YSK that Kbin can subscribe not only to magazines and communities, but entire instances.

This may be useful for folks looking to expand their feed. I discovered this on accident and it completely revolutionized my experience on Kbin.

To view all of an instance's posts, just use https://kbin.social/d/[instance domain here]

This appears to work for all Kbin instances, most Lemmy instances, and some Mastodon instances (this may have to do with their federation with kbin.social - I'm uncertain). Other platforms may work as well. Some examples:



Just hit the button to subscribe, and the entire instance is in your feed. It also provides a nice jumping off point to explore and subscribe to specific communities on that instance.

When you use this technique with a list like what's available from the Fediverse Observer, it really widens the reach of your feed and your ability to participate across the Fediverse.

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As an added bonus, you can also use the https://kbin.social/d/[instance domain here] scheme to block entire domains, if you find that they include content you don't want to see in your feed.

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Tried it with feddit.de* (https://kbin.social/d/feddit.de) but I still get posts from there.

*) Sorry german friends, I don't understand your language.

Hyacathusarullistad avatar

Same here. Blocking instances seems to be bugged, but following them seems to work fine!

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Dammit, that's awesome, didn't even see the block button - you got me bonus hunting now... :)

Bonus #2 - Turns out the /d/ parameter works for ANY domains with content posted on Kbin or in your feed.

For instance, let's say you wanna see (or block) everything posted from Facebook:


or Twitter:


I gotta hand it to Ernest - this platform has got some kickass code under the hood.

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Oh that's brilliant! Nothing against our German friends, but my All page gets full up with German language content and blocking feddit.de might be quite handy.

But if I do this, would it also block me from seeing feddit.de users' comments on other instances (which I wouldn't want to do)?


Oh damn, that is very nifty! Will be great to avoid some low quality submissions.

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...and a kbin instance will run in docker (or on a raspberry Pi) with only 2gb of ram... I'm with you there is some crazy clever code propping this all up!


Effectively, we're seeing the output of software developers that aren't held back by corporate red tape, Agile development, focusing all resources on monetizing user data, and general office politic bullshit. Quite refreshing, seeing what we're capable of.

Nepenthe, (edited )
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Are you suggesting I can block any media posted to kbin from those websites!? My god....I could block the porn gifs at the source. Ha ha! Get less fucked, timeline!

On the minus side, since instances only have to take on the data from whatever their users are specifically subbed to and they ignore everything else, I wonder if users subbing to multiple entire instances like that will drastically increase load in a way that would prove difficult for a young server?

I'm not a tech person at all, so I may have misunderstood, but isn't kbin's federation already backed up temporarily because of the wealth of combined activity?


My god....I could block the porn gifs at the source. Ha ha! Get less fucked, timeline!

In all meanings of the phrase, in this case apparently.

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Anyone know how to save a post on kbin? I’ve been rooting around and haven’t been able to figure it out.

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best I can find is to comment and hope someone replies.

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This is why we need more single topic instances. Time to join everything in:


I feel like there are so many good deep single topic instances that will naturally become the default

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Hoping eventually that will be the way it should work, but it would also be smart to have small subs here that way if something crazy happens people can still communicate.

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Yeah there's definitely going to be some organic growth with generic instances with lots of catchall subs and a few specific topic ones. It's a interesting method to create a online community

insomniac_lemon, (edited )
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I would like to see subdomains for communities here. like @competitive.kbin.social for lots of sport-like things as an example. Also place (city, state, country) and fandom or other stuff like that. And make it easy for people to block that subdomain with allowances for the things they actually want to see (though I guess if it's still accessible by subscriptions or directly going there, that works too).

PabloDiscobar, (edited )
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Is there a list somewhere with all those special kbin url lines? like /magazines

edit: oh boy, I tried


And it's only memes, it's even worse than reddit on a bad day.


They are currently on a shitpost train.

I guess it is fine for now. It improves engagement and SEO for other websites and people to grain traction.


They are currently on a shitpost train.

They've been on one since I migrated from Reddit, I don't think they're going to stop.

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How are the titles generated for non-threadiverse posts, like those from Mastodon?


Thanks for this. Didn’t know!


When I try to subscribe, it asks me to log in. How do I log in with my .world ID, not start a new one?

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You can't. You're trying to do something on kbin.social (or another kbin instance), which isn't the instance you're on.

If you want to use kbin, you'll need to, well, use kbin. The instances talk to each other, but you don't have an account on one just from having an account on the other.


When I try to subscribe, it asks me to log in. Hiw do I log in with my .world ID, not start a new one?


You aren't necessarily viewing all of an instances posts this way- you're just viewing all posts from a particular instance that are federated with your instance. You can see different /d/lemmy.world feeds from different kbin instances, for example, depending on which lemmy communities are federated with that instance.

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How exactly do you block? I'm still learning the platform and I haven't had my coffee yet for the day.


Scroll down to near the bottom of the page of a magazine or domain, next to the subscribe is a black and white 🚫 icon.

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Thank you!

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But it doesn't work for every instance.. don't ask why.
The two instances of Mastodon in which I have my accounts are not reachable through this way


But people from those instances follow my kbin account (and opposite) ... thus they are federated with kbin and the federation does work.

Other domains like facebook or twitter should not be accessible, but they are and the results are not really good...


Try federating your account to kbin.social first by searching Username@babka.social from your kbin account. I dont believe this search actually federates an entire instance, it just subscribes you to content that is already federating from a particular instance.


When any user subs to a magazine doesn't the content from that magazines hist get mirrored on to your instance? So if users sub to entire servers all that servers hosted content would get mirrored?

If that's the case, subbing to entire instances may not be desirable for your home server in terms of performance and hosting costs? Particularly long term of instances balloon on size due to use?

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Federation isn't retroactive. Only activity that occurs after the federation is established will be mirrored


I dont think its actually subbing the entire instance. Its just subbing all the content that the home instance is already a subscribed to.

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Love this, thank you! Commenting to save.

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Get ready to have your mind blown



This is probably the thing that is gonna get me to daily drive kbin over other lemmy instances.

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