry Brown

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Ticketmaster hacked. Breach affects more than half a billion users.

Emails, phone numbers, addresses, and even financial details have allegedly been exposed by a notorious hacker group. And they are offering the data for half a million bucks.


@404mediaco exposed Ticketmaster yesterday for its monopoly power in the concert industry, so its 500 million customers are now being revictimized by the hackers.



timrichards, to Ukraine
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Photo taken on this date in 2016 - that time I was in an underground cafe in Lviv, Ukraine, and the waiter caramelised stuff with a blowtorch. Perfectly normal occ health and safety.

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@timrichards Every creme brûlée I have consumed or served has been blowtorched. (USA)

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Created in for Android

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@Malwen @ngons I’m glad you put the description in so I could see the flowers. It’s funny how binary the view is.

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High property taxes support schools. Lotteries support schools. Federal gov supports school food. And yet we have “lunch debts” for poor families and expect the child labor and lemonade stands market to pay them off. SMH.

Good on him, but WTF is going on in these states. https://pubeurope.com/@europesays/112510017626432122

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@rayckeith @europesays Awful! Cash is supposed to be a fungible token. I hope that is declared illegal down the line. Ugh.

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I imagine that with the tail end of the post WW2 generation retiring, the leading edge of the baby boom will be selling housing. Because of demographics we should have excess housing in just a few years. Right? Prices drop, people move up, entry housing appears again, and new housing is built on existing lots with older homes. Hoping we won’t have to pay people to take them as Italy is doing. https://assortedflotsam.com/@NewsBot/112510400384472436

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@stevenray @cynblogger From my brief views of EU/UK housing situation, it’s not better there, and the crunch started earlier, because of the urge to not sprawl or build modern apts in many places. The Germans I know, for example either lived with their parents until marriage or moved into warehouses. The Netherlands has multiyear waitlists for apartments and has for decades, I believe.

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Here we have: Burger Pizza! "Premium NZ Beef, Smoked Cheddar, Honey Mustard, Onion and Gherkins." Welp

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@violetblue @xs4me2 I think I might actually try that if given the chance. Was it a honey mustard sauce instead of a typical pizza sauce?

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Test drive #Linux online to find the flavor you like best:


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@dansup @dansup The alt text on the post https://pixelfed.social/p/zhang.dianli/699843661291068434?fs=1 doesn't seem to be showing to me for some reason. I'm using Firefox if that helps. A friend I asked to check can see it using Chromium, however.

Do you have any advice?

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@zdl @dansup @dansup I am using Firefox. I see ALT text, but only if I hover the mouse over the dots under the images. Here, my mouse is over the 3rd dot (which is not the photo shown).

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@zdl @dansup @dansup This kind of thing happens to me all the time with javascript UIs.

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New study from UC San Diego:

“Even if you perform surgery to remove the tumors, no surgery is perfect and there is outgrowth of metastasis if no additional treatment is provided,” explained Steinmetz. “Here, we use our plant virus [cowpea mosaic] nanoparticles after surgery to boost the immune system to reject any residual disease and prevent circulating tumor cells from metastatic seeding. We found that it works really, really well [in mice]!”’

https://www.earth.com/news/plant-virus-that-attacks-black-eyed-peas-also-kills-cancer-tumors/ #cancer

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I am so excited about this rose. First bloom.

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riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1368

#Cycling #BikeTooter #BikeTO #Photography #Graffiti

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@derekvanvliet Not sure, but it might say “JANKLE”.

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Jason Fried from 37Signals announces a “web-based books” product, which I must admit does sound intriguing, even though I already made my own custom book serialization site with Eleventy + Buttondown. Sounds like business books is their main use case, but still, good idea. -> “Workbook […] They have covers, they can have title pages, they can have picture pages, and they can have text pages. Each book gets its own URL, and navigating and keeping track of your progress is all built right in.”

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@ricmac leanpub might have a lot more utility and alignment for authors.

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#DuckDuckGo is down likely because #Bing is down. Both are flatlined. https://downdetector.com/

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the 4th of july is a funny time for the uk to have an election, isnt it?

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@Chip_Unicorn @Viss Someone pointed out that the UK election is on the US Independence Day.

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whitequark, to random
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i want something like Microsoft's Recall thing and will probably eventually build it for myself, using different tech

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@whitequark Vortimo Unravel might be helpful for you if you mainly want a record of browser-based activity: https://www.osint-tool.com/unravel-help/

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